11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation


Here are 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation. Do these case studies relate to your business? The post 11 inspiring case studies of digital transformation appeared first on Biznology.

How to Create an Effective B2B Case Study

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In fact, data shows that “89% of B2B researchers use the internet in their research process and they conduct 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site.”. Enter: case studies. Case studies can help push your brand to the top of the list of candidates when the buyer has hit the decision-making stage thanks to their ability to show the value of your organization’s products or services. Step 3: Format the Case Study.

Why Case Studies are a Necessity for B2B

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This is due to a myriad of reasons, but especially the fact that more time is being spent researching purchases and conducting a detailed ROI analysis. Let’s dig into the benefits of case studies for B2B : Showcase Your Product & Capabilities.

Seize Every Marketing Opportunity with B2B Case Studies

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They may even do their own research on your company, comparing it to others, so you might as well make it easy for them to find positive feedback. B2B case studies are an excellent way to put your client's mind at ease and build confidence in your brand.

How B2B Marketing is Changing in 2018

from SMB Marketing Leaders Brought to you by 2Introduction This study examined priorities, challenges, and trends for B2B marketers. increasing brand awareness—hardly surprising, as these two objectives lead in studies year-after- year. cases, marketers planned to try to improve their.

10 Tips to Make the Most of Case Studies in B2B Content


Nearly half (47%) of the 200 senior-level B2B marketing professionals surveyed in the 2019 Content Preferences Survey Report cited case studies as the most valuable influencer content format—the top choice. Why Case Studies? Use Case Studies to Seal the Deal.

Quantifying the Value of Lead Nurturing: A Case Study

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Buyers today often use the Internet to research products and vendors long before they’re prepared to make a purchase. Today, prospects anonymously use the Internet to research products and vendors before engaging with sales.

6 Proven Ways to Leverage Surveys In Your B2B Marketing Case Studies

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Are your B2B marketing case studies inciting prospects to action -- or lulling them to sleep? Surveys may help to liven up your case studies, and create an influential tool. The best B2B case studies know how to leverage surveys as a valuable piece of the marketing puzzle.

Making the Case for Content Marketing: Research & Statistics


Here’s a big push in the right direction–good luck making the case! To make the case clear, just look at the big changes Google has made to its algorithm: In 2012 the Panda update karate chopped low-quality content.

Case Study: How to Double Organic Traffic in Six Months


The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is the world leader in fitness education and delivers comprehensive and practical distance education for fitness professionals, grounded in industry research, using traditional and innovative methods. Case Studies

Lead Generation Companies: How to Pick a Right One

Check the case study section on their website, see if. In some cases, they may just pass you the list of contacts (unqualified ones). Put some time and effort into research before choosing one.

The Role Big Data Marketing Plays in Customer Case Studies


Business-to-business (B2B) customers love customer case studies. They love the detail these studies provide. They love the research, investigative approaches, and the ways companies position their product as the solution of choice.

SOC Telemed Case Study: Building a Fan Base with a Total Marketing Remix


Her team researched target accounts to understand their organizational priorities and learn about the decision-makers and influencers. That research drove a fun, creative direct mail campaign with a sequenced mailing of three separate packages that was extremely well received.

How to write a social media case study (with template)

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Enter the case study. Social media case studies are often used as part of a sales funnel: the potential client sees themselves in the case study and signs up because they want the same or better results. What is a social media case study?

How B2B Tech Marketing on Twitter is Changing (Research)


Per recent research , though 77% of B2B marketers say they use Twitter to distribute content, Twitter use is down 8% since 2014. These trends emerged from a study of 800 B2B software vendors profiled in The Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing Software and follow-on blog posts.

Our Favorite Email Marketing Case Studies From 2018


That’s why it’s been so difficult for us to narrow down our favorite email marketing case studies of 2018. And of course, we’ll showcase our favorite email marketing case studies from 2018. Our favorite email marketing case studies from 2018.

Lead Gen Tactics from 4 MarketingSherpa Case Studies

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Tweet Our sister publication, MarketingSherpa, publishes three weekly newsletter case studies, and in the B2B beat in particular, those weekly articles routinely feature a story covering marketers tackling lead generation for the complex sale. For this B2B Lead Roundtable Blog post, I want to offer four of those case studies published over the last couple of years addressing that very topic. Case Study #1 – Local B2B Marketing: 150% boost in lead generation.

Case study: How conversational AI tech Interactions helps Kiwi.com manage travel disruptions


When Kiwi.com wanted to improve containment for calls, particularly during times of travel disruption, they began researching interactive voice response systems (IVRs) but found them limited.

New research: Empathy and solving buying problems

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You can read part one here: New research: Boost organic growth from current customers. Brent: The idea that empathy is the core principle of the entire book The Challenger Customer , I admit, is more of a personal opinion based on all of our research. It’s business case-building.

CASE STUDY: Contact Discovery Helps Elementum Eliminate Manual Research


Case Study: How Elementum Eliminated Manual Contact Research with DealSignal. It was challenging because their target buyer can vary greatly from industry to industry and even company to company, so the team was wasting a lot of time on manual research. They tried one large, popular contact research platform, but found that either much of the contact and account data was out of date or it just didn’t have relevant contacts in Elementum’s target accounts.

10 case studies show how web analytics prove ROI


Here are 10 case studies of companies that used insights from web analytics and drove ROI. Research helps make decisions like whether target keywords should be “golf apparel,” “golf clothing,” “golf clothes,” or “golf sportswear.”

Mizuno running long tail outreach marketing case study


My presentation is titled Blogger Outreach Case Study: How I Activated Hundreds of Bloggers for Mizuno Running. Usually, we send a third and final email, a week after that, but not in this case.

22 Case Study Questions Every Marketer Should Ask

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Case studies are one of the most powerful types of content in the inbound marketer’s toolbox. When done right—with descriptive storytelling and a powerful visual presentation—a case study can deliver a clinching message to leads in the decision stage of the Buyer’s Journey.

[Case Study] From Keyword Conception To Page 1 Inception: A blog's journey to page 1 of Google

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Well, I decided to track one of our blogs all the way from keyword research to the point where it arrived on page 1. SEO SEO for Financial Planners Case Study

5 Steps to Creating Powerful Case Studies


Case studies are among the most high-impact pieces of content a B2B marketer can produce. But case studies are also a lot more labor-intensive than most other forms of written content. Here are a few useful tips to follow for creating powerful case studies: 1.

B2B Case Study Best Practices: Real Results & Happy Customers


History has given us many experiments and studies; often learning the hard way, colleges publish scientific papers regularly to prove or disprove hypotheses and theories – even Barack Obama wrote and published the most popular scientific paper of 2016. Within those scientific journals, a Case Study demonstrates the evidence behind the science. But wait… What is a Case Study? There is no one definition of case study research.

5 Inspiring Content Marketing Case Studies with Results!


But good content marketing case studies with excellent results can be hard to come by. That is why in this blog, we’ll cover five extremely successful content marketing case studies including the tactics used, results measured, and why it matters to you as a marketer. .

How Crew Clothing Used Relevance to Increase Conversion [Case Study]

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’ Crew Clothing – A Case Study. Click here to download the complete case study, which includes a very informative and insight Q&A with Mr. Elia. If you want to strut your marketing stuff, submit your case study for the 2014 Markie Awards

How to Make Your Content More Relevant with Original Research

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This bit of data from SurveyMonkey means marketers must up their original research game to help audiences better understand the markets that impact their businesses and the customers they support. Often research is the best way to do that.”. Gust post from by Denise Dubie .

Case Study: How Aqua Security Reached 24% Conversion to MQL

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After a few workshop sessions, tons of research and several rounds of copywriting we reached succinct messaging that defined clearly: What is Aqua Security. Researching and mapping out keywords. After solid footwork, such as keyword and persona research, Aqua published assets targeting DevOps. Inbound Marketing Case StudyReading time: the best 7 mins you'll spend this week!

New CMI study: too much TOFU in B2B?

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A few weeks ago, I got my hands on the 2020 version of B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America , a comprehensive study of a field of activity that, as you know, is of particular interest to me. This is one of the major trends, all studies combined.

How B2B Marketers Sabotage the Power of Case Studies to Generate Demand


Case studies are bursting with promise for use in B2B lead generation and sales. Why Case Studies? Why do marketers at B2B companies write case studies? And if content is king, case studies are the crown jewels. 4 Ways Case Studies Fail.

CASE STUDY: Anonymous SaaS Company


Case Study: How DealSignal Helped a SaaS Company Improve Target Audience Coverage, Increase Conversions. Save time by eliminating manual research, wasted sales outreach. Note: The company’s management considers DealSignal such a competitive advantage that they have asked us to keep their name off the case study! The post <span class="ds_resourcetype">CASE STUDY: </span>Anonymous SaaS Company appeared first on DealSignal.

Nucleus Research Case Study Highlights Powerful Capabilities of EverString and Marketo


The post Nucleus Research Case Study Highlights Powerful Capabilities of EverString and Marketo appeared first on EverString. Data-Driven Marketing Marketing marketing intelligence

What We Learned By Filming Our First B2B Case Study Video


The page features logos, testimonials, and case studies from some of our happiest customers. So, our marketing team set out with a goal to film Bizible’s first video case study. Hopefully, it will help you in creating your very own video case study.

Better B2B segmentation: Four steps and a case study


B2B segmentation in practice: A case study. B2B decision making B2B Marketing Magazine column B2B research techniques B2B segmentationLast week I was invited to join The Network of Aspiring Woman, Birmingham Group. I was tempted. After all, “ it’s where networking feels like a party ”. However, I declined for two reasons. I live in London. I’m a man. Clearly the Network’s execution fell short, but their strategy seems smart.

B2B content marketing research


Almost three fifths (56%) of the 175 B2B marketers Circle Research recently surveyed for B2B Marketing Magazine’s Content Marketing Report have seen content marketing boost sales (most of the remainder simply don’t know the impact as measuring ROI is tough). Content marketing works.

Are You Leveraging the Power of the Case Study Effectively in Your Marketing Strategy?

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Case studies are an excellent medium for building a story around your product or service. In this quick guide, we discuss: What is a case study in marketing? A five-step case study marketing plan. Examples of case studies from Google to inspire you.

Three Ways to Make Your Case Studies More Persuasive

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Customer case studies have been a staple of the B2B marketing content mix for decades. According to 2018 research by the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs, 73% of B2B marketers are using case studies for content marketing purposes.

Study: What 1,400 Job Posts Teach Us About Content Marketing Hires


This hasn’t always been the case, though. Content marketing jobs can definitely pay more or less than the range, but based on our research, the graphs above offer an industry standard. Further research could be useful to suss out the numbers.