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3 ways to optimize your marketing funnel for driving revenue and leads


How should marketers approach the daunting task of reining in and improving the marketing funnel? Recently at The MarTech Conference , two marketing leaders discussed this precise task. What they discovered was that marketers need to understand all facets of the funnel and have data ready to make decisions.

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Marketing Funnel vs. Sales Funnel: A ClearVoice Comparison


Even savvy marketing pros can look at sales and marketing funnels through the same lens. We’ve put these two types of funnels head-to-head to help illustrate how they each can fit within your overall strategy. Sales Funnel: The Breakdown Let’s break down the differences in each funnel by category.


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Why digital out-of-home advertising is summer 2024’s marketing powerhouse


It’s filled with activities like long-distance vacations, trips to the beach and farmers’ markets. Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising’s dynamic content and precision targeting capabilities make it perfect for reaching audiences at this time of year. Here’s why DOOH is the ticket to this summer’s marketing success.

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Maximizing the Marketing Funnel

Blue Flame Thinking

A strategic marketing plan is like a funnel. Marketing is designed to increase awareness of what you offer and lead your audiences to a conversion—whether that is a purchase, meeting, or other connection. Use a marketing funnel strategy. Three key phases of the marketing funnel drive this action.

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Does the AIDA Model Hold Water for Sales in 2024?

Marketing Insider Group

Understanding sales and marketing frameworks is crucial for success as you grow your company. One such model, the AIDA Model, or Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, continues guiding marketers as it has for over a century. Quick Takeaways The AIDA Model is one of the oldest marketing frameworks on record.

AIDA 267
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B2B Advertising Insights For Every Stage of The Funnel

Directive Agency

For many business-to-business (B2B) software organizations, paid advertising is essential to generating leads and driving revenue. Through paid channels, marketers are able to segment and target audiences more precisely, leading to higher conversion rates and ultimately, more sales. What is B2B advertising? Awareness.

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The role of AI in programmatic advertising


The omnipresence of AI is steadily growing in the 2020s, including in advertising. It’s no different in the world of marketing, as AI slowly shapes digital advertising in front of our eyes. Programmatic advertising is a game-changer in the advertising industry. Where does AI fit into programmatic advertising?