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Video Tech Company Leverages SEM to Drive Enterprise Leads

The Point

In 2015, JW Player piloted a small-scale, in-house SEM program on Google AdWords to gauge the potential efficacy of using search advertising to drive qualified leads for its enterprise video platform. Increasing the number of negative keywords to reduce consumer impressions and unqualified clicks. Aggressive testing of ad copy.

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How to Optimize Paid Search Campaigns with a SEM Audit

Single Grain

If so, it’s time to carry out a SEM audit. By doing so, you’ll gain game-changing insights that can help you fine-tune your SEM strategy and identify the actionable steps you need to take to generate better returns on your investment in paid advertising. Sound familiar?


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Optimize Your PPC Marketing Strategy for B2B Success

Launch Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is an advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time a user clicks one of their ads. Consider the following questions as you plan your B2B PPC campaigns : Are you aiming to boost brand visibility, increase website traffic or capture leads through your campaigns?

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Exploring the SEO vs. SEM vs. Content Marketing Relationship


This is why strategies like search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) play such an important role in digital marketing. To figure out how to make SEO, SEM, and content marketing work together, you must first understand how each one works. What’s the difference between SEO and SEM?

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The Ultimate Guide to Accurate PPC Forecasting


Most business leaders today know the importance of investing in search engine marketing (SEM) to reach target audiences and desired goals. But what they might not realize is how much PPC budget they need to succeed, or the value of their ad spend. It’s impossible to build a solid PPC strategy without buy-in from your leadership team.

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Ecommerce PPC Audit: The Complete Checklist

Single Grain

Pay-per-click advertising has become a vital component of e-commerce marketing, enabling businesses to drive targeted traffic and increase sales. To ensure the PPC program effectiveness and achieve a positive return on investment, e-commerce stores must conduct regular PPC audits. Work With Us What I s a PPC Audit?

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Enterprise Paid Ads: A Guide to Landing High-Value Clients with PPC

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In this definitive guide to enterprise PPC, I’ll outline the strategies, solutions and approaches you’ll need to ensure that your paid media campaigns are fully optimized for lead generation and conversions. This is especially true considering that each of the following factors of PPC advertising will need a different approach.