Sun.Nov 29, 2020

The Intrepid Buyer

Tony Zambito

When I was a young boy, I was fascinated by the history of the Lewis and Clark Expedition that began in May of 1804. An exploration to chart and explore the Louisiana Purchase Territory at the behest of President Thomas Jefferson.

Martech 2030: Introduction to the Decade of the Augmented Marketer


Earlier this year, I collaborated with Jason Baldwin, global head of product management at WPP , on this project to describe five major trends in martech that would shape the decade ahead for agencies and brands.


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A Token of Love for Your Work Bestie

Marketing 261

The concept of a work bestie is something we can relate to. We all have that one person we look forward to seeing every day we go to work. These relationships are an important part of our social life. Working from home has put a significant dent in these relationships.

Work 83

The Revenue CMO – Leading the Data Driven Marketing

B2B Marketing Analytics

Among the most interesting trends shaping the modern marketing function is the rise of a new breed of the CMOs called the “Revenue CMO”. The role of the CMO has undergone a radical shift especially in B2B technology companies, which are driving the revolution of this new breed of the CMOs.

CMO 68

75% of World Trade Flows Through Indirect Channels - Are You Enabling the Right People?

Speaker: Jay McBain, Principal Analyst – Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems

We are in the middle of a major transformation of how companies go to market – in fact, 76% of global CEOs feel that their current business models will be unrecognizable in the next 3 years – and ecosystems are the main reason why. With the vast majority of business conducted through indirect channels around the world and given structural changes in our economy (before and after COVID-19), new buying journeys, subscription/consumption models, marketplace growth, and emerging technologies, most firms are now considering partner enablement as the key ingredient to survival (and success). The future of partnership ecosystems will be focused on driving intra-firm value creation, network effects, and partner co-innovation – a huge opportunity for firms to grow the right partners and enable them effectively.

The Top 3 Oktopost Podcast Shows of 2020


Whether you’re new to the podcast world or looking for your next podcast obsession when it comes to B2B marketing, we’re sure you’ll find it here. Our podcast channel, B2B Marketing Now , is geared toward marketing leaders who want to see their organization grow.

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Imply vs. Infer vs. Similar Word Mix-Ups


We’ve all been there: You’re on a roll writing your latest piece, in the midst of a sentence, and suddenly… What word goes here? Are these words really synonyms? As a writer, you have a never-ending stream of words running through your brain. Understandably, you mix them up sometimes.

Words 61

What B2B Buyers Rely On to Make Purchase Decisions

B2B Marketing Directions

Earlier this month, TrustRadius published the findings of its fifth annual B2B buying disconnect research. The 2021 B2B Buying Disconnect report is based on two surveys that were conducted in September of this year.

The Marketer’s Guide to Brand Awareness


Ninety-four percent of the world’s population recognizes the Coca-Cola logo. That is an awesome statistic, but at the same time, it’s not surprising. The Coke company is an icon.

Brand 30