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Stolen Thought Leadership / The Ethics of Aggregating Content (alt title: Stolen Goods: The Dangers of Plagiarized Content)


In a web awash with looted ideas, what pitfalls do content marketers face when looking for a cheap, viral fix? ” Within hours major celebrities did denounce FuckJerry, and the hashtag #fuckfuckjerry went viral. A few years later, the New York Times’ adoption of RSS was seen as a “tipping point” for the format.

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How to Increase Blog Traffic (in 10 Steps)

Sure, Facebook-ing and micro-blogging with Twitter are hot, but a lot of people still prefer the meatier stuff that only blogging can deliver. Preparing your blog for RSS. RSS is one feature that every newbie blogger should take advantage of for better exposure. Most blogging platforms have a built-in RSS feature.


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Contagion, Social Media, and Why Things Catch On

Convince & Convert

Jonah Berger , Marketing Professor at the Wharton School , joins the Social Pros Podcast this week to discuss his bestseller Contagious: Why Things Catch on , the science behind those viral marketing hits, and the importance of setting realistic and helpful goals with a viral marketing campaign. The RSS feed is: [link].

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5 Tips for Optimizing your Facebook Marketing

Buzz Marketing for Technology

One of the great things about the Facebook platform is that it provides you access to a large audience of over 200 Million people worldwide at a low cost. Have a Strong Presence A Facebook presence, like a website, is a fundamental tactic and should be on everyone’s list of must haves for social network marketing.

Facebook 100
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How to Cut Out Advertising in Favor of Inbound Marketing

Convince & Convert

The RSS feed is: [link]. “It’s not about going viral; it’s about being useful.” The intention isn’t for these videos to go viral; it’s just to create value for someone who is looking for an answer to a question. Facebook users are mobile. Listen Now . Find us on iTunes: [link].

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5 Fabulous Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages


The concept of generating leads using Facebook Landing Pages has still not lost its relevance, even though Facebook does not allow static landing pages anymore. on Facebook, the concept is only getting popular by the day. Today, let’s talk about 5 Tools to Create Facebook Landing Pages. Now, isn’t that something?

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Top 20 Content Marketing Online Courses and Certifications to Enroll in 2020

Martech Advisor

This is followed by a module on viral marketing that shares a six-step framework to craft messages that get shared by people. The course will also guide you to pick podcast hosting services, directories, RSS feeds, and measure the results. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content - Coursera.

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