Why Taking A Full-Funnel Marketing Approach Is Critical


If you’re a B2B marketer, you are more than likely familiar with the buyer funnel. In its simplest form, there is the top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and the bottom of the funnel (BOFU). While marketers know that the three stages exist, all too often B2B marketers don’t fully plan and execute their marketing to impact each of the stages. And as a result, their marketing suffers. Full-Funnel Paid Media.

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Ultimate Guide to the Data-Driven Sales Funnel


Does your (sales) funnel have flow? Learn data-driven strategies that support each stage of the sales funnel, along with key performance indicators (KPIs). Contents What is a Sales Funnel? What Tools Do People Use for Sales Funnels? What is a Sales Funnel?

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How Conversion Funnels Create a Better Customer Journey + How to Optimize Yours


Conversion funnels are a fundamental concept in sales. Personally, I like to visualize the funnel as that big scary slide you wanted to try as a kid. Customers take a similar journey through your company's conversion funnel when evaluating whether or not to buy from you.

Decoding The Behaviour of Your Top of The Funnel Leads

Unbound B2B

Generating leads is a priority for every company – whether big or small. Top of funnel leads are prospects that become aware of your company’s products or services for the very first time. Lead Scoring. Top of the funnel leads are critical for any business.

What Is Middle-of-Funnel Marketing? Aiding Research and Evaluation


What is middle-of-funnel (MoFu) marketing? Middle-of-funnel marketing is a strategy that aligns with the middle “consideration” stage of the buyer’s journey. The funnel. It’s one of those memorable marketing terms we all grew up with. MoFu marketing ideas.

Top Sales KPIs for Your B2B Sales Reps


Our teams have different activities that lead up to [revenue number delivery],” says Steve Bryerton, vice president of sales at ZoomInfo. “I Number of touchpoints made is a combined figure of a rep’s total contact activity (calls, emails, etc.) Sales and Marketing Alignment.

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A Simple 6 Step Guide to Building a Well-Oiled B2B Lead Generation Funnel


A lead generation funnel. . . What is a lead generation funnel? . Think of it in terms of a real funnel. As things enter the funnel they get whittled down into a more purified/clean form. A lead generation funnel is no different. Despite this, 68% of B2B organizations have not mapped out a lead gen funnel! . Because planning and building a successful lead generation funnel comes with a lot of moving pieces.

9 Mission-Critical Lead Generation Metrics You Need To Track

Single Grain

In the modern marketing era, there is no place for “winging it”. For virtually every business, the most relevant key performance indicators (KPIs) are lead-generation metrics, as they provide a view into the customer journey. It's time to find out which 9 lead-generation metrics you should be tracking and, more importantly, how you can leverage these data insights to grow your business. Key Considerations to Identify the Right Lead Generation Metrics. Total leads = 25.

Sales Reporting: A Guide to Creating Useful Sales Reports


And you’ll find that your inbound team operates with a more sophisticated touchpoint management system than your outbound team. A new goal needs to be created to merge touchpoint systems, and have your outbound sales team incorporate it in their day-to-day activities.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Sales-Marketing Alignment for B2B

Marketing Insider Group

The question of why Sales and Marketing need to be in sync is a no-brainer. Studies have shown that companies with “good” sales-marketing alignment achieve. 108% more acceptance of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs). What percent of our qualified leads are converting?

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The B2B Content Marketing ROI You Should Care About.

Sales Engine

Measuring content marketing’s return on investment in B2B companies can be a complex calculation, especially if your solution is expensive, requires committee-based decisions, and has long and unpredictable sales cycles. Phrased another way, tracing the process all the way from when someone consumes your content to getting a deal is tough to measure because there is no single touchpoint, and the process is different every time. Conversions into marketing qualified leads (MQLs).

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The Lead Generation Strategy Guide


What is lead generation, and why is it a source of contention for sales and marketing teams? What does a “good lead” look like anyway? Get answers to these questions about lead gen — and so much more! What is Lead Generation? What is a Lead? Lead Scoring.

Why You Can’t Do B2B Marketing Forecasting Without Attribution


Well, as far as I know, nobody has that power, but there is something that can get pretty close, and that is marketing attribution. Generally, marketing attribution is known for looking back and not into the future. It takes revenue data and marketing data, and gives revenue credit to the marketing touches that led up to the sale. Full-Funnel Data vs. Lead Data. Lead data only provides insights into one segment of the marketing funnel.

Charles Duhigg on the Power of Setting Smart Goals [Master Class]


As any inbound certified member of our community knows, setting SMART goals (that's S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, M easureable, T ime-bound) is the keystone managing (and measuring) highly productive sales and marketing teams. Aligning these goals is what keeps marketing and sales teams in lock-step. This relationship gives marketing teams perspective. Sales and Marketing Daily

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The Power of Social Engagement


Well, for the same reasons you need a marketing automation platform, and to adopt SEO and market intelligence. Let’s take lead nurturing , for example. That’s exactly where marketing automation comes into play. Where did my leads originate from?

Are MQLs Still Relevant?


What is the value of a lead if it cannot be converted into a sale? In the past, a “lead” was defined as someone willing to pay for something you have. But in today’s highly digitized world, competition is fierce, and leads are practically a dime a dozen. Overwhelming Lead Volume.

How to do lead management that improves conversion

B2B Lead Generation

In this post, I’m going to focus on how to do lead management that increases sales conversion. Here’s why: First, B2B lead conversion to actual revenue conversion is low. According to Forrester, top performers convert 1.54% of leads to revenue. And average performers turn less than 0.75% of leads into closed deals. Source: Forrester US and Europe B2B Marketing Tactics and Benchmarks Online Survey. Where lead management often falls short.

How Can You Take the Best Out of Your MQLs Using Your Marketing Automation Tool?

Unbound B2B

B2B marketers are always for marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to nurture. In simple terms, MQLs are prospects that, based on lead intelligence and analytics undertaken by marketers are likely to convert and become customers. Introduction.

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8 Key Demand Generation Strategies to Capture & Convert High-Quality Leads

Single Grain

On the face of it, lead generation is not a complex concept. This marketing tactic is simply a way to find and connect with the right people at the right time to grow your customer pool. But conventional lead-generation tactics can be quite time-consuming and, at times, impractical.

All Leads Are Not Created Equal: Which LeadGen Agency Should You Opt For?

Marketing Envy

Many companies make the mistake of assuming more leads for less money is always the best option. The reality is that lead generation agencies use different strategies to achieve their goals. You pay X number of dollars for Y amount of leads (or a commitment to a minimum) in order to see results as quickly as possible. Why would a company pay more for qualified leads? Qualified leads have a much higher conversion rate.

How to Use Data You Already Have to Make Marketing Decisions


Best-in-class marketers are 56% more likely to use data and analytics platforms. Here are five ways to maximize the insights and the results from your marketing analytics. Your analytics enable you to increase lead generation, optimize your campaigns, and secure more revenue. According to Forbes, leading marketers are 56% more likely to use data and analytics platforms. You might be wondering, “Do other marketers have this problem, too?”

Executive Assessment – Five Keys for Measuring B2B Marketing ROI and Performance

Launch Marketing

Objectively understanding the effectiveness and ROI of their marketing efforts is a common pain point for B2B leaders. The negative nodes of this challenge surface in a variety of ways, from executives voicing feelings-based qualitative generalizations of “I don’t think that we’re getting all we should be from our marketing” to others deep in data but shallow in confidence as to whether they’re really looking at the right information or asking the right questions.

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Why I Love Marketing Attribution


For far too long, businesses have struggled with marketing and approached the process the wrong way, using outdated reporting methods that produced unreliable information. Marketing attribution fills the holes of the past and creates an extremely bright future for businesses everywhere.

10 Simple Reasons Why Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Isn?t Working


When it comes to lead management, attracting potential buyers is only the beginning. Remember that for a lead to be considered successful, it must ultimately turn into a sale. Lead nurturing is the process of sending relevant content to your leads. As they continue through the process, they are driven down your sales funnel to the point where they’re ready to make a purchase decision. A good lead nurturing program has: A clear goal.

What is Demand Generation in the B2B World?


Making the public conscious of their business is a key factor in leading them to want to learn more. It’s any marketing effort your B2B company makes to bring people into your sales funnel, with an emphasis on personalization. B2B products and services aren’t typically purchased impulsively, so commercials and traditional ad strategies don’t always work in such niche markets. Isn’t that just lead generation? Lead gen is more like the “how” part of the equation.

Should You Leverage a Sales & Marketing Platform?


You need to consistently offer customers and leads opportunities to engage with your brand and gather information, whether that’s through social media, email, search engines or by directly reaching out to your sales and support team. What is a sales and marketing platform?

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The Future of Demand Generation & What It Means for B2B Marketers


The B2B marketing landscape is about to go through a much-needed transformation. Change” is the new normal for B2B marketers. The best marketers are learning to be agile, continuously adapting to the ever-changing expectations of their customers and the c-suite. Those who embrace change are most likely to elevate both their marketing team results and personal career – by becoming true revenue marketers. The Current State of B2B Marketing & Demand Generation.

Full Circle Insights Builds Strong Momentum in First Half of 2021

Full Circle Insights

In February 2021 , Digital Source Tracker was a Bronze Stevie® Winner in the “Marketing Solutions – New” category, gaining additional recognition for Digital Source Tracker, which helps bridge the disconnect between digital B2B marketing sources and CRM systems.

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Full Circle Insights Launches Journey Explorer for Digital Source Tracker, Giving Marketers Visual Insight into the Customer Journey

Full Circle Insights

Unique Visualization Feature Maps Out Digital and Non-Digital Touchpoints Across Sources and Over Time, Showing Prospect Opportunities from Creation to Close. Digital Source Tracker allows marketers to measure the impact of all digital programs on pipeline and revenue inside the CRM.

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New Dash Account Based Attribution: Know What’s Working and Measure ABM Performance


Account Based Marketing (ABM) involves an orchestrated mix of touchpoints and channels, and this demands new ways of thinking about measuring its performance. Available immediately within Engagio’s Marketing Orchestration Platform , this new capability provides clear, end-to-end visibility into the account lifecycle, analyzing the success of marketing and sales activities at each stage of the journey. This isn’t only about proving Marketing’s impact, either.

Don’t Let Go Of the MQLs – Top Reasons Why They Will Convert Eventually If Marketing Is Done Right

Unbound B2B

Generating leads is a priority for every B2B company – whether big or small. While it is relatively easy to get leads, generating marketing qualified leads that are likely to convert, is not as simple as it sounds. You Have An Idea What Your Leads Want.

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How to Beat 27 Million Competitors at the Content Game


As LinkedIn’s Senior Content Marketing Manager Jason Miller said , “Content marketing is no longer a numbers game. Content marketing is tough, and even the best practitioners struggle to reach their audiences. It’s one thing to live and breathe content strategy, but those efforts will fall flat if B2B marketers aren’t optimized for sales-qualified leads and revenue. With marketers cranking out 27 million pieces of content daily , that’s no small feat.

Full Circle University SEO Series: Campaign Attribution for Digital Marketing

Full Circle Insights

If you’re a B2B marketer, you probably relied, at least in part, on in-person events to generate leads before the pandemic. You can’t afford to waste a dime, so you need a way to attribute revenue to marketing campaigns. Defining Marketing Attribution.

41 Execs Discuss Key B2B Marketing Metrics to Watch in 2018


Demonstrating the value of any marketing campaign is challenging. In fact, 43% of companies list it as the biggest marketing challenge: . . This is amplified in the B2B marketing arena where longer sales cycles and multiple touchpoints across a range of different channels make KPI selection and attribution much more complex. . According to a 2017 study , the marketing technology landscape grew 40% last year to a total of 5,381 different solutions. Lead count.

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Full Circle Insights’ Digital Source Tracker Wins 2021 BIG Innovation Award

Full Circle Insights

maker of comprehensive sales and marketing performance measurement solutions, today announced its Digital Source Tracker was named a 2021 BIG Innovation Awards winner in the “Technology Product” category presented by the Business Intelligence Group. Complete Funnel Visibility and Reporting.

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How to Improve Lead Generation with Microsurveys


Generating marketing qualified leads is one of the highest priorities for innovative marketing professionals. However, over 50% of marketers admit struggling with lead generation. If this sounds familiar, then you probably also know that the key to generate well-qualified leads and move them through the funnel faster is to get to know them better and use the data to drive smarter marketing campaigns. What Are Microsurveys?

How These 3 Companies Built Content-Enabled Campaigns: Paycor, Blackbaud, SnapApp


With so much competition in the modern marketplace, marketers are discovering a need to optimize content and deliver it in a variety of different formats. . Essentially, these are a series of strategies to align content and demand generation around a dialogue with the audience, which in turn, help bridge the gap between the marketing and sales departments to produce super marketing qualified leads (MQLs.). . 500+ qualified leads.