Is Taguchi Good for Multivariate Testing?

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I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking to vendors of Web site testing systems. Some vendors use it heavily; some make it available but don’t recommend it; others reject it altogether. Vendors in the non-Taguchi camp tell me they’ve done tests comparing Taguchi and “full factorial” tests (which test all possible combinations), and gotten different results. Incidentally, I tried to do a quick classification of which vendors favor Taguchi.

ABM Vendor Guide: Special Features to Deliver ABM Messages

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Our tour of sub-functions from the Raab Guide to ABM Vendors has now reached Execution. abm systems abm technology abm vendor guide abm vendor reviews account based marketing marketing execution marketing technology martech raab guide

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MarTech Conference: Some Random Impressions and Interesting New Vendors

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A panel with Oracle , and Marketo , where incisive questions from Chief Martech Himself Scott Brinker highlighted the different philosophies underlying each vendor’s marketing cloud and how few companies really deploy any cloud in full. - There were about seventy vendors covering an extraordinary range of functions.

The 24 Best Email Marketing Tools


Both startups and established vendors continue to develop new capabilities for formatting, targeting, sending, and monitoring the impact of email messages, as well as functions like list building, inbox management, video email, deliverability, branding, custom email signatures and more.

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SiteCore Adds Analytics and Marketing To Web Content Management

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Channel-specific marketing automation is less appealing but should help to keep marketing automation vendors on their toes. I commented last month that more Web content management system (CMS) vendors are adding marketing automation features. This page-centric view of the world makes sense for a CMS vendor, but it's a pretty big switch from the campaign-centric view of most marketers and most marketing automation systems.

SiteSpect Does Web Tests without Tags

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I had a long and interesting talk yesterday with Larry Epstein at SiteSpect , a vendor of Web site multivariate testing and targeting software. SiteSpect’s primary claim to fame is they manage such tests without inserting any page tags, unlike pretty much all other vendors in this space. Compared with products where vendor professional services staff sets up the tests, the answer is yes. Tags: web analytics multivariate testing behavioral targeting

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Oracle Marketing Cloud Launch: Align Sales and Marketing and Create Consistent Cross-Channel.

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The Oracle Marketing Cloud’s cross-channel platform announced multivariate testing for email. Now companies and brands can expand upon that ecosystem based on the vendors that matter most to them.

Oracle Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Email Marketing Service Providers, Q2 2018

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While Oracle has done a lot (more than any other vendor in our opinion) to provide marketing organizations with a true cross-channel marketing platform—we’ve never lost sight of where we came from, or how important email is to our customers. That’s why we are the only vendor who has earned the Leader designation in every Forrester Email Wave for the last thirteen years! A Leader one year can quickly lose ground to other vendors, if they take their eye off the ball.

Empathy and the Customer Experience

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Broadly speaking the cloud has helped to usher in a tremendous opportunity for both sides of the equation (vendor and customer) to transform customer experiences by creating the triggers that allow customers to take more control of their time and of their relationship with vendors.

Unveiling The Pipeline Marketing Technology Stack


Using these retargeting technologies, either through the channels themselves or by third-party retargeting vendors like AdRoll, marketers can use social, search, and display for direct response in the middle of the funnel.

The Danger of Not Having the Right Testing and Optimization Technology

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By running A/B or multivariate tests —the two most popular forms of optimization testing—businesses obtain data results that reveal valuable patterns in customer behavior so they can make better decisions about what content to show to which customers, at what time, and in what way.

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The 11 Best Social Media Campaign Builders and Ad Monitoring Tools


A/B split, multivariate) across platforms and apps. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: contact vendor for quote. Pricing: $30/$100/$500 per month; contact vendor for enterprise pricing. Pricing: contact vendor for quote.

The key to content marketing success: a well-crafted strategy


They can also be valuable in A/B and multivariate testing, which might include things like email subject line tests, different landing page approaches, etc. Most of the prospective clients we talk to are already engaged in some form of content marketing. That’s the good news.

How AI Can Help You Operate Your Tech Stack


While separate Forrester research indicates that 58% of B2C marketers are looking to reduce the number of tech vendors they use, fewer than 20% of these marketers are confident that they can get all the functionality they require from a single vendor. August. by Oren Langberg.

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3 Types of Marketing Attribution Software to Try in 2020


Rather than use a tag or pixel to follow the individual user around the web, MMM uses multivariate regressions to predict just how much of an impact certain sales and marketing tactics had on customer behavior.

The Artificial Intelligence Impact: Friend or Foe to Marketing?


A/B and multivariate testing with AI will help marketers automatically improve their site copy or even personalize it for maximum input. The biggest concern is a technology vendor will wrap artificial intelligence in a black box and expect marketing to just “know it works.”

Announcing the Top Rated Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software for 2019

TrustRadius Marketing

Top Rated awards are the voice of the market and are not influenced by analyst opinion, the vendor’s company size, popularity, or status as a TrustRadius customer. Today, we awarded the 2019 TrustRadius Top Rated badges for Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software.

How AI Can Help You Operate Your Tech Stack


While separate Forrester research indicates that 58% of B2C marketers are looking to reduce the number of tech vendors they use, fewer than 20% of these marketers are confident that they can get all the functionality they require from a single vendor. August. by Oren Langberg.

Monetate Adds Machine-Learning Based Real Time Ecommerce Personalization

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Monetate is one of the oldest and largest Web testing and personalization vendors, founded in 2008 and now serving more than 350 brands. Users can also embed split or multivariate tests within a campaign. Its core clients have been mid-to-large ecommerce companies, originally in the U.S. and now also in Europe.

Alsa Marketing Adds Multi-Language Capabilities to Low-Cost Marketing Automation

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Of the three classic competitive strategies – low price, great service and innovative products – there are plenty of low price options and leading vendors work aggressively to help their clients succeed. These include support for multivariate tests on landing pages (but not emails); automated posting of Jigsaw and social media data into lead profiles; fractional revenue attribution; and SugarCRM synchronization.

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New Marketing Automation Options for Small Business in the VEST Report

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I’m revving up for the next edition of our B2B Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Tool (VEST) report, which will include six first-time entries.

Why Digital Marketers Need to Get More Personal

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Nearly every online marketing vendor touts some form of personalization as the secret sauce for helping to target customers. And thanks to vendor hype and overpromise, just mention the word “personalization,” and most have learned to greet it with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Email Marketing Manager: Role, Skill Set, and Job Description

Martech Advisor

Experiment and Run A/B or multivariate tests to optimize campaign performance. If you’re just getting started with email marketing, there are plenty of courses and micro-courses by email marketing application vendors and massive open online course (MOOC) platforms.

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Swyft Offers Low-Cost Interaction Management Software as a Service

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This means specialist vendors with superior products have a good chance to survive. I haven’t done a proper census but doubt there are five hundred implementations among all vendors combined. Summary: Swyft offers a Software-as-a-Service real-time interaction manager.

Why Does RebelMouse Create Growth?


The increased value of influencer marketing and brand partnerships means publishers now have the opportunity to make an honest connection with their readers without dealing with messy third-party data, vendors, or ad tech. Multivariate Testing: Tune in to your audience.

Genoo Adds SEO To Web Site Management and Marketing Automation

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I’ve revised my big list of demand generation vendors to reflect this. The most interesting recent enhancements are products for search engine optimization (SEO): “competitive intelligence” runs a multivariate analysis to identify factors that contribute to competitive pages’ ranking; and “content relevancy analyzer” scans high-ranking pages find theme words that search engines will use to determine relevance.

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Treehouse Interactive Refines Its Features and Targets Larger Firms

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This might foreshadow attrition problems at other vendors. Although many demand generation vendors now offer some type of social sharing, Treehouse introduced this feature back in May 2009. These include fine-grained access permissions, split and multivariate testing, easy addition of new tables linked to contact records, and support for non-Roman languages such as Chinese. So I'd expect it to be a reliable vendor, even if someone else eventually dominates its segment.

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Secrets of a Lead Nurturing Maestro


Jon has reviewed dozens of academic research studies on buyer psychology, thousands of case studies and tests, has run thousands of A/B and multivariate tests, and is a top-rated speaker at conferences like Dreamforce , MarketingSherpa and the AMA. When only 46% of buyers feel vendors deliver on promises, it is crucial that your sales and marketing teams are instilling this personal confidence in a scalable way while nurturing leads.

5 Mistakes B2B Marketers Need to Avoid in 2010

Anything Goes Marketing

I also recommend testing your campaigns by using A/B and multivariate testing for emails and landing pages. Of course, one of your biggest sources of best practices should be the vendors you work with.

6 Ways to Expand Your Perspective: The B2B Marketer as CEO


First through conferences when I worked with MarketingSherpa , which hosted the largest, vendor-neutral Email Summit in the World, and then through our work with the Direct Marketing Association where he served on the Email Experience Council. B2C has much higher transaction volumes and they have done multivariate and A/B testing to find out what works. We all know that an expanded mind comes from exploring different perspectives.

One Final Post on Multi-Variate Testing

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At the top of the pile is Optimost’s “15 Critical Questions to Ask a Multivariable Testing Provider” available here. But, as one of the vendors pointed out to me yesterday, it’s difficult for companies to run tests that last long enough to measure long-term outcomes like lifetime value It’s been fun to explore multi-variate testing in some depth over these last few entries, but I fear you Dear Readers will get bored if I continue to focus on a single topic.

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B2B marketers are stumbling in the dark

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