Web 2.0, Secondary Orality, and the Gutenberg Parenthesis

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Home > Web 2.0, Web 2.0, Web 2.0 Only now with Web 2.0 batsontr@mit.edu Cite this Site Trent Batson , "Web 2.0, U Wyoming Students Vote To Implement Sonic Foundrys Mediasite for Lecture Capture An overwhelming student vote for Mediasite will put the Webcasting platform from Sonic Foundry into University of Wyoming lecture halls this fall. Sophos Upgrades Web Security Appliance. Digital Media/Web. Web 2.0.

The Recession is Here - Time to Become an Eco-Marketer

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youtube landing pages enewsletter RSS webinars / webcasts Google Tags: B2B email marketing lead nurturing lead generation blogging lead qualification closed loop Web 2.0. When I say that you should become an eco-marketer, I don't mean that you should add some corny green recycle image to your website (who would do that?) or support a "Save the Whales" campaign.


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UBC Academic Search - Google Scholar Blog: Cool Tools in Web 2.0 Are Not Enough, Health Librarians

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To advocate for librarians, better search tools and web re organization " - Dean Giustini. « Office 2.0 Cool Tools in Web 2.0 Inevitably, the conversation turns to open access, web 2.0 , blogs , wikis and cool tools. What evidence do I have that web 2.0 Once a critical mass of surveys is reached perhaps a savvy health librarian will review the studies, and derive a typology of the most useful web 2.0 Why are web 2.0

Latest Trends in Email Marketing: RSS and Calendar Reminders

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At the time I didn't have any answers except for Feedblitz 's tool which allows web visitors to get updated via email every time you submit a blog post (they have some new paid tools as well). A while back I wrote about how you can improve webinar/webcast attendee rates by creating a file that when clicked on, can book off the time specified in your email recipient's Outlook (and other programs too) calendar.

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Making the Most of Your Webinars

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The Effective Marketer Effectiveness is a discipline and it can be learned Home About the Effective Marketer Books Speaking Making the Most of Your Webinars A recent report from On24, “ Webcast Benchmarks and Best Practices for Lead Generation “, has some interesting numbers when it comes to how webinars are being used and their effectiveness at lead generation. What’s the ROI of webcasting? According to the survey webcasts have a $22.60

Does Your Business do Podcasts? It Should

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Well if you're into online marketing and you're down with web 2.0. you know that producing new content that is engaging and entertaining is critical to generating increased web traffic and conversions. Transform your existing webcasts. If you have done some webcasts already that don't require that the person have access to the power point slides, turn this into a podcast. podcasts B2B lead generation RSS Web 2.0.

Social media and revenue: fast friends or oil and water

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Why are we so intent on carving out a special little place in the sun — where results don’t matter — for the social web? And for good measure, here is a recording of Can O’ Worms , a streaming webcast we did about food safety. Tags: Communications Public Relations Social Media B2B Mark Schaefer Strategy Web 2.0 If you don’t already, you need to subscribe to the rss feed at {grow}.

ZoomInfo, Chris Abraham and Me - A Social Media Case Study


It started with a webcast on using Twitter effectively for business and advocacy hosted by Chris Abraham , social media guru and principal at social PR firm Abraham Harrison , and Anamitra Banerji of Twitter. Tags: Web 2.0 Sure, almost every business on the planet is now using social media in some manner, but do you ever wonder if it really works? And if so, how?

How to Use Twitter for Business


I sat in last week on an excellent webcast presented by Chris Abraham of social PR firm Abraham Harrison and Anamitra Banerji , product manager at Twitter, on using Twitter for business. Tags: Web 2.0 If you've got an hour, check out the slides and presentation video ; if you only have a few minutes, the highlights from the presentation are below. A Practical Guide to Twittering for Business View more presentations from chrisabraham.

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B2B IT and Social Media 1: The Buyer Perspective


hours) or vendor-produced content (websites, webcasts, white papers, etc. - tags: white paper syndication, ITtoolbox, survey, report, social media, B2B, IT, technology, competitive advantage, George Krautzel, Paul Dunay icerocket tags: white paper syndication, ITtoolbox, survey, report, social media, B2B, IT, technology, competitive advantage, George Krautzel, Paul Dunay The web based marketing portal: WebMarketCentral.com The only St.

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eLearning 2.0 Technologies and Concepts: Start Pages as Environments for Self-Organized Learners

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eLearning 2.0 eLearning, Learning Design, eLearning Standards, Knowledge Management, Active Learning, Blended Learning, Web 2.0, Labels: start page eLearning 2.0 Call for SCORM 2.0 Innovate-Live June/July Webcast Schedule. April/May Innovate-Live Webcasts. Web 2.0 What is Research 2.0? Functional Architecture of Web 2.0 Toolkits for development of Web 2.0 Cyber city, globalization and eLearning 2.0.

More Free Marketing Training

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The link for the MarketingProfs Digital Marketing World online event is: [link] Meeting of the Minds Webcast Series Marketing NPV is one of those great little secrets of the web, because not many people know of them. That’s why I think their new webcast series has great promise. The link for Meeting of the Minds Webcast Series is: [link] I’ll watch them and post my review. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

Lead Generation Programs That Work

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The webcast was one of the best I’ve seen in a long time based on attendance and amount of participation. According to Focus’ Craig Rosenberg: “The focus of the webcast was to give the attendees access to advice from expert practitioners, that is, people that are not just talking about what to do in lead generation but actually doing that every day. We do 100’s of webcasts a year, this turned out to be one of the best.”

Asperger's and IT: Dark secret or open secret?

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Blogs Webcasts Quickstudies Security Managers Journal This Week in Print. E-Business & Web 2.0. SOA & Web Services. Web 2.0. Web Services. Web Site Management. Webcasts. Find out more at the World Autism Awareness Day Web site. Webcast: Googles Universal Search for Business. Webcasts. Web Hosting UK - Cheap Windows Linux PHP MySQL ASP MSSQL Hosting in UK. View webcast.

B2B Lead Generation Blog: MarketingSherpa Demand Generation Summit 2007

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Recent Posts Learn the New Rules for Selling to Crazy-Busy Prospects BtoB 2010 Lead Generation Guide just published Thoughts on how the human touch impacts marketing performance 5 Steps To Creating A Lead Gen Machine & The Predictable Revenue That CEOs Love 100 Tips for Trade Show Lead Generation LinkedIn B2B Lead Generation Roundtable Group Turns One Lead Generation 2.0 Critical Success Factor #9 Effectiveness 8 Critical Success Factors for Lead Generation 2.0

Killed By Powerpoint « The Effective Marketer

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The article from BBC News UK can be seen here: The Problem With PowerPoint Over the years I’ve read a number of books on effective presentations, listened to podcasts, and attended some presentations and webcasts. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 Web Design Webinar Yes, Please Share This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0

Digital Natives in Our Midst | Advice and Opinion

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Webcasts |. Web Services. Web 2.0. WEBCASTS. View This Webcast » The CIOs Guide to Wireless in the Enterprise. Get instant email notifications by topic when white papers, webcasts, and case studies are added to our library. Accentures View on Web 2.0 Publisher at CIO magazine, Bob Melk, talks to Accentures Blair Jones about the emergence of Web 2.0. More Webcasts » Resource Alerts.

Webinar Presentations That Suck « The Effective Marketer

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How do you avoid the same mistakes you see people committing all the time when delivering web presentations? Some of the best webcasts I’ve watched were the ones where a moderator would interject at some points to feed a question that was relevant to the slide being presented or to make a comment that would help with a transition to the next section of the webinar. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0

Six degrees of separation in instant messaging | Emerging Technology Trends | ZDNet.com

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The results of this study will be presented at WWW2008 , the 17th International World Wide Web Conference which will be held on April 20 to 25, 2008 in Beijing, China. Sponsored White Papers, Webcasts, and Downloads. Premier Vendor Content Whitepapers, webcasts & resources from our Power Center Sponsors. Collaboration 2.0. Enterprise Web 2.0. Hardware 2.0. The Semantic Web. The Social Web. Hardware 2.0. Webcasts.

Need to Drive Leads? Try These Traditional Tactics Now

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The web did not replace either. Nurture your email list with an invitation to visit a resource center that provides thought leadership from well-known experts, webcast and podcast replays, short videos and product demos, customer testimonials and case studies.

The Innovative Educator: 5 Things You Can Do to Begin Developing Your Personal Learning Network

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skills) and grow into PLN producers (2.0 I belong to Classroom 2.0 (for for educators using Web 2.0 In addition to my own blog, I follow weblogg-ed: learning with the read/write web , Tales of a Technology Omnivore , The Innovative Parent , The Brazen Careerist , Cool Cat Teacher , Ted Talks , Dan H. If youre following closely you may note this is actually PLN 2.0 Professional Development for Learner 2.0. NCLB The Web Of Blame.

The FASTForward Blog " Managing Personal Knowledge: Setting a Foundation for Transformation? : Enterprise 2.0 Blog: News, Coverage, and Commentary

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· Filed under Enterprise 2.0. I also have great admiration for what Andrew McAfee is doing and look forward to meeting him at the Enterprise 2.0 I look at what Tom actually wrote and I think he nicely captures some of the organizational obstacles that will have to be overcome for organizations to effectively use enterprise 2.0 It is the younger generation that Tom mentions as possible change agents who use web 2.0 Can Enterprise 2.0 Enterprise 2.0

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Viral Marketing for B2B Lead Generation, Part 2: Viral Promotion


This includes sites like YouTube for video; iTunes for podcasts; and Insight24 for B2B webcasts, video and podcasts. Next: Viral Marketing Caveats and Links ** technorati tags: viral marketing, viral media, promotion, MarketingSherpa, B2B lead generation, email, blog outreach, PR, Web 2.0, tags: viral marketing, viral media, promotion, MarketingSherpa, B2B lead generation, email, blog outreach, PR, Web 2.0,

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PR and Blogging Outreach: Practical Tips


Note: this is the second of two guest-posts from PR guru-ess Cece Salomon-Lee on how Web 2.0 a webcasting and rich media marketing solutions provider. The thoughts expressed in this posting are not representative of ON24 and are the personal views of the author. ** technorati tags: Cece Salomon Lee, Web 2.0, tags: Cece Salomon Lee, Web 2.0, has changed the practice of PR.

PR and Blogging Outreach: Macro Issues


Note: this is the first of two guest-posts from PR guru-ess Cece Salomon-Lee on how Web 2.0 a webcasting and rich media marketing solutions provider. has changed the practice of PR and how PR professionals can best take advantage of blogging and other social media. When Tom asked me to contribute an article about PR and blogging outreach, I was both flattered and yet apprehensive at the same time. I mean, I admit it.

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Best of 2008: Cool Web Tools, Part 3


You'll find all of these and others in this final set of cool web tools and resources from last year. 64 B2B Marketing Tools and Resources by Modern B2B Marketing In one of the most underrated posts of last year, Jon Miller provides links to more than 60 tools and information resources including blog posts, white papers, analyst reports, webcasts, podcasts, ebooks and articles on topics ranging from lead scoring and nurturing to marketing ROI and social media tools.