What is CPM (Cost Per Mile, Cost Per Thousand Impressions)?

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Cost Per Thousand or Cost Per Mile (CPM) is defined as the price of reaching one thousand impressions for your ad on a webpage. An accurate calculation of CPM can help you understand which ads are performing well, which ads aren’t, and how you can improve your marketing outcomes.

5 Key Mobile Marketing Trends for 2020


Not all mobile advertising is created equal. Mobile advertising fraud isn’t going away. Mobile advertising, especially when it comes to apps, is an ever-evolving game. Needless to say, analytics has and will always play a huge role in mobile marketing.

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The Scoop on Facebook Mobile Ads: Are They Working? [Data]


Back in June, we covered the news that Facebook was finally allowing marketers and advertisers to purchase mobile-only ads. A short two weeks later, some preliminary research was released about the effectiveness of those mobile-only ads. 4 Facebook Mobile Ad Options for Marketers.

The ABCs of Mobile Marketing [Glossary]


For those who are just getting started with B2B mobile marketing, just getting to the basics can be a bit intimidating. With a few short steps and some new terminology, however, you can launch your mobile marketing initiatives with confidence.

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The higher your base CPM, the greater the chance that your ad will appear, so heightening the threshold for your bid parameters expands your opportunities for winning impressions.

Year-end benchmark report: 2H 2018 benchmarks and best practices


In addition, more than four-fifths of mobile display and video ad dollars flow through programmatic channels. Mobile display ad spend: $76.17 In-app advertising accounts for 80 percent of mobile buys. Meet your customers where they are: on mobile. CTR of 0.250 percent).

Connected TV advertising: everything you need to know


CTV includes ads bought programmatically and shown on computer/mobile streaming, or over-the-top (OTT) devices like Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Firestick. Key points: Connected TV (CTV) refers to streaming TV over the internet on any device including mobile devices, tablets, and computers.

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Optimizing for Return on Ad Spend Using LinkedIn Metrics

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Awareness: To increase awareness, the key results you’ll be looking for are impressions using the auto or cost per impression (CPM) bid options. You’ll want to focus on optimizing for the lowest CPM, making adjustments to your targeting and ad spend accordingly.

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63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know


Digital advertising includes channels such as display advertising, social media advertising, and mobile in-app advertising. Click-through Rate (CTR) : Expressed as a percentage of total impressions, this statistic shows how often people who are served an ad end up clicking on it. An ad’s CTR is calculated by dividing the number of clicks an ad received by the number of times it’s been served, then converting that into a percentage.

What Is a Demand-side Platform (DSP)? Key Features, Architecture, and Examples

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Demand-side platforms are becoming ubiquitous as they allow advertisers to programmatically buy ad impressions on publisher properties (websites, mobile apps, etc.) Learn More: 7 Fundamentals of Mobile Programmatic Advertising.

The Ultimate Guide to PPC


Pay-per-click advertising is most common in search engine results pages (SERPs), like Google or Bing, but is also used on social channels (although CPM is more common). CPM (Cost per Mille). CPM, also known as cost per thousand, is the cost per one thousand impressions.

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How LinkedIn Ads Work: Driving Engagement and Conversions With B2B Audiences

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Content can be boosted across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices based on cost-per-impression (CPM) or cost-per-click (CPC) pricing. Marketers can choose either CPM or CPC pricing. Why use LinkedIn ads?

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Top 5 Demand-Side Platform Companies

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Advertisers can purchase ad impressions on publisher websites, mobile apps, and other digital properties through DSPs. Here are the key features of the demand-side platform: Types of Inventory: Display, mobile, video, native, audio, connected TV, search, and social.

10 PPC Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2020

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When it comes to PPC, AI will allow marketers to create more effective ad campaigns and is particularly useful to: Predict the CTR of future ads. 92% of mobile users say they share videos with friends. 8 Tips for Successful Mobile Video Advertising.

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Online advertising glossary


Click-through rate (CTR): The action of clicking an ad and being taken to another web page via a hyperlink. CPC’s market share has grown each year since its introduction, eclipsing CPM to dominate two-thirds of all online advertising compensation methods.

A Jargon Busting Guide to B2B Programmatic Advertising

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Click-Through Rate (CTR) – the % of users who were delivered an ad, and then clicked on that ad. Cost Per Thousand (CPM) – taken from the Latin word for Thousand; Mille. Open Exchange Buy – an auction model with a variable CPM across all the sites available within the Ad Exchange space.

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They are charged by CPM – cost per thousand impressions, meaning that you pay for a bumper ad for every 1,000 impressions of your video. And according to an AdStage report, in 2018 the average CPM on YouTube was $9.68. and the average click-through rate (CTR) on YouTube was 0.33%.

83 Exceptional Social Media and Marketing Statistics for 2014


The average click-through rate (CTR) for online display ads is 0.11% (roughly one click per one thousand views). Mobile matters. In 2013, 62% of emails were opened on a mobile device (48% on smartphones and 14% on tablets).

63 Digital Advertising Terms Every Marketer Should Know

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Digital advertising includes channels such as display advertising, social media advertising, and mobile in-app advertising. Clickthrough Rate (CTR) : Expressed as a percentage of total impressions, this statistic shows how often people who are served an ad end up clicking on it.

How to Use LinkedIn's 'Sponsored Updates,' a New Type of Ad for Company Pages


After selecting which update you want to sponsor, LinkedIn will provide a preview for how that post will appear to others on a desktop, mobile, and tablet device.

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130 most important social media acronyms and slang you should know

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CPM – Cost per thousand impressions or cost per mile. CTR – Click-through rate. SoLoMo – Social, local and mobile. The merging of mobile marketing with social media marketing efforts that are locally targeted.

Marketing Funnel Growth Guide: Analysis, Strategies, Tactics, and Tools in 2019


That rate is even higher on mobile phones, at 85.6%. CPM / 1000 / CTR. Ideal baseline CPM: $10. Ideal baseline CTR: 1%. Mobile CPMs: 30% lower than Desktop. Mobile CVR: 50% lower than Desktop. Acquisition rate (CTR) of 1%.

Display advertising trends: The 2019 infographic


Why building mobile first is now essential. better CTR. How leisure time is driving mobile display ad growth. Mobile advertising is growing across all formats of digital advertising, and display is no exception. What are mobile display ads? Our take on mobile usage.

A Simple Guide for Setting Up Your First Google AdWords Campaign


Don’t be worried if your CTR is not high at first; the average click-through rate is around 2%, but can change depending on the industry and company. Search and Display Networks (Mobile Devices): With this option, your ads will only show up on mobile devices and tablets.

How to Improve Your Amazon Ads to Increase Sales

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Display ads are sold on a CPM (cost-per-thousand impressions) basis, and prices can vary depending on the format and the placement. 8 Tips for Successful Mobile Video Advertising. Cost-per-click (CPC) and clickthrough rate (CTR).

A Simple Breakdown of All Your Facebook Advertising Options


From the launch of Sponsored Stories to the mobile promotion of app downloads, Facebook is working hard at post-IPO monetization. You can also choose to manually set the CPC or CPM.