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Achieving Links That Matter: How To Use Research And Data Driven Journalism

Search Engine Journal

Original research makes great linkbait! So, I’m going to teach you how to improve your link building strategy by achieving important links using data-driven journalism, marketing research, and Google Forms. First of all: nothing here is doctrine.

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The Marketing Graveyard: 6 Victims of Inbound Marketing

Tomorrow People

Fortunately for them, SEO will never die - no matter how much linkbait declares it so (guilty!). As Google mutates, our search consultants’ moods have become unpredictable as they fight against extinction (true story: ‘Crazy Pete Winter’ was once a balanced individual with a keen eye for a keyword). RIP TELEMARKETING.


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SEO Jokes - SEO Humor for 2020


Because it finds content that is a little bare. What is the motto of the Cartesian SEO? hint: Descartes wrote, "I think, therefore I am" so. "I I link therefore I am. What do SEOs use when they go fishing? What does the SEO use besides consonants? Disavowels. What 2 things do SEO pre-schoolers have at break? Cookies and link juice boxes.

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The Ultimate Guide to Infographic Marketing

Convince & Convert

Unfortunately, as soon as we realized infographics could boost brand visibility, the well-researched, carefully written, expertly designed infographics became a small minority in a proliferation of terrible infographics created solely for linkbait. This phenomenon led many to decree that infographics are dead, but it’s not true.

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Three Types of Blog Posts That Will Bring You More Traffic


Why It Works Just like featuring influencers in an expert round-up, featuring their articles or tools is another way to get them to share a post with their audience – it’s linkbait. They also call it an ego-bait.

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B2B Social Media – 10 Tips From The Definitive Guide To Social Media

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

Develop linkbait & use anchor text links. Blog – This plays a key role in lead nurturing and educating prospects. Therefore, its pertinent that you: Update often. Create thought leadership content. Add a human touch. Provide insight into company & products/services. 3. Twitter 101.

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Best of 2007: Blog Posts on Social Media Marketing


Forget UGC, Discover User-Generated-Linkbait by Distilled Blogger Tom Critchlow lays out an interesting strategy for building rich website content by leveraging user-generated content on discussion forums.