A New Media Planning Experience


Bionic, the #1 rated media planning tool , today unveiled a new media planning experience that includes new media plan creation tools , search tools , filters , customized views , and batch functions like clone and batch edit. Media plan creation tools.

12 Essential Media Planning Tools


Companies that invest effort in choosing the right platforms for the sake of customer acquisition and retention -- and the right messages to promote on them -- are engaging in media planning , which has become a requirement for organizations hoping to reach their audiences across multiple channels. Media planning tools can help you juggle the different sources, publications, numbers, and messages involved in media planning and buying. Media Plan HQ.

Better Tools for Media Planning Season


Now is a perfect time to upgrade your media planning system before the crush of the fall season. Bionic for Agencies , the #1 rated media planning software, can help you every day to ease your media planning workflow, including: Capture media briefs.

Media Planning at a Distance


“Social distancing” is disrupting the workflow of media planning teams. Bionic is here to help you keep your media planning team operating with minimal disruption. Bionic for Agencies is 100% cloud based, with no software to install or special setup required. You can access all your clients, every media plan, every creative asset, performance reports, and everything else. The best laid plans go awry, particularly in time like these.

Bionic Unveils AI-Powered Media Planning Tool


Isn’t it about time for your media planning software to recommend your media plans? Bionic has unveiled the Media Plan Recommender – a revolutionary new media planning tool that uses artificial intelligence to recommend the best media placements for your advertising campaigns. Smarter Media Planning through AI. Bionic is all about smarter media planning. Media Planning Can Be Overwhelming.

New Date Formats for Global Media Planning


Bionic media investment management software is used by media planning teams all around the world. Advertisers and agencies love it because it centralizes and standardizes media planning activities of all their teams. So, dates in media plans, performance reports, and everywhere throughout Bionic will display in your favorite – or favourite – date format.

Build a Custom Media Planning System without Getting into Trouble


Bionic just released new software that enables you to build your own custom media planning system. You can now easily customize Bionic’s media investment management platform to meet the unique needs of your organization, your clients, and each of your campaigns. Best of all, you can do all this without breaking the rules of running a diligent media buying operation. The ‘Standard Media Plan’ is Extinct. Media plans were simple and standardized.

Bionic for Agencies 2021 Capabilities Overview


. In this 5-minute video, you’ll learn why Bionic for Agencies is the #1 rated media planning software. The post Bionic for Agencies 2021 Capabilities Overview first appeared on Bionic Advertising Systems

When Advertising Bets Are Off: Media Planning and the COVID-19 Crisis

Rain The Growth Agency

Your media planning strategies from February may or may not tell you much in April or May. Two months ago, you understood the marketplace and your business, competitors, media costs, results and even the season. KPI trends set the stage for the biggest decisions: whether to pull back media investment, hold steady or scale. Step three is to rapidly assess the dramatic changes happening in the media marketplace. Are those not being flexible critical to your plan?

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Australia


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Australia. Hence, this list of the best advertising agencies in Australia that might help you on your quest. So if you are searching for a world-class advertising agency in Australia, then this is the agency for you. ROICOMAU Growth Agency.

Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia


Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in Australia. Have you been looking everywhere for quality-driven content marketing agencies to turbo-boost your business? Straight out of the bustling streets of Melbourne and Sydney, we bring you the top 15 content marketing agencies in Australia.

7 Ways the ANA Contract is Disrupting Media Agencies


The new ANA contract is either a worst nightmare or a dream come true for media agencies. Get ahead of this contract with this article – Gain a better understanding of the ANA Contract and the new risks it exposes for your agency. The ANA Contract is the New Model Agreement Between Advertisers and Agencies. The ANA Contract Can Make or Break Your Agency. For example, agencies like Assembly have been gaining ground with transparency as a key selling point.

What Does a Full Service Marketing Agency Do?


When it comes to a full service marketing agency , you might be surprised about all of the tasks the team on the other side of the screen can handle. A stellar digital advertising agency takes care of everything from digital marketing to content creation and website development.

2017 AdWords Industry Benchmark Report: An Agency’s Perspective


In July, we released our third annual AdWords Industry Benchmark Report and had Lucia Rodas-Estrada, SEM Team Manager at DWA , a media agency with a predominant focus in B2B technology, join us for a webinar to discuss them. Lucia has spent more than five years on the agency side and has experience designing and implementing PPC, SEO, and social media strategies. We do know that if we were to remove search from our clients’ media plans, their ROI would take a hit.

Agency or In-House Creative: Which Approach Is Right for You?


While brands used to rely on external agencies and partners, many leading brands are now building their own creative teams in house. Along with shifts in marketing technology driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, this shift in the creative model is forcing agencies and brands to re-evaluate their working relationships and future strategies. This forces some companies to rely on agencies because of the talent gap.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA. Hiring an agency that answers to all of your advertising needs. Hence, this article will detail the top advertising agencies in Westcoast, USA, that will help you create ads, generate leads , and take your brand to the next level. Top Advertising Agencies in Westcoast, USA, That You Need To Check Out. AMP Agency. AMP Agency, born in 1995, is a full-service digital advertising agency.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in Europe. This blog will take you through some of the top advertising agencies in Europe that are the creators of these amazing ads. Let’s walk you through the top advertising agencies in Europe that are nailing the art. VCCP is one of the advertising agencies in Europe that is synonymous with innovation. It is an international integrated communications agency, founded in 2002. FamousGrey is a full-service agency born 15 years ago.

4 Digital Marketing Agency Services Mid-Sized Businesses are Better Off Outsourcing


As digital advertisers, it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with these channels and implement them into our digital media plans, when applicable. . Below we’ve outlined four digital marketing agency services that you are better off outsourcing. .

HG Insights’ EVP Marketing and Digital Product is Finalist for Major Agency Award in Data Provider Category

HG Data

Introduced last year, the Dick Reed Awards honor the Just Global marketing agency’s long-time former CEO while celebrating the people, platforms and solutions providing data-driven business outcomes.

4 Digital Marketing Agency Services Mid-Sized Businesses are Better Off Outsourcing


As digital advertisers, it’s our responsibility to stay up-to-date with these channels and implement them into our digital media plans, when applicable. . 4 d igital marketing agency services you’re better off outsourcing. 1.Social Media Advertising.

Why Agencies Need to Join Programmatic in 2019

Digital Marketing World Forum

As technologies keep evolving, advertising agencies are starting to realize: in order to stay ahead, they need to weave more innovations to their digital strategies. Automation, ad personalization and minimum user acquisition cost are three main features that make programmatic especially popular among ad agencies. In 2019, for instance, 55% of agencies purchased 41% of mobile inventory using programmatic – 28% more than they did in 2017.

Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA


Top 15 Advertising Agencies in the Midwest USA. We have put together a list of the top advertising agencies in the Midwest, USA. These advertising agencies in the Midwest USA can help you do just that. In fact, we have handpicked the agencies based on their experience and performance. The Motion Agency. The Motion Agency is an integrated marketing & advertising agency based in Chicago. Periscope is a leading advertising agency in Midwest, USA.

Is Social Media Wasted on PR Agencies?

The Point

I’m ready to conclude that many PR agencies don’t really get it when it comes to social media. Either that, or they’re just choosing to frame the discussion in such a way as to greatly limit the potential of their clients’ social media initiatives. Recently I was made privy to a social media plan authored by a client’s PR agency. The stated objectives of said plan were: * increase awareness amongst bloggers, influencers and prospects.

PR 181

TOP 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia


Top 15 Content Marketing Agencies in South East Asia. Maybe this list of the top content marketing agencies in South East Asia can help you out! iProspect is a global marketing agency and caters to some of the best brands around the world. Furthermore, their unique approach to content marketing has rightfully earned them a place among the best content marketing agencies in South East Asia. Dog Digital is one of the finest content marketing agencies in South East Asia.

5 Hacks for Creating a Successful Law Firm Social Media Marketing Plan

Go Beyond SEO

Simply posting to social platforms without a goal is so 2008 – in order to be successful now and in the future, outlining your social media marketing plan is key. This is particularly true for businesses that rely heavily on social media marketing. Where do I Start when Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan? Foundation of a Social Media Marketing Plan. The first task when creating a social media marketing plan is finding out your goal/KPIs.

Trailblazing Women Lead First ANA In-House Agency Conference


The Association of National Advertisers launched a new conference last week in Orlando, the ANA In-House Agency Conference. Jean Batthany, Vice President, Global Creative at Disney’s Yellow Shoes Creative Group, along with Joe Rand explained how their in-house agency produces 6-7,000 projects and 18,000 outputs per year. This new conference launch made even NASA envious: It was sold out months ago in December. It had more livestream viewers than any event in ANA history.

Google Redesigned How They Measure Page Speed. Here’s What to Do About It


Major Media Companies: Does a Custom, High-Cost CMS Pay Off? It's part of the reason why major media powerhouses invest in hyper-expensive CMS options, customized to both host their content and. Starting off with a major player in the new media space, here's how an article by. Moving on, Vice has long been considered one of the top-performing new media sites around. GZERO Media. It's not just RebelMouse-powered media companies that are experience gains either.

Agency Secrets: Adopting Digital Marketing in Higher Education


For example, if one of your school’s priorities is to increase engagement with the general student population, a social media plan can include this level of strategy. Social media? What do you think of these tips from my higher education marketing agency experience? The post Agency Secrets: Adopting Digital Marketing in Higher Education appeared first on Fathom.

Austin Williams Gains 50% Productivity Boost with New Media Planning Software


Learn how Erica Brown and Pam Schneck of Austin Williams boosted their ad agency’s productivity by 50% while simultaneously improving client service with new media planning software. Media Planning. Austin Williams is a full-service advertising agency with a national client base. The Austin Williams media team handles the entire lifecycle of the media planning and buying process for traditional and digital media.

Google Wants Your Ads to Work Smarter, Not Harder: What This Means for Publishers


Google first started beta testing responsive search ads in May 2018, and plans to have the feature available to all advertisers within the next few months. Search is getting smarter. During the Google Marketing Live keynote on July 10, 2018, the leading search engine announced new marketing features available on its platform. All of the new updates leverage machine learning to automate ad placement and further eliminate guesswork from ad strategy.

SEO Is Making a Comeback. Here Are Our Thoughts


We power the media property. Facebook was in the headlines again recently after an executive at the company said CEO Mark Zuckerberg "doesn't care about publishers." A story that Facebook has since. denied. But since January's sweeping friends-and-family algorithm update, publishers have seen a dramatic decline on the platform. A recent report by Buffer found that Page engagement has decreased by 50%.

SEO 55

Rain the Growth Agency Sees Two Major Promotions Within its Technology and Digital Groups

Rain The Growth Agency

PORTLAND, OREGON—Rain the Growth Agency, the leading direct-to-consumer advertising agency, is proud to announce two major promotions within the company. Rian Schmidt has been promoted to Chief Technology Officer, while Jennifer Eenigenburg has been appointed to Vice President of Digital Media. Both promotions show the agency’s dedication to furthering its growth in the two areas named while celebrating Schmidt and Eenigenburg’s stellar accomplishments.

Here Are All the Changes Facebook Has Made Since the Cambridge Analytica Scandal


user information scandal , Facebook announced plans to restrict data access on their platform. As a direct result of the Cambridge Analytica. In what Facebook promises will be "many changes" in the coming months, the platform started by cutting off API access to Events, Groups, Pages, and Instagram for new developers. If a new developer wants to gain access to these APIs, they must first submit a request for a formal app review.

Why Your Site Needs A Progressive Web App, Yesterday


The search community dubbed 2015 " Mobilegeddon " when Google announced that mobile responsiveness would become a key ranking factor in the algorithm. Since then, fast mobile experiences have been a priority both on sites and on the platforms. 2015 also brought about the rise of preloaded pages in the form of Facebook Instant Articles and Google AMP. Now, in 2018, it seems that mobilegeddon is back for more. The next step in mobile consumption is the migration to Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

Sites 55

Facebook Makes Moves Toward Creator Networks


adults spent over five hours more a day consuming digital media in 2017 than they did in the previous year. While Facebook's Creator app has been slowly making its debut since Fall 2017, details about Facebook's greater plan for the app — and the platform's overall efforts around creators — became clear when screenshots of an influencer marketing search engine were leaked in May 2018. Facebook confirmed plans for the influencer tool to TechCrunch shortly after the leak.

Thriving on Facebook After the "Doomsday" Algorithm Change


By February, Facebook-dependent new media company LittleThings shut down its operation , citing the dip in reach from the algorithm shift. Though they were able to quickly relaunch after joining RockYou Media. enterprise CMS , and a creative agency offering content strategy services from leading traffic experts across the industry. Algorithm Shift Aftermath: How We Got Here. It's been nine months since Facebook's bombshell and so-called "friends and family".

Google Algorithm Updates in 2018: Every Change You Should Know


It seems like a new Google update or algorithm shift is being detected every day, and we don't expect busy marketers to scour the internet looking for every last one. That's why we do our best to keep you up to date with every important platform initiative. To avoid compromising reach and visibility on Google, it's important to understand the platform's ongoing updates and how you can incorporate them into your search strategy.