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10 Reasons I Am One Nanosecond Away from Deleting your Email

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You only have a moment to get someone’s attention when you send them an email. Why do so many emails get deleted by the recipient? There is no business or person’s name in the email From field. There is no subject line. Your subject line is irrelevant to me.

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Neuromarketing Research: 3 Keys that Trigger a Buying Decision

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The study of the buying decision process, or neuromarketing, has had a tremendous impact on content marketing. More brands are being studied in laboratories around the world as consumers are being hooked up to brain imaging machines, fMRI , EEG and other devices so that they are monitored while they read marketing messages and make decisions. Neuromarketing is extremely expensive market research to do, but fortunately most brains work the same, with some exceptions for age and gender.

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The 15 Best Facebook Pages You've Ever Seen


With more than 800 million users, Facebook is a major player in the world of social networking. Businesses looking to market using Facebook have one major tool at their disposal: the Facebook Page. Facebook Pages were specifically engineered for businesses. These pages provide a public home on Facebook for a business, and they allow businesses to publish content and receive comments and feedback from fans and customers.

Social influence and social media activism

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

I want to call-out this villainous company who is distiliing our personal information and peddling it to companies as “influence” without our permission.

The AdRoll Guide to Account-Based Marketing

Personalize your marketing to convert your highest-value accounts.

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Internet Industry Assumptions Can Be Dangerous for SMB’s


Image via Wikipedia. I read a post this week from one of the Internet marketing industry’s big names, John Jantsch. His premise was that we would all be using search engines less and less as we move toward an app centric world.

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Friday Wrap-Up: This Week in B2B Marketing Tips


Each week we present a collection of some of the best marketing tips, guides, and best practices from thought leaders around the blogosphere to help you stay informed, hone your craft, and improve your marketing efforts. Enjoy! 4 Ways to Address Privacy Concerns in Your Marketing When you consider that research

The B2B Marketing Roundup: Week of October 31st - November 4th.


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Keep Your Mobile B2B Marketing on Track in Time for iPhone 5

Modern B2B Marketing

by Maria Pergolino When it comes to tech talk, the word on everyone’s lips is “iPhone.” For months now, discussion has centered on the iPhone 5. This included speculation on features, design, and more. When Steve Jobs stepped down from his position as CEO of the company, even more questions arose.

Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Get Marketing Content On the Go: Listen to This Blog!


Always on the go but love you some inbound marketing tips and tricks? You're no longer limited to text. Now you can use the handy dandy Vocalyze widget in this blog's sidebar to listen to our latest blog posts, hands and eyes free! How's that for multimedia accessibility? (In

Webinar: Infamous Social-Media Fails


Sign up for Fathom’s free social media webinar today! What: “Infamous Social Fails: What Your Business Can Learn from Celebrity Mistakes” When: Wednesday, November 9, 3:00-4:00 p.m. EST. Why: Because you might stand to learn from their mistakes. See more details and register today. Be Sociable, Share! Tweet. Events

10 Things We Hate About Marketing Automation


You've all likely experienced the horror of bad marketing automation. You know the feeling: you open your email inbox only to see a slew of emails not meant for you. Yup, that's what I'm talking about. Usually these emails don't offer any information you'd be interested in.

4 Ways to Address Privacy Concerns in Your Marketing


Have you ever been at a social gathering, and you and one of your friends realized you'd been shopping at the mall/supermarket/pet store at the very same time earlier that day? "No No way! I was in there at 5! You went at 4:45?! We must have just missed each other!".

Stop Killing Your Content: 3 Reasons Your Content Falls Flat

Each year B2B organizations spend more than $5.2 billion on content creation.