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Approaching AI + GTM Through a Strategic Lens — Powering Your Perpetual Growth Engine vs. Applying AI to Perpetuate “Random Acts”


The potential use cases for artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI (GenAI), in go-to-market (GTM) are perhaps too numerous to count. Amid an overly-optimistic marketplace outlook for AI, growth leaders — across marketing, sales and customer success — are increasingly turning to AI and/or AI-enhanced technology tools.

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Three Crucial Classes of Marketing Analytics Tools


The final stage of the content marketing “circle” is analytics: the measurement and evaluation of the results of content marketing activities which feeds back into the first stage, content planning, in order to support data-driven strategic decisions. There are dozens of other web analytics tools on the market.


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WordPress SEO Guide: SEO Considerations in Using the WordPress CMS

Due to its affordability, functionality and ease of use, WordPress remains the market dominant leader in content management systems (CMS), maintaining a 40%+ market share for all hosted websites on the net. Why You Should Choose WordPress as Your CMS for SEO. Powered by Content. Community Support.

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The latest AI-powered martech tools


Dig deeper: AI and marketing: What the stats show Now, on to the new products, features, integrations and enhancements. Mixpanel added OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo to its event analytics platform. Yext ’s Yext Content brings AI to its headless content management system. GiantCampaign is an AI-based email marketing platform.

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The Only Website Launch Checklist You’ll Ever Need

Marketing Insider Group

Choose a CMS system. You probably evaluated your content management system (CMS) during your current website analysis and goal setting steps. Before you move heavily into the website launch process, you should make a final decision on the website CMS system you’ll use. Check third-party integrations.

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You haven’t switched to GA4? Better get a move on


Attention B2B marketers – change is barrelling at you like a freight train. In a few quarters, Google Analytics 4 will become the go-to platform for mission-critical data. It’ll supersede Universal Analytics, shifting the analytics landscape drastically.

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Three ways to organize your martech stack


When categorizing your tools this way, there are two challenges you want to be sure to account for: Make sure you have a way to tag some technologies under multiple customer journey stages. For example, your marketing automation platform would likely be used across multiple stages, including “Awareness,” “Consideration” and “Onboard.”