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9 Tools & Tactics for Effective Paid Content Distribution

Marketing Insider Group

Programmatic Native Advertising: Zemanta Image Source: Zemanta At Marketing Insider Group, we use Zemanta , an Outbrain company, for all our clients. Zemanta revolutionizes programmatic advertising with its comprehensive native advertising platform and Demand Side Platform (DSP). It is advertising for the modern internet.

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Discovering New Ways of Mobile Advertising with TikTok

Martech Advisor

When it comes to unlocking new ways of advertising, it’s crucial to strike the iron while it’s hot. While performance marketing, search engine marketing and social media advertising are “safe bets” and here to stay, they are also already saturated with advertising dollars driving up costs.


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How to increase profitability by monetizing off-Amazon advertising

SmartBrief - Marketing

It used to be simple: Selling on Amazon meant you advertised on Amazon. To sell on your direct-to-consumer website, you advertised on the rest of the internet. The result of using off-Amazon channels is an advertising cost of sales ( ACoS) measured by cost per action (CPA), which can be lower than with Amazon Sponsored Product Ads.

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Display ads vs native ads: What’s the difference?


Display ads are text, image, or video advertisements in the digital, online space. Common examples include interscroller ads on mobile and homepage takeovers on web pages. Stand out as advertisements. Higher CPC than display ads. Lower CPC than native ads. What are display ads? Ideal for awareness campaigns.

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4 Reaons Display Digital Advertising is (still) Effective


In the world of digital advertising, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest and greatest – what’s new, trendy, and making a splash. Although this format may seem plain compared to the unique creative ad formats we see today, there are many great benefits of display digital advertising. What is Display Digital Advertising?

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Key Insights: The internet landscape, advertising arena, and holiday shopping season is already here


30-second summary: As of April 2020, there are 4+ billion internet users with unique mobile phone users crossing 5+ billion worldwide. This week, we give you a good lay of the internet land topped with a quick run-down of the what, who, and how of digital advertising. The “mobile view”. Did you know? Firefox – 4.4%

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Content Marketing + PPC: The Content Advertising Connection

SmartBug Media

From another perspective, pay per click (PPC) advertising campaigns may draw a lot of traffic, but those short ads cannot demonstrate much credibility. This is the content advertising connection. The Content Advertising Connection. Promote Your Gated and Seasonal Content Through PPC Advertising. You get more clicks.