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How We Rethought Our Email Marketing Automation Workflow and Nearly Tripled Email Open Rates


Revisiting your email marketing automation workflow and automation should happen regularly. So, we did a complete overhaul of our email marketing automation workflow and automated programs, which resulted in a near tripling of our email open rates, with a 2,900% increase in click-throughs.

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What Is a Double Opt-in? How to Choose Between Double Opt-In vs. Single Opt-In


Are you trying to decide between double opt-in vs. single opt-in for your email marketing list? Email marketing is one of the best ways to engage with visitors and turn them into customers. And it all starts with a stellar email list. At OptinMonster , email opt-ins are the core of our work.

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Five Ways to Improve Email Deliverability: Reaching More Inboxes


When you launch an email marketing campaign , you can look back on all the hard work that you’ve put into crafting each email message and smile. But what if those emails never see the light of day again, and end their lives in a spam filter or junk folder? Email Deliverability Explained.

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Email Open Rates: Which Benchmarks Matter Most?


Our working lives revolve around email: many of us check it as soon as we wake up. Email marketing is a core element of the buyer journey, serving as one of the earliest touchpoints in the sales cycle (at Outreach, we refer to the optimized series of such touchpoints as Sequences). What is Email Open Rate?

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7 Steps to Improve Email Deliverability


This is the reality of email marketing today. As such, it’s crucial to understand best practices that can help you improve email deliverability and compete in an environment where much is outside your control. But as every marketer can attest, this is something that’s hard to predict. Job functions. Industries.

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Email marketing strategy: A marketer’s guide


Email has long been one of the most reliable marketing channels for getting your messaging in front of your customers. This guide tells you the most important things to know about sending emails that your customers want to receive and that inboxes won’t block. This happens when your subscribers opt in through a sign-up form.

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Email List Management for 100k+ List Size (Proven Frameworks to Double Your Open Rates)


The best practices mentioned in this post are exclusively meant for folks whose email list size is 100k or more. In case your email list size is less than 100k, I don't think these techniques will apply for you. Over the course of last few years, I have been helping our customers with their email marketing. Your Email.

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