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Active Listening for Agile Marketing Leaders

Marketing Insider Group

Communication lies at the very heart of Agile marketing and business agility. As a result, our Agile endeavors will thrive or falter according to our ability to communicate. The original Manifesto for Agile Software Development advised valuing “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.”

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How to Set And Align Goals for Agile Marketing Teams

Marketing Insider Group

Agile software development teams measure their progress by delivering useful features and functionality. The Agile Manifesto , in fact, explicitly values “working software” as “the primary measure of progress.” How do we accurately measure the progress of other kinds of Agile teams? Marketing Output vs. Business Outcomes.

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3 ways to improve team satisfaction and growth with agile marketing


When marketers are content and happy in their roles, it has a cascading effect on their teamwork, leading to improved collaboration. People who are part of satisfied teams are empowered and supported by leaders to develop new skills, helping the team and individual team members stay competitive in the fast-paced marketing world.

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How to Develop a Strategic Planning Process in B2B Marketing

Top Rank Marketing

Creating and managing a carefully planned B2B marketing approach is crucial for businesses aiming to achieve continuous expansion in a fiercely competitive digital marketing environment. In this guide, we will go over a step-by-step process for how to develop a B2B marketing strategy.

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Outbound Prospecting – Filling Your Sales Pipeline

Speaker: Mark Hunter, CSP, “The Sales Hunter”

The solution to finding great leads and turning them into great customers is having a focused plan and being disciplined in making it happen. The right plan starts with knowing who to prospect and being able to engage them on their own terms and schedule. Develop the best communication methods. Turn a lead into a prospect.

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New to Agile Marketing? Here’s a Glossary of the Key Terms

Marketing Insider Group

If you’re just starting out on your Agile journey and coming up against terminology that seems unfamiliar – look no further! Adaptability is the ability of a marketing team to pivot or adjust to changes in the market, feedback from their customers, the competitive landscape, and data from their own campaigns. Chickens vs Pigs.

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The Foundation of a Successful Agile Marketing Team: Centralization


In the marketing world, the same can be said for deciding to adopt an entirely new approach for your team. For instance, agile marketing - becoming more popular in the B2B community in particular - can’t be implemented by waving a magic wand and assuming everyone is on board with the concept.

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