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3 Demand Generation Dangers in a B2B Blog Redesign


And as Neil Patel, Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot have shown us, when B2B content is crafted correctly, it becomes a killer tool for attracting qualified prospects to your sales funnel. And if you’re not paying attention to your analytics — you may not know it until it’s too late. .

3 Demand Generation Dangers in a B2B Blog Redesign


And as Neil Patel, Eloqua, Marketo and Hubspot have shown us, when B2B content is crafted correctly, it becomes a killer tool for attracting qualified prospects to your sales funnel. And if you’re not paying attention to your analytics — you may not know it until it’s too late. .

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The B2B Lead Generation-Demand Generation Book “Hall of Fame”


B2B lead generation and lead management is a complicated process that can’t be detailed all in one book. It’s easier said than done which is why firms like mine exist, to implement proper lead generation tactics that build revenue. General B2B Marketing & Lead Generation.

Does Creative Still Matter in B2B Marketing?

The Point

At Marketo’s Marketing Nation Summit last month in San Francisco, there was much talk about the shifting function of marketing towards a more strategic, data-driven role within the modern corporation.

Infographic: 4 Marketing Analytics That Matter For Driving Revenue

Crimson Marketing

Here are four marketing analytics for demonstrating marketing’s ability to drive revenue. Read the full article on Marketo’s blog to dive in deeper. The post Infographic: 4 Marketing Analytics That Matter For Driving Revenue appeared first on.

Marketo Summit 2015: Focusing on Yourself, Focusing on Your Team


Perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing organizations is the lack of skilled resources in terms of Demand Generation. Marketing automation, or CRM, or web analytics are all valuable skills to develop…but so are public speaking, project management and writing.

12 Marketo Summit 2017 Sessions You Should Attend


A case study in operating marketing like sales, from CMO planning to demand generation. Marketo categorizes their sessions based on topic and we can see that Marketing Trends is a major focus. Who Marketo Summit Is For. We hope you meet you at Marketo Summit!

Marketo Marketing Nation Summit: Who’s Talking About B2B Data?


Accurate data is the key to successful B2B marketing and lead generation. When I looked at the agenda for the 2016 Marketo Marketing Nation Summit, it got me thinking about the future of data, lead generation and the evolution of B2B marketing.

Measuring The Success Of Your Demand Generation Efforts

Modern B2B Marketing

by Carol Fox Demand generation is a core component of an evolved lead generation program. The distinction between traditional lead generation and evolved lead generation is that with the latter, leads are qualified before they go to sales.

Emergence of Demand Generation Role Drastically Alters Marketing Landscape

Modern B2B Marketing

by Phil Fernandez Today, the role of demand generation as a discrete and increasingly vital part of the marketing function is well accepted amongst corporations (especially B2B companies). Indeed, this is exactly the structure we have at my company, Marketo.

The 14 Best Marketing Automation Tools


1) Marketo. An enterprise-grade marketing automation and analytics platform with solutions for lead management, email marketing, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing. Sample review: “The software, analytics, and support are amazing.

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5 (+ 1) Questions to Ask Predictive Analytics Vendors: SiriusDecisions Edition


Predictive analytics is a hot topic for B2B lead generation professionals, prominent on the event agenda and well represented by the sponsors in attendance. Most predictive analytics and scoring vendors say they combine thousands of attributes to build a model.

Marketing Automation 2014 Industry Overview: What the Surveys Tell Us

Customer Experience Matrix

Mintigo’s conclusion across 186,500 B2B companies was that just three percent were using the most common marketing automation systems: Oracle Eloqua , Marketo, HubSpot, and Pardot. million for Marketo.)

The B2B Checklist for Evaluating Marketing Software


Marketing software allows you to automate processes and otherwise free up your time, while enabling you to remain on top of lead generation, nurturing, and all the rest of the tasks that consistently fill up your calendar. Guest post by Ryan Gould.

Salesforce Einstein and the Challenge of AI for B2B Marketing


The fact is, predictive analytics is the precursor of artificial intelligence for B2B. As I said today in Demand Gen Report , data is AI’s Achilles’ heel. The solution is on-demand data, aggregated in real time.

The Top Skills In-Demand for Today’s Hybrid Content Marketer

Modern B2B Marketing

These are t he top skills in-demand for content marketers today: Experience vs. Education: Settling the Debate. LinkedIn’s findings also reveal another interesting trend: most of the employee-listed skills and employer-demanded skills don’t correlate.

VEST Report: Latest Trends in Marketing Automation, and Where's My Hoverboard?

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This one isn’t so common yet, although Oracle Eloqua , Marketo , HubSpot and some others have announced some ad retargeting partnerships. Predictive analytics are growing quickly but so far are still done by specialized vendors rather than built into the marketing automation platform.

Notes from the Marketing Operations Executive Summit 2014


Marketing analytics affects your perceptions about what your audience is doing @chiefmartec #marketingopssummit. Great point – change management – the unsung hero of demand process transformation #marketingopssummit. 3) why @marketo ?

3 Important Takeaways from The State of Account-Based Marketing Report


There are lots of interesting takeaways from Marketo’s recently-published The State of Account-Based Marketing report. More than a quarter (27%) of Marketo customers said they weren’t familiar with ABM.

How to Know It’s Time to Update Your Landing Page

Modern B2B Marketing

One way or another, Google Analytics—or whatever instrument you use to control and measure your marketing campaigns—sends a signal that “something didn’t go as planned,” but how do you know if it’s your landing page screaming for change? Demand Generation b2b Consumer

Why You Need to Be Careful With One Feature of the New Demand Waterfall

B2B Marketing Directions

The new SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall has received lots of accolades since its introduction this spring, and the accolades are richly deserved. But one of the new demand stages should be labeled Use With Caution.

More New Systems Challenge the Marketing Automation Status Quo

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SharpSpring also started as a narrow application – in this case, Web visitor identification and analytics – and evolved into a full marketing automation platform selling through agencies. Last week’s post looked at newer marketing automation systems that focused on small businesses.

How to Use Quizzes to Ramp Up Your Lead Database

Modern B2B Marketing

Author: Josh Haynam How do you capture the attention of a demand generation marketer? Tell them you have a new way of generating quality leads! They are visual, fun to take, and can be a great lead generation tool. Generate New Leads from Social Media.

3 Reasons Why B2B Marketers Are Getting Excited About AI


This article was originally published on the Marketo Blog. B2B marketing—and demand generation more generally—is quickly catching on to the AI trend. AI technologies ranging from predictive analytics to chatbots are already enhancing how we do business.

More on Marketo Financials: Despite Past Losses, Prospects Are Bright

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Summary: Public data gives some insights into Marketo's financial history and prospects. Here’s a bit more on this week's $25 million investment in Marketo : a piece in VentureWire quotes revenue for Markteo as $4.5 We can use the same data to estimate Marketo’s burn rate.

Modern Marketing Skills


The skills required to be an effective marketer keep changing, just as the ways in which we drive demand generation keep changing. Demand Generation is built on a solid strategy and that encompasses many different components.

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Marketo Aims to Simplify Demand Generation

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As I wrote last week , demand generation vendors have a hard time differentiating their systems from each other. One company that has made a concerted effort is newcomer Marketo. Marketo has a one-word elevator speech: simplicity. That’s not to say Marketo is a simple product. Like every other demand generation vendor, Marketo has wrestled with how a branching, multi-step lead nurturing campaign can be made easy enough for non-specialist users.

3 Marketing Analytics Tricks

Modern B2B Marketing

Because digital media has been proven so effective in the lead generation process, many companies are pouring dollars into the marketplace, believing they’ve found a demand generation goldmine. B2B Marketing Demand Generation lead generation Marketing Analytics

Social Media Features in Marketing Automation Systems: Who Does What?

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Neolane - posting: central panel to post tweets and Facebook updates - sharing: place sharing buttons on emails - tracking: measure clicks on links in system-generated posts. demand generation software vendor comparison social media marketing marketing automation systems

The Pond Just Got More Crowded: Google, and Sequoia Invest in HubSpot

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Even the most ambitious vision articulated by the vendors – radically more integrated, analytically-driven marketing management – won’t really change their sector of the marketing automation industry. hubspot demand generation marketing automation inbound marketing

Demand Generation Usability Scores - Part 4

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I spent a good part of yesterday talking with demand generation vendors about the usability scores I've been publishing all week. Eloqua Manticore Technology Market2Lead Marketbright Marketo Neolane Silverpop Engage B2B complex 11 8.5 Tags: software usability measurement demand generation marketing automation lead management software selection

A Winning Business Philosophy: “Everything We Do Is Impossible”


The Definitive B2B Lead Generation Checklist: Part 1. Make sure you have the essential ingredients for a successful lead generation recipe. Here is a quick rundown of what I have seen to work as the definitive B2B lead generation checklist.

My Secret Methods for Turning Marketing Leads into Qualified Sales Leads

Modern B2B Marketing

Others refer to this group with different titles: Lead Qualification, Lead Generation, Business Development or even Inside Sales, though I don’t prefer that label since it incorrectly implies the group carries a revenue quota.). Improved revenue cycle analytics.

Teradata Buys Aprimo for $525 Million: More Marketing Automation Consolidation To Come

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The difference: marketing automation is focused on batch and interactive campaign management but just touches slightly on advertising, marketing resource management and analytics. Aprimo adds a great deal of capability, but the combined company still lacks the strong Web analytics and BI applications of its main competitors. unica are marketing software aprimo teradata industry consolidation demand generation marketing automation ibm

The Top #Nifty50 Women in Technology on Twitter for 2012


Lisa Cramer is President & Co-Founder of LeadLife Solutions in Atlanta, a provider of on-demand lead management software that generates, scores and nurtures leads for B2B marketers. Lisa also recently authored a guest post here on web analytics and lead scoring.

Can Your Demand Gen Answer These 4 Questions?


If you enjoy the blog post, learn more at our webinar: Making Account Based Marketing Work with Marketo’s VP of Demand Generation Heidi Bullock. Demand generation is the lifeblood of a strong revenue engine. As data continues to transform B2B marketing from an art to a science , demand generation marketers are feeling the pressure to be more aware of their customers’ behavior than ever.

Brand and Demand Convergence Required

Modern B2B Marketing

Specifically the convergence of branding and demand generation. 2009 and 2010 became the years of analytics, where marketers began to realize the necessity of possessing activity intelligence. B2B Marketing Demand Generation online marketing

ClickInsights: How can B2B marketers use content effectively for demand generation?

Ambal's Amusings

We have invited B2B Experts to shed light on the following question: How to use content effectively for demand generation? Brian Carroll's blog B2B Lead Generation Blog. Marketo's Modern B2B Marketing. B2B Lead Generation Benchmark Study 2009.

Infer’s Top 25 Predictive Sales & Marketing Innovators (INFOGRAPHIC)


Heather Sutherland , Senior Director of Demand Generation, Cloudera. Nick Ezzo , Vice President of Demand Generation, Host Analytics, Inc. Michael Kwon , Director of Worldwide Marketing Operations & Analytics, Nutanix. Nichole Marsano , Director of Demand Generation, PayScale. Allison MacLeod , Senior Director of Demand Generation & Marketing Operations, Rapid7. Cori Godfrey , Director of Demand Generation, Xamarin.

How is B2B Marketing Different From B2C Marketing?

KoMarketing Associates

A study by Deloitte published by the Wall Street Journa l shows that B2C companies spend more on social media than B2C, but B2B spends more money on marketing training and analytics, possibly due to the fact that B2B industries are often more intricate and require more professional training and product support. If you are unsure about how to structure your marketing budget, Marketo has a good high-level B2B budget that can help you allocate your funds into the right areas.