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Why bottom-of-the-funnel SEO is the game-changer your B2B needs


Too often, companies focus SEO efforts on driving traffic with top-of-the-funnel content and keywords. While this approach can generate traffic, it often fails to convert them into leads and sales. In B2B, the opportunity is in optimizing for bottom-of-the-funnel queries and conversions.

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4 Ways to Optimize the Middle of the Funnel | Lead Management

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

The middle of the demand generation funnel receives way less attention than it deserves. At the top of the funnel, marketing increases traffic and fills the database with new leads through paid ads, social media, search, referral programs, and a variety of other channels. What exactly is the middle of the funnel?


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8 Ways Ecommerce Content Marketing Influences Conversion Rates

Many elements influence ecommerce conversion rates. From seasonal upticks and downturns in sales to market trends to consumer behavior tendencies, ecommerce brands must manage a variety of factors when attempting to surpass the average CR of (approximately) 2%. So, how do you use content marketing to boost conversions?

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B2B Lead Quality: Guide to Reducing Lead Rejections and Accelerating Sales

Inbox Insight

Including: 5 benefits of B2B lead quality Intent checklist to determine baseline quality Techniques for nurturing quality leads into valuable customers Read on to learn how to speed-up your B2B Sales Cycle and reduce lead rejections through delivering a high standard of lead quality your Sales team will love.

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Chief Revenue Regrets – The Sales Leader Blindspot: Early Stage Funnel


Yet, we are still running forecast and funnel reviews just as we did decades ago … interrogating and inspecting deals to assess the quality of the funnel to meet the number. Forecast vs Funnel Review. Neglecting the Early Funnel. It is a tactical inspection to determine confidence and identify risk in the forecast.

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Sales Pipeline Vs Sales Funnel

Lead Forensics

It’s often taken for granted that we all know and understand these B2B sales terms, as these pieces of vocabulary become used so often they are undoubtedly commonplace. Sales pipeline and sales funnel, for example, are believed by many to be one and the same, but this belief is far from the truth.

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Mastering the Deal Pipeline: 5 Tactics to Boost Conversion Rates

SmartBug Media

In today's competitive business environment, it's crucial to find effective tactics that speed up lead-to-opportunity conversion in the deal pipeline. If you're looking to maximize your sales potential and close deals faster, this blog post is for you. Get ready to take your sales game to the next level!