Stop Asking Your Marketing Agency for Client References

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As one of the principals at a B2B marketing agency , I get asked for them frequently (though not always) by prospective new clients and, quite aside from the hassle of selecting (who have we not asked recently?), Most agencies (ours included) provide their client list online for all to see.

Infographic: Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Full-Service Demand Generation Agency

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Like any “build or buy” decision, whether or not a full-service agency makes sense for your company depends on a myriad of variables – notably budget, of course – but also how the scale of your objectives balances against the breadth of available in-house resources and expertise.

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Is Technology Making Marketing Agencies Obsolete?

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Over at the IDC Technology Marketing Blog , analyst Sam Melnick posted an article recently with the intriguing title: “Are Ad Agencies Keeping Pace with the Marketing’s (sic) Massive Digital Uptake? It’s not enough for agencies to simply know how to use systems like marketing automation.

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Digital Marketing Agencies – How They’re Changing


In this episode of the Rethink Podcast, we interview Kent Lewis, the president and founder of Anvil Media, a Portland-based digital marketing agency specializing in analytics, search engine and social media marketing. In this Episode: How digital agencies have changed over last 5-10 years.

Are Agencies the Future of Marketing Automation?

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It’s always been obvious that agencies were a sensible channel for marketing automation vendors to pursue, but I’m beginning to wonder whether agencies might turn out to be the primary channel for such systems, excepting only direct sales to large enterprises.

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Smart Agencies Don’t Neglect the Middle and Bottom of the Marketing Funnel


Such is the case with your clients and most likely with your agency as well. The components of brand awareness involve a lot of creativity, and for many agencies that’s their strong suit. Smart agencies take it further, for their own business and on behalf of their clients.

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One Question to Ask When Selecting a B2B Marketing Agency

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Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen companies go through countless scenarios when selecting a B2B marketing agency — from detailed RFPs to chance meetings at networking events. Because the answer will reveal a great deal about how the agency approaches B2B marketing.

Agency: Bottom-Line Boosters for Marketing Agencies to Adopt in the New Year


Whether your marketing agency is just starting out, doing steady business or is absolutely booming, there’s always room for improvement. Smart agencies take that into account and create interactive marketing activities that are specialized and optimized for delivery to mobile devices.

Smart Agencies are Investing in Technology


Investing in Technology for Smart Agencies. According to the RWS/US 2017 Outlook Survey Report, while Marketers and Agencies share a common business and often work together, their concerns about trends for 2017 differ. Smart Agencies are Investing in Technology.

You’ve Signed Your New Marketing Agency. Now What?


Agency Whispering… Three Key Ingredients for Success. We’ve talked through how to select the right marketing agency for your business. You’ve selected your marketing agency. Every new agency relationship should be a goal-based relationship.

5 Mistakes That Will Bankrupt Your Agency


These days, agencies tend to get caught up in near-constant talk of creativity, innovation, and disruption. That’s why it’s crucial to avoid certain catastrophic mistakes agencies make every day. Even smart agency owners make some of these painful mistakes.

How the Best B2B Client & Agency Teams Implement Successful Marketing Campaigns

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Discover 5 best practices for clients and agencies working together to implement successful B2B marketing campaigns. b2b promotional campaigns

Why Virtual Agencies Might Be More Creative


Since I recently left behind big New York agency life to focus exclusively on writing and consulting, I’m able to do that -- work by pools. Is the distributed agency, therefore, an innately more creative business model? And that’s something agencies can’t afford to ignore.

Why Publishers Are a Huge Threat to Ad Agencies


Back in the days of Mad Men , agencies were bulletproof institutions. But once the digital revolution hit a few decades ago, the traditional agency model splintered into an array of concentrated niches. Agencies like R/GA and 360i used to rely on their digital fluency to win work.

Why Agencies Should be Doing More Webinars


Webinars Offer Agencies So Much More Than Just Lead Generation. In addition to being good for agencies, they are good for their clients. Webinars showcase what an agency or their client can do while providing value to the attendees, plus they boast a wide geographical reach.

Are B2B agencies adapting quickly enough?

The B2B Research Blog

Of the 70 agencies that feature in this year’s B2B Marketing Agency League, 10 show no or negative turnover growth. So why are these agencies struggling? Three years ago 40 agencies featured in the league table, now there are 70.

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How 8 Agencies Are Building Their Brands on Snapchat


But does any of that matter for agencies? For agencies looking to diversify their reach and prove their digital de xterity in a competitive field, Snapchat has proven to be an unexpectedly valuable tool. 8 of the Best Agency Snapchat Accounts. Is your agency on Snapchat?

15 of the Coolest Agency Offices We've Ever Seen


To showcase how marketing and advertising agencies around the world are accommodating their teams, we've compiled a list of 15 amazing offices. 15 Examples of Cool Agency Offices. The agency's 11,000 square foot space is set up without permanent desks for employees.

20 Creative Agencies You Should Follow on Instagram


Instagram has evolved into a perfect visual platform for agencies, filled with photos of office parties, company outings, and creatives hard at work behind their Macs. A must-follow if you want a glimpse of what life is like at a top agency. 8) Agency V CPH: @agencyvcph.

How to Select the Right Marketing Agency for Your Business


An agency might be your answer. Increasing your reliance on an agency – even in the short term – can be a smart way to bridge the skills / organizational / technology marketing gap. How do I know which agency is MY agency? We’ve all lived through the agency pitch.

Content marketing en MaaS: 8 reasons why your content marketing agency is your new competitive advantage

Tomorrow People

How to build meaningful competitive advantage with your content marketing agency to differentiate your offering and stand out from the crowd. Work with a content marketing agency to build competitive advantage and differentiate in your industry.

Financial benchmarks for B2B marketing agencies

The B2B Research Blog

You may have read my recent post about B2B Marketing’s 2014 Agency League Table (if not, take a peek here ). I’ve been wading around in the raw data which underpins the League Table and in doing so have unearthed some benchmarks which agency leaders will find especially useful. The average agency turnover is £4.08 These can be used to see where your agency sits relative to the rest of the agency population. 1st 25% of agencies) turnover up to £1.3

Agencies Have a Morale Problem


Like most industries, the agency world is in an intense period of transition. As competition heats up from media and tech companies, and brands turn to in-house teams , agencies are being forced to evolve or die. That pressure has had detrimental effects on agency employees.

16 of the Most Creative Business Card Designs From Agencies


Whether you work at a bigwig agency or as a freelancer, your business card should make a memorable first impression. To help you out on the inspiration front, we've compiled a list of 16 top-notch business cards from agencies and designers around the world. Marketing Agency Daily

Why Agencies Should Abandon Advertising and Invest in Owned Media


Unfortunately, many enterprising agencies continue to waste money, time, and effort on traditional marketing pathways. Blue ocean opportunities abound for any agency that focuses on what consumers desire: advice, information, stories, and sometimes entertainment. Marketing Agency

Agency Focus: How Content Marketing is Changing, & How to Measure It


Agency leaders agree. Businesses and agencies of all types and sizes are investing in content marketing. 2016 New Business Tools Annual Report from Mirren-RSW, more than 200 agency executives weighed in on the most important business tools to support and grow their businesses.

11 Ad Agencies You Need to Follow on Twitter


It's quite simple: You can't expect to sell the merits of your agency's social media expertise if your Twitter presence is underdeveloped or inactive. Your agency's Twitter shouldn't be a jumble of PR announcements and random links -- it should be a reflection of your agency's personality.

Have You Heard About the New Marketing and Agency Model?

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A recent study by Forbes Insights and sponsored by Oracle Marketing Cloud revealed 60% of brand and agency executives say their roles and responsibilities have changed significantly over the past two years.

Why Bots Are the Next Big Frontier for Agencies


Marketing Agencies and Bots. The good news for savvy marketing agencies is that due to advances in natural language processing, A.I. Because of this, agencies have the right skill sets for bot development. Marketing Agency Daily

How Agencies Price Their Services, In 4 Charts


There's a standard market price for milk, speed boats, and even birthday clowns, but the going rate for agency services is a little more of a gray area. HubSpot Research recently conducted a survey of 782 agencies to get a better picture of how they set prices for their offerings.

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10 Ultimate All-Inclusive SEO Tools For Business Owners and Agencies

Marketing Insider Group

Many business owners and agencies understand that SEO is very important for the success of their online business Websites with the strong SEO perform well in search generate more traffic and sales.

Are Agencies missing the inbound opportunity?


What Kristian Gough, Managing Partner of Incite New Business , a sales and marketing consultancy for marketing agencies, brought to light in his talk was that this situation needs to change, and change quickly. 50% of agency selection searches involve online research.

What Does the Future Hold For Agencies and Marketers?

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If the past is any indication there is change in the future for agencies and marketers. “As the changing nature of marketing impacts product development, sales and company culture, closer collaboration between brands and agencies is becoming more important than ever.”

Why Agencies Need to Take Transparency More Seriously


They will no longer work with agencies, networks, technology platforms, or marketing "partners" who aren't completely transparent about their practices. Among other things, some of its agencies were receiving kickbacks from media companies. Agency Kickbacks. Marketing Agency

What Makes Agency Millennials Different? [New Data]


It goes without saying that employees are the lifeblood of any marketing agency. They bring the talent needed to fulfill your agency's strategic and creative commitments to clients, and they represent the first line both in new business development and in client service and satisfaction.

How Outsourcing Creativity Can Save Your Agency From Burnout


"Creativity is an advertising agency's most valuable asset, because it is the rarest." - Jef I. That means more and more businesses will be looking to agencies and freelancers to create an increasingly diverse spectrum of quality content. How to Outsource Creativity at Your Agency.

7 Tips for Agency Leaders From Top Marketing Executives


Running an agency is a tough business. We rounded up some pieces of advice from a few marketing executives and CMOs to help you handle the many varied demands of running an agency. 7 Pieces of Agency Advice from Marketing Executives. If you lean in and you say, 'Hey, agency.

6 Client Acquisition Tips for Agencies


It was more about pitching the agency than pitching the skill set and results. We’re not in the market for a new agency to work with.” By tracking everything you do in a CRM , you’ll have the ammunition you need to say: “OK great, we’re not here to pitch an agency relationship.

A wake up call for market research agencies

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The report is a real wake-up call for market research agencies. And when asked what qualities are important to them in a research agency, research users put three things at the top of their list: Knowledgeable staff (69% rate as ‘very important’).

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The Long Distance Relationship: How to Work with a Remote Marketing Agency

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In days long past, companies hired one marketing firm, usually an advertising agency, to coordinate a broad spectrum of marketing needs. The era of agency specialization is well and truly upon us. One byproduct of agency specialization is a loss of geographic proximity.