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New to Agile Marketing? Here’s a Glossary of the Key Terms

Marketing Insider Group

If you’re just starting out on your Agile journey and coming up against terminology that seems unfamiliar – look no further! Adaptability is the ability of a marketing team to pivot or adjust to changes in the market, feedback from their customers, the competitive landscape, and data from their own campaigns. Chickens vs Pigs.

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How to Develop a Strategic Planning Process in B2B Marketing

Top Rank Marketing

Creating and managing a carefully planned B2B marketing approach is crucial for businesses aiming to achieve continuous expansion in a fiercely competitive digital marketing environment. In this guide, we will go over a step-by-step process for how to develop a B2B marketing strategy.

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12 Opportunities to De-Risk Your Strategic Planning and Execution

Vision Edge Marketing

[link] Business leaders must continuously engage in strategic planning to steer their organizations toward growth and success, especially when facing a dynamic and unpredictable environment. In this episode of What’s Your Edge , we’ll explore 12 ways you can de-risk your strategic planning and execution.

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What is marketing work management and how do these platforms support agile marketing?


Marketing work management platforms help marketing leaders and their teams structure their day-to-day work to meet their goals on deadline and within budget constraints, all while managing resources and facilitating communication and collaboration. For various reasons, marketing is an ideal use case even for these tools.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on B2B Marketing Plans: Tech vs. Non-Tech


The abrupt shutdown of vast swaths of economy and the entire live events industry, to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, has dramatically impacted plans for B2B marketers. More than 450 B2B marketing professionals gave their input to this study. overall budgets will be cut). Online Event Plans.

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What is PDCA? (and Why It Matters for Marketers)

Marketing Insider Group

All versions of the cycle of experimentation and improvement are based on a scientific method that was first introduced in the work of Francis Bacon, which he explained as “hypothesis–experiment–evaluation” or, in simpler terms, “plan–do–check.”. What is PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)? What is PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)?

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How to Create a Successful Marketing Plan

US Data Corporation

Developing a marketing plan is a critical step for any business. However, it may seem that creating a marketing plan is a daunting affair. We’ll illustrate this by highlighting the importance of doing market research, setting clear goals, allocating your budget wisely, and monitoring your progress.