Q&A with Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase


30-second summary: Demandbase is an ABM platform for mid-market and enterprise B2B companies which was founded in 2006. Peter Isaacson, Demandbase’s CMO, joined the company in 2014 and brought with him a decade of marketing leadership experience. Demandbase helped define and clarify ABM as a technology category. The Demandbase ABM platform helps companies identify, engage, and ultimately grow their relationships with their customers.

Demandbase + Marketo = Seamless ABM Integration


On March 28 th 2019, Demandbase announced a new level of ABM integration with Marketo Engage so as to provide B2B marketing and sales teams with more flexibility to share accounts and audiences between platforms and between solutions. Leveraging this seamless ABM integration, joint customers will be able to combine first party contact data from Marketo with the deep account-based intent data from Demandbase.


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PureB2B Leverages Demandbase to Incorporate Intent Data with Lead Generation Solutions


Provides B2B technology companies with unparalleled lead generation solutions enriched with comprehensive intent data-layering. PureB2B, an innovator in the B2B lead generation space, has announced a new agreement with Demandbase, the leader in Account Based Marketing (ABM). This will provide B2B technology companies with access to PureB2B’s technology buyer audience of more than 62 million professionals enriched with Demandbase’s account-level intent data layering. “We

Demandbase ABM Innovation Summit 2019


The sixth annual ABM Innovation Summit hosted by Demandbase kicked off with CEO and founder Chris Golec and CMO Peter Isaacson giving an entertaining opening Keynote address. The role of Intent in mapping how & where to engage the buyer earlier in their journey. Intent is obscured by identity – your title is less important than your behavior. I made a conscious decision not to click bait my blog title as “Salesforce to acquire Demandbase??”.

Quotable Moments from Two ABM Podcasts with Jon Miller (CMO and CPO, Demandbase)


Now also the Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Demandbase. Jon joined Demandbase in June 2020 with the acquisition of Engagio, an ABM SaaS company he co-founded. The result: Demandbase One , the most comprehensive ABM platform in the industry.

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The Truth About Intent Data


When I first heard about third-party intent data five years ago, I loved the idea. To be sure, intent data should be one of many signals marketers use to identify when companies are in market. First, what is intent data? The Intent Data You Already Use. If you have a marketing automation platform — like Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, HubSpot, or Pardot — then you are probably using intent data. Third Party Intent Data You Can Buy. Intent Data Is Nothing New.

Intent 101

Bizo and DemandBase Lead B2B Marketing Automation to Web Advertising and Beyond

Customer Experience Matrix

I had a fascinating chat earlier this week with a client who described his vision for using DemandBase to tailor messages to Web site visitors from target accounts, using Bizo to further tailor messages to individuals by title, using all this data to synch inbound and outbound campaigns in Eloqua , and eventually driving everything with predictive model scores from a tool like Lattice Engines. Let’s start with DemandBase.

Demandbase + Engagio: B2B Will Never Be the Same


I am incredibly proud to announce that Demandbase, the leader in Account-Based Marketing, has just completed the acquisition of Engagio, one of the true pioneers of the ABM category. Today is a huge day—for Demandbase, for Engagio, for the ABM ecosystem and for the wider B2B market. Demandbase and Engagio will change that — together we are already providing much needed clarity on what a world-class ABM platform must deliver.

Demandbase One: Fusing the Best of Inbound and ABM for Modern B2B Marketers


And that’s why I’m so excited that today we are releasing Demandbase One , which combines the best of Demandbase and Engagio into a single, no-limits B2B solution for modern marketers. That’s where the Demandbase ABM Platform comes in. A new Demandbase for a new world.

The Next Phase of ABM: Introducing the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem


Partnering has been a core part of Demandbase’s ethos since our founding over ten years ago. Today, we launched the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem , bringing together the key technologies for executing an ABM strategy. This announcement marks the next phase for both Demandbase and the ABM category. The post The Next Phase of ABM: Introducing the Demandbase ABM Ecosystem appeared first on Account-Based Marketing – Demandbase

Engagio and Demandbase are Combining Forces to Dominate Account-Based Marketing


I’m absolutely thrilled to announce that today Demandbase, the largest and most complete ABM platform, has completed its acquisition of Engagio. Together, I am confident that Demandbase and Engagio provide the dominant platform for Account-Based Marketing and will be able to transform the way B2B companies go to market. AI and Machine Learning are essential to help synthesize the enormous amount of data required to understand intent signals and other account-based insights.

Who’s Who in the Intent Data Business?

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Buyer intent data is gold, and like the eponymous rush of 1848, data-driven organizations are scrambling to make the most strategic and lucrative use of this digital resource, particularly for account-based marketing (ABM). We’ve compiled some big names in the intent data space. A leading provider of B2B intent data, Bombora relies on a data co-op to track content consumption behavior of B2B buyers. Demandbase. They leverage intent data to accomplish all this.

What to Know About Demandbase As A Growth Tool


Demandbase is a software tool that offers comprehensive account-based marketing solutions to business to business companies. Demandbase understands these concerns and has created a solution to address them as well as many other pain points faced by marketing and sales teams. . Here’s a closer look at Demandbase, what the software can do, the metrics and analytics it can provide, and how easy it is to implement the software into your current workflow. . What is Demandbase?

Folloze–Demandbase Integration: How AI Driven Personalization Transforms B2B Enterprises

Martech Advisor

Folloze, a Customer Engagement Platform, announced new data integration capabilities for its cutting-edge AI-powered personalization engine in partnership with Demandbase on Aug. Folloze’s new integrations with Demandbase will help transform how B2B enterprises engage, convert and win target accounts. With its strategic integration, marketers will be able to quickly create intent-based personalized experiences for omni-channel campaigns.

Sales Pipeline Radio, Episode 193: Q & A with Nani Shaffer @Demandbase

Heinz Marketing

This week’s episode is entitled “ How ABM is Evolving: New Best Practices and Pitfalls ” with Nani Shaffer , Senior Director, Demand Generation & Operations at Demandbase. Demandbase is synonymous with account based marketing. Demandbase has been involved in this category now for a long time as well. She is the Senior Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations for Demandbase. By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing.

Demandbase ABM Platform Wins Gold Award


The Demandbase ABM Platform won Gold for Innovations in Technology in the 10th Annual 2018 Golden Bridge Awards ’ Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations category. What made this all possible is our massive B2B data set including real-time intent that is housed in an AI-based platform—with fully integrated targeting, engagement and sales conversion solutions. Customers like BlackLine, who compared life before the Demandbase ABM Platform to looking into muddy water.

Your Target Accounts are Working From Home? Demandbase Has the Answer.


Demandbase is well suited to help our customers with these new realities. Account Identification – Which Powers Demandbase’s Products & Features. Some vendors (not Demandbase) power their “account identification” by solely relying on Reverse IP data. Demandbase has always taken a different approach with Account Identification – An approach that powers most of our solutions. Intent Data is the New Lead. How Demandbase Advertising Can Help.

Demandbase helps B2B Marketers channel their inner control freak


This is why we’re excited to roll out Site Analytics, Self-Serve Targeting, and Demandbase Data Stream offerings. Together, these products expand our end-to-end platform and provide a combination of onsite metrics, customer, intent, and marketing program data to arm B2B marketers. Demandbase has always been the leader in identifying the qualified account traffic to your site, and now, with Site Analytics, you have the ability to turn this data into actionable insights in new ways.

Intent Data Basics: Where It Comes From, What It's Good For, What To Test

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Intent data is a marketer’s dream come true: rather than advertising to mass audiences in the hope of getting a handful of active buyers to identify themselves, just buy a list of those buyers and talk to them directly. But intent data is a complicated topic. What is intent data? Behavior your company captures by itself is first-party intent data. Behavior captured by others is third-party intent data. It’s tempting just treat intent-based lists as sales leads.

Intent 225

Being an ABM Leader Never Gets Old: Demandbase Does It Again


Demandbase is an ABM Platform leader, again. Not only did ABM emerge as a bonafide technology category, but Demandbase was named a leader, a testament to the extraordinary vision of our customers, partners, and broader B2B community. According to the Forrester report, Demandbase is out in front of competition in the most important segments of ABM, stating that Demandbase “leads with robust advertising, personalization, and sales insights.”. Innovation with intention.

Content Hit List


Demandbase packed its recent 6 th Annual ABM Innovation Summit at Pier 27 in San Francisco with more than 1,000 attendees – evidence of how Peter Isaacson, CMO of Demandbase, describes the landscape. And the need for marketers to access a single view of account reach and performance across vendors, channels and campaigns inspired the launch of the Demandbase product Cross-Campaign Analytics, which allows marketers to compare vendors and channels in one place.

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How to Drive More Sales with Intent Data


One method that continues to pique interest is Intent Data. But it’s clear to me that the most fundamental problem is this: the majority of B2B professionals still don’t actually know what Intent Data is! So, what is intent data? To answer this question, let’s first break down the components that comprise “Intent Data”. Intent” is behavioral information collected about a person’s activities online which combines “topic” and “context” data.

How You Can Use Intent Data to Overcome These 4 Common ABM Challenges


The role of intent data in Account Based Marketing . Intent data is any time-based information that give you clues about individuals’ and organizations’ interests and impending purchases. Broadly speaking, there are two type of intent data. In all cases, intent is established by matching keywords relevant for the seller’s offering to the content the prospect engaged with. With intent data, you can turn four common ABM challenges into advantages.

Dynamic Audiences – A Scalable Way To Reach High Intent Buyers Through Automated Advertising


B2B marketers are continually monitoring all parts of the funnel to understand which accounts are showing high intent, from site visitors who are new to the brand to accounts that have visited several times but can’t quite pull the trigger. We heard from our customers and even our Demandbase colleagues, that manually updating account lists was time-consuming and drained advertising budgets.

How to Leverage Intent Data to Drive More Revenue


One method that continues to pique interest is intent data. Having created numerous products that leverage massive volumes of data in the marketing and sales space, we get asked many questions about how to best leverage intent data. In this blog, I’ll walk you through what intent data is, how to use it to drive revenue, and how to evaluate a vendor: What is Intent Data? How to Use Intent Data. Questions to Ask an Intent Data Vendor.

Three Data Opportunities B2B Marketers Are Missing Today

Digital B2B Marketing

This approach increases relevance, maintains a natural experience and doesn’t presume perfect data or understanding of the visitor’s intent. Potential providers: Demandbase , Insightera. Strategy bizo d&b Demandbase insightERA madison logic mediamath ReachForce thetradedesk turn

Not Any Audience Will Do: Targeted Ads Require Verified Data

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Identifying the right audience is a staggering task unto itself, but intent analysis has evolved and, when executed intelligently , is now a reliable approach to capturing and synthesizing the purchase intent signals emitted by prospective accounts while researching solutions to their organizational pain points. Intent Targeted Ads. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

Not Any Audience Will Do: Targeted Ads Require Verified Data

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

Identifying the right audience is a staggering task unto itself, but intent analysis has evolved and, when executed intelligently , is now a reliable approach to capturing and synthesizing the purchase intent signals emitted by prospective accounts while researching solutions to their organizational pain points. Intent Targeted Ads. Check out Aberdeen’s comprehensive report Demystifying B2B Purchase Intent Data to learn more.

Data-Driven B2B Marketing Headline Roundup

Aberdeen HCM Essentials

The B2B intent data space headline roundup spans a Forbes column, a marketing conference, and product announcements. This Forbes article suggests using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to identify intent signals and improve segmentation efforts for marketing programs. Author Lilach Bullock says the insights gleaned from intent data captured by AI can fuel – and improve – sales and content strategies and activities. B2B2MX: Invest in Intent Data.

What’s It Like To Use a Next-Gen ABM Platform?


You may have guessed by now that I’m talking about our new Demandbase ABM Platform. The Demandbase ABM Platform solves this problem by putting all your data in one place and making it easy to understand, so that important insights aren’t lost in the noise. Intent Data Made Effortless.

#COSeries Recap: Top Priorities For B2B Strategies In New Reality


Leveraging Intent Data For Authentic Sales Engagement A facet of generating conversions is timing. Sales should engage earlier in the buying journey, and not when the prospect has made up their minds, according to Demandbase. Intent signals — such as keywords — can be used to identify where the buyer is in their journey and understand their pain points. A presentation led by MRP also emphasized the importance of combining intent data with predictive analytics.

What’s It Like To Use a Next-Gen ABM Platform?


You may have guessed by now that I’m talking about our new Demandbase ABM Platform. The Demandbase ABM Platform solves this problem by putting all your data in one place and making it easy to understand, so that important insights aren’t lost in the noise. Intent Data Made Effortless.

How B2B SaaS Companies Get Sassy: Using Technographic Data to Identify the Best Prospects


But if you’re a SaaS company like us at Demandbase, you’ll also want to consider a third type of information about your prospects: technographic data. But it can be easily done in the Demandbase One ABM Platform. Think about how you go about prioritizing and segmenting accounts.

Activity vs. Impact: Key Findings from the 2019 Marketing Automation Satisfaction Benchmark Report


Tools and technologies are developed with good intentions. Articles benchmark satisfaction demandbase Heinz Heinz Marketing highlights insightsquared key findings MAP MAP vendors marketing automation marketing automation platforms marketing automation satisfaction benchmark marketing automation satisfaction benchmark report quick highlights report revenue operations revenue ops survey results

5 Ways to Nail Your B2B Strategy with ABM


When working with Demandbase customers, I often hear, “But we don’t want to leave any money on the table. When designing your ad campaigns, use intent and engagement data to ferret out the accounts that are most likely to become pipeline opportunities and closed/won business.

Oracle Eloqua Delivers Unified Buyer Intelligence Through New Sales Tools Integrations


DemandBase. The Demandbase Conversion solution provides sales the insights needed to focus on the right accounts, personalize outreach, and move deals forward. Web site engagement alerts for anonymous website visitors, account-based intent insights, and more are delivered right where sales wants them — in email, Slack, and now in Oracle Eloqua's Profiler.

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15-Point Checklist for Healthy Market Segmentation


Stay abreast of current industry trends to demonstrate you know and care about what your customers care about, and regularly monitor the intent of the buying team in your target accounts. ). And watch our master class with Bonnie Thomas, Senior ABM Strategist at Demandbase.