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How to Perfectly Manage a PPC Campaign [Template]


In the world of search engine marketing (SEM), more and more marketers are buying into PPC campaigns. Marketers know that properly investing in PPC can result in nearly guaranteed ad placement in search engine result pages. PPC Plan Template. You use a template!

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A Comparison Between PPC and SEO: Which Strategy is Right for Your Business?


When it comes to digital marketing, there are two strategies that stand out: Pay-per-Click and Search Engine Optimization. Both PPC and SEO are crucial components of Search Engine Marketing, which refers to businesses’ digital tactics and marketing campaigns to increase their online visibility and drive website traffic.


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SEO vs. SEM: Combining the Two to Maximize SERP Real Estate


Using SEM and SEO together will drive traffic using both organic and paid strategies. SEO is the process of improving your website to enhance the user experience and to increase quality traffic to your site. Some on-page SEO tactics include optimizing image alt text and title tags. What is SEM? What does SEM stand for?

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Video Tech Company Leverages SEM to Drive Enterprise Leads

The Point

In 2015, JW Player piloted a small-scale, in-house SEM program on Google AdWords to gauge the potential efficacy of using search advertising to drive qualified leads for its enterprise video platform. Almost all our SEM engagements begin with some kind of audit and assessment,” commented Howard J. Aggressive testing of ad copy.

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Building a future-ready marketing operations team


She couldn’t keep spending money on search words, emails, and sales events that didn’t produce revenue. The content for the new product line needed revamping, and sales were carping about the lack of leads. She also knew her management wanted to reduce her staff by 20%. Marketing and sales were two good examples.

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75 PPC Influencers Who Are Changing The Game

Atomic Reach

What is more, the research by Disruptive Advertising suggests that 76% of people who search something nearby with the help of their phone will visit the business within the next few days. While conducting their search, about half of users cannot differentiate between PPC links and organic links in search engines.

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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization


If you look at ice cream flavors, I bet these three outperform sales of all others. That got me thinking creatively about how we manage our keywords. If you are a performance marketer (like me) you would agree that we often pay too much attention to our set of top keywords. The other set of keywords (a.k.a.