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Top 3 Demandbase Reports to WOW your CMO


CMO Sales Qualified Opportunities with Marketing Influence: Why will your CMO care? This report will show your CMO all Sales Qualified Opportunities with the count of marketing activities for that account and marketing engagement minutes for that account. The Set-Up: Create an “Opportunity” report.

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Boosting B2B Brand Confidence

Drew Neisser

Tune in to hear how RFPIO is drinking its own champagne to both simplify and build confidence in a notoriously frustrating category, enabling sales teams in such a way that the RFPIO marketing team effectively delivers a whopping 90% of pipeline (“pipeline” being fully vetted Sales Qualified Opportunities, that is).

RFP 52

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How to Prioritize Prospects: Sales Secrets for Pipeline Hyper-Growth


But yours could be set up differently, based on your business’s needs: Qualified — Aware — Engaged —. Marketing Qualified Account — Sales Qualified Opportunity — Pipeline Opportunity —. Customer — Customer Engaged — Expansion Opportunity — Expansion Won.

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Prove Your Value With 5 Revenue-Based Marketing Metrics


Pump Up the Pipeline When qualified opportunities offer a better-than-20% chance of converting to customers, you’re feeding your marketing-sourced pipeline. Let’s Close a Deal Prove that marketing is pulling its weight in closing deals by tracking the sales win rate.

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Why Marketing Best Practices May Sabotage Your Results

NuSpark Consulting

The goal was to fill the sales funnel with many leads, then filter them down to the golden nuggets — the sales qualified opportunities. So the idea was to create the content that attracted these buyers, start educating them and build a virtual relationship in the early part of the buying cycle.

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Revenue by Design: Creating Closeable Inbound Lead Flow


Their Go-to-Market team was tasked with doubling Sales Qualified Opportunities driven through both new logo capture and installed base customers. Let’s take a look at one of the most interesting customer use cases with Leadspace and how we worked together to go live in less than 90 days. The Challenge: Double the Pipeline.

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7 Tips to Boost Your Email Nurturing Results Immediately


At this stage, you’re moving them from being lead to a sales qualified opportunity. This is where the hand-off from marketing to sales takes place and where people ultimately make the buying decision. Read more on Lead Nurturing: 5 Useful Tactics to Get More Opportunities.