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Is Cold Calling Dead? A Guide to B2B Cold Calling


In today’s crowded B2B ecosystem, where personalization and relevance are seen as crucial competitive differentiators, the idea of cold calling might seem archaic. Pop into any social media feed or read industry publications, and you’ll invariably hear about unsolicited phone outreach as a spray-and-pray tactic from yesteryear.

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How to Write Sales Cold Calling Scripts Using Data


It’s all about closing more deals — but that can’t happen without boosting lead conversion rates. One of the best ways to improve sales numbers involves something everyone dreads — cold calling. To avoid monotony and disconnect, making your cold outreach data-driven puts more focus on customization and personalization.


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The Art of Qualified Appointment Setting: Strategies to Secure High-Value Meetings

Only B2B

In the dynamic realm of B2B sales, qualified appointment setting stands as a cornerstone for success. This strategic approach significantly enhances the efficiency of the sales process, leading to higher conversion rates and impactful business growth. This approach fosters stronger relationships and builds trust.

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Cold Call Mastery

B2B Digital Marketer

Building Bonds Over Cold Calls Introduction In this thought-provoking episode, Chris Beall masterfully delves into the nuances of trust in B2B cold calling. Chris challenges the common ‘value-first’ approach, advocating instead for deep human connections, which are fundamental in cold calling success.

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Gold Calling vs. Cold Calling


I've written many blog posts on the fact that cold calling isn't dead. In fact, doing the right amount of research, adding a personalized touch to your outreach attempts, and a lot of persistency will help you get in the door for more prospects than you might think. Cold calling is about quantity, not quality.

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7 Sales Qualified Leads Tactics To Know in 2023


Still, with changing times and evolving market trends, knowing what sales-qualified leads tactics will work best can be challenging. In 2022, lead generation was established as the foundation of most organizations’ growth strategies, with a reported 50% of marketers ’ emphasis on lead generation, making it a top priority.

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Should You Buy Phone Number Lists For Cold Calling and Prospecting?


This blog discusses the advantages and disadvantages of choosing whether or not to buy a phone number list for cold calling and prospecting, helping you navigate the potential benefits and challenges. Any phone number list showing up in your inbox unprompted is at worst a scam and at best a waste of your sales reps’ time.