What your social media marketing consultant will never tell you


I hate to break it to you, but no consultant will ever care as much about your brand as you do—even those of us who get paid a pretty handsome penny for our services. One of my goals as a social media marketing consultant is to help as many companies as possible train their own teams to take the reins on social media, even though I can make more money doing it myself. When does it make sense to hire a social media consultant?

Leadership Training Is the Lynchpin of Effective Strategic Acceleration


Considering recent changes around the world, leadership development training is probably more important than ever before. Leadership training using business simulations arms your learners with the skills and tools to start and sustain the momentum of change.


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What leading consultants say about the usage of automation in marketing


Various leading consultants like Deloitte, McKinsey, PwC, Accenture, Bain and Company, EY, and Boston Consulting Group are working towards identifying the role of artificial intelligence and automation in marketing.

Training In The 21st Century: How To Teach Strategic Thinking For Tomorrow’s Leaders


We’re pleased to be able to syndicate pieces from Consultants Collective member consultants, advisors and coaches who have shared their expertise with leading business publications. Today, we feature Consultants Collective member consultant Bill Hall , whose article originally appeared in Forbes. Corporations can benefit enormously from this age group; however, these new leaders are not as teachable through traditional training methods. Tech-Laced Training.

How does your team get digital marketing training?


Most of you know that I do a lot of training work, both for individuals and companies, and it has struck me recently that there might not be enough choices in how companies train their teams. But a significant portion of us need training, at least to get started. To me, it’s just a variation on learning styles–we each have ways that make it easier for us to learn new things, and training is essential for many of us. Photo credit: Wikipedia.

The Best Virtual Sales Training Resources for Your Next Sales Kickoff


Your next sales kickoff or training event is going virtual for 2021. If you’re thinking about adding virtual selling to your training program this year, we’ve rounded up our favorite sales training resources and speaker suggestions to help educate and inspire your team.

Consulting Firm Marketing Priorities in 2018

Hinge Marketing

With the recent release of our consulting services edition of the 2018 High Growth Study comes a new set of data on high-growth firms in the industry. Today, I want to focus on just one aspect of this study: how consulting marketing priorities for 2018 differ between high-growth firms and their no-growth peers. Download the 2018 High Growth Study: Consulting Firm Edition. Top Strategies High-Growth Firms Use to Address Threats to the Consulting Industry.

B2B Sales Consulting


B2B Sales Consulting. Whatever challenge you’re facing, you might be considering B2B sales consulting. But what exactly do such consultants do? Here are three of the main areas served by B2B sales consultants. How to find new customers: Most (but not all) B2B sales consultants don’t actually focus on finding new qualified opportunities – things like lead generation, inside sales , inbound marketing , and so on. The second best place is training your salespeople.

Changing Buyers and the Future of B2B Sales – An Interview with DSG Consulting


We recently were able to sit down with Tanner Mezel of DSG Consulting and get his insights into the world of B2B Marketing and Sales. ANNUITAS: Tell us a bit about yourself and how DSG Consulting helps their clients? What makes DSG unique is our playbook approach to how content, tools, and training, are delivered to the sales team, which creates alignment between marketing and sales teams.

This Marketing Consultant Hit 5x Growth With Landing Pages and an AI-Powered Sidekick


This is something that Mats Moy, digital marketing consultant and founder of Moy Consulting , knows from experience. When Mats first started his marketing consulting business, he immediately saw the benefit of getting his clients to use landing pages.

Pirates, Train Wrecks, and Marketing Automation

Customer Experience Matrix

My presentation, How to Avoid a Marketing Automation Train Wreck , was based largely on the Marketing Automation Vendor Selection Workbook I released last month (available for free on the RaabGuide Web site ). This made sense: deploying a marketing automation system is literally a quest, and one that can end in either triumph or the train wreck of my title. After the hero announces his decision, he is warned about the perils ahead by a wise old consultant.

7 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities / Events You Won’t Want to Miss


To help you improve your organization’s sales enablement strategy, we’ve compiled some training and learning opportunities. Wherever you are, whatever you’re schedule looks like, we’ve found options ranging from in-person events to online training courses that’ll work for you. Demand Metric Sales Enablement Training Course. The post 7 Sales Enablement Training Opportunities / Events You Won’t Want to Miss appeared first on Seismic.

Season 1, Ep. 22: Telling your Story as Connective Tissue in Life and your Organization feat. Peggy Northrop


Peggy created Watermark, the premier leadership organization connecting, training, and advocating for women in Silicon Valley and beyond. Season 1, Episode 22 – CEO of Watermark, Peggy Northrop is championing women, telling their stories, and amplifying their voices.

Changing Buyers and the Future of B2B Sales – An Interview with DSG Consulting


We recently were able to sit down with Tanner Mezel of DSG Consulting and get his insights into the world of B2B Marketing and Sales. ANNUITAS: Tell us a bit about yourself and how DSG Consulting helps their clients? What makes DSG unique is our playbook approach to how content, tools, and training, are delivered to the sales team, which creates alignment between marketing and sales teams.

5 Ideas to Keep Leadership Development Hands-on, Applied and Engaging


With the new distributed learning requirement due to the coronavirus pandemic, many training managers are concerned this connection will be lost or greatly reduced. Effective leadership development has traditionally depended on a high degree of interactivity and business application.

How Consultants Who Aren’t “Natural Born Sellers” Can Still Sell Successfully


They are also the first words that come to mind for many consultants (along with images of the overly aggressive, overly slick, walking sales cliché) when they are told they need to sell. While being salesy is ill-advised for almost any sales rep, it is particularly bad for consultants. Buyers of consulting evaluate the sellers. As a Consultant You Already Have Many Skills You Need to Be Great at Sales. Great consultants have a clear process that they follow.

16 Demand Gen Training Opportunities Guaranteed to Up Your Game


So we set out to compile a list of the top training resources that we guarantee will up your demand gen game, so you don’t have to sort through the thousands of emails cluttering your gmail promotions tab to find the best training. Everything from social media engagement to Google AdWords training is covered in these courses, making it great for anyone looking to sharpen their digital marketing skills.

5 Ways Speaking Engagements Benefit Your Management Consulting Firm’s Marketing Strategy

Hinge Marketing

As a business consultant, speaking engagements are a natural and important part of your content marketing toolbox. The simple fact that a SME from your firm has been selected to speak at an industry conference or training helps position them (and your firm) as a thought leader or Visible Expert. Management Consulting Content Marketing Strategy

Inside SEO training: Hotjar — The Hottening Part I

Directive Agency

An inside look into our informative SEO training sessions. The post Inside SEO training: Hotjar — The Hottening Part I appeared first on Directive Consulting. This week Andy Monte, our amazing Director of SEO , goes over the different benefits of using Hotjar to increase conversions and client’s overall bottom line.

How We Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Social Media Governance


Consultants Collective Corner Social Media Webinars Consultants Collective Ineffective Social Media Governance social media Webinar

4 Roles of a Demand Generation Strategy Consultant


When people ask me what I do for a living and I reply with “consulting” there’s always that glazed-over look in their eye. Others are curious enough to ask questions such as “consulting for what?” or “consulting for whom?” When I explain that I’m a Demand Generation Strategy Consultant the confusion and lack of understanding is further magnified. Why would there be consultants for that and what does that mean you actually do? I love my job.

Can content written for print position well in Google?


I’ve walked into many training sessions where the vibe was “I don’t need to learn this and I don’t want to be here.” But often, the only way your writers will understand that point is if you: Train your writers in SEO writing. By the end of the training, these previously hostile writers are excited about the SEO-writing opportunities–and they want to implement what they’ve learned. Once your writers are trained, it’s easy for them to create content that’s great for Google.

How to Get Salespeople Aboard the Social Media Train

Paul Gillin

Hoffman, who runs the Boston-based MJ Hoffman and Associates sales training and consulting agency, shared four ideas for getting salespeople off the social media dime in a presentation at the Inbound13 conference in Boston today. Anything that ticks off the prospect can sabotage the sales, so salespeople are trained never to express strong opinions, especially negative ones.

How to Become a Social Media Consultant, According to 7 Successful Ones


But oftentimes, marketing on social media platforms is easier said than done -- and when you're working at a small company with limited resources, it can be tricky (or even impossible) to hire and train a fully-staffed social media team. If you're a social media consultant, you're required to act as the voice, eyes, and ears of a client across various social platforms to properly engage with and grow an audience. How to Become a Successful Social Media Consultant.

16 Can’t-Miss Training Opportunities for Demand Gen Marketers


Everything from social media engagement to Google AdWords training is covered in these courses, making it great for anyone looking to sharpen their digital marketing skills. This course is run by business growth consultancy Next Leap Strategy and covers various marketing strategies to help B2B companies boost sales and marketing performance. The post 16 Can’t-Miss Training Opportunities for Demand Gen Marketers appeared first on SnapApp

The 10 most fascinating people in B2B marketing in 2017


I’ve served on John’s board for 5 years now, and recognize him as a master of extracting value from media properties — trade pubs, websites, databases, seminars, conferences, online training programs — and rounding up data sources across a complex organization. Steve Gershik , B2B consultant and thought leader, is developing some fresh thinking for B2B marketers that I find very compelling. Top 10 lists are everywhere this year.

Funnel 132

7 Reasons Sales Training Fails


This is a guest blog post written by Mike Schultz and John Doerr, bestselling authors of Rainmaking Conversations and co-presidents of RAIN Group, a sales training, assessment, and consulting firm. According to ES Research , between 85% and 90% of sales training has no lasting impact after 120 days. At the same time, companies are spending billions of dollars on sales training each year. Regardless, sales training strikes out a lot.

How to build a killer content team


They will need training on the “SEO piece” (more about that later) but their writing skills are solid. Once upon a time, SEO copywriting training was one of those “good if there’s budget, but not necessary” things. SEO copywriting training is no longer a luxury. If you want your company to stay competitive–and your content to position– you need to train your writers. There are many training options (and price points), including online courses and customized solutions.

Build 121

Train Your Sales Team How to Handle Rep vs. Rep Competition


Can you imagine a professional athlete going into a game/match/bout/race without having completely studied, under the direction of coaches and consultants with video footage, every move, nuance, strength and weakness of the opponent? Referred to by Geoffrey James, author of the Sales Machine blog on CBS Interactive’s BNET as “the world’s top expert on sales training,” Dave Stein , CEO of ES Research Group, Inc., Online Training Job Skills management sales training

Round Table Companies: No B t Storytelling: My Week with Consultants and Ex-Cons


Instead, incarcerated women apply, interview, and are given jobs and training at Televerde. ” Read the full story here >> The post Round Table Companies: No B t Storytelling: My Week with Consultants and Ex-Cons appeared first on Televerde. “A marketing and lead-generation firm, Televerde challenged all attendees to enlist the services of a talented, untapped labor market: prisons.

What is Sales Enablement, Anyway?


Steve is Chief Analyst at VendorNeutral, a platform that helps buyers of sales technology and sales training find suppliers. B2B Marketing Consultants Collective Corner Sales B2B marketing Collaterals Consultants Collective data analytics marketing content sales enablement

Sales 131

Social media employee advocacy is the heartbeat of your company


This was a sure sign that their social media problem was deeper than just getting another consultant, like me, to take on social media management. Without an instigator, there’s only so much I can do as a social media management consultant. My goal as a social media management consultant is NOT to do it all for you, so you never have to think about social. You provide employees with social media training to help them engage with the company’s social accounts.

Using Consultative Sales to Close Fortune 100 Companies


Bryan has been responsible for selling into Fortune 100 & 250 companies while at Crowdtap and has shared his best practices for using a consultative sales strategy. Throughout the interview, you’re going to get key insights such as: Developing and executing a consultative sales strategy. Bryan’s Consultative Sales Approach for Fortune 100 & 250 Companies. Key Insight: 4 Keys to Executing a Consultative Sales Strategy.

“How I Work”: Juli Bacon, President of JB Consulting Systems @baconHR #HowIWork

Heinz Marketing

This week I’m thrilled to feature Juli Bacon , President of JB Consulting Systems. I don’t listen to anything while I am working, or I start singing along and lose my train of thought. It depends if I am in training season. If I am in triathlon training season, I am up at 4 or 430 and in bed by 10. The post “How I Work”: Juli Bacon, President of JB Consulting Systems @baconHR #HowIWork appeared first on Heinz Marketing.

Good Look at QlikView from a Microstrategy Consultant's Viewpoint

Customer Experience Matrix

I noticed some visitors this morning from the blog of Microstrategy consultancy Aellament , and found they have published a nice look at QlikView on their blog. Bad news for Microstrategy consultants (presumably why Aellament is hedging its bets with QlikView training) but good news for business users. It's worth a read, and quite interesting in their appreciation of the advantages that QlikView offers over the product they know best.

Building Work-Life Boundaries in the WFH Era


“Covid-19 has thrust many leaders into remote management…They have been forced to make this transition quickly, and for the most part, without training. Greetings – I hope you, your families and friends continue to be well, safe and healthy.

Work 104

Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are: Announcing a New Venture Capital Fund, How Women Invest


And, as the CEO of a SBA certified Women-owned Small Business, and one of the few management consulting firms to be led by an all-women C-suite, we, as a leadership team, are delighted to have the opportunity support this new fund and the start-up companies it funds.