Winning Back Inactive Subscribers


Someone just unsubscribed from your email list. Regardless of how hard you work at creating a thick skin, receiving the notification that someone has unsubscribed from your email list never feels good. 100% retention rate is not possible. Email frequency is too high.

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Tips For Sending B2B Emails During a Crisis


So, when building your outreach, you should be extra careful about how and why you reach out to them. Churn rate is the issue every B2B sales agency is currently dealing with — and we’re not an exception. Let your prospects know that they can opt-out.

Your Complete Guide to Measuring Email Marketing Success


To assess your email marketing performance, you must conduct ongoing trend analysis of several key metrics. That way, you can compare each campaign’s performance against your own averages to know whether a specific campaign outperformed or underperformed your internal email benchmarks.