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6 winning strategies to shorten your B2B sales cycle


The B2B sales cycle is lengthy and complex. Depending on deal size, closing a lead can drag on for weeks and even months. Sales isn’t easy. But after 15 years in relationship-based sales and management, I can tell there’s a solution to close deals 25% to 30% faster. Here are a few things for you to focus on.

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Top Social Selling Examples: 7 Mistakes To Avoid


Rather than limiting social media to corporate profiles, this strategy involves sales teams utilizing their personal accounts to reach new prospects, share insights, and engage in meaningful conversations. pushing more leads down the funnel). To improve your response rate, personalize your outreach.


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Virtual Prospecting with Intent Data: Fueling B2B Engagement

Only B2B

It provides insights into the online behavior of potential buyers, helping sales and marketing teams identify prospects who are actively researching solutions similar to what they offer. This approach leads to higher response rates, more meaningful conversations, and a shorter sales cycle.

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Quick Ways To Double Your B2B Sales Conversions In 2021


At some point, you will start attracting more of the leads that don’t intend to buy from you right away. Though this is normal, it leads to depreciating conversions and longer sales cycles, if not dealt with effectively. Six Effective Tips To Increase Your B2B Sales Conversions. Segment your leads religiously.

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4 Metrics You Need To Track In B2B Lead Generation Programs

Digital B2B Marketing

Businesses needs to drive growth and lead generation is a key way the business expects marketing to contribute. However, sales cycles are long. It can take months, even years, before marketing is able to prove the value of lead generation efforts with revenue. Measuring B2B Publisher Lead Generation Programs.

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8 social selling metrics to measure success

Sprout Social

At its most basic level, social selling comes down to leveraging social platforms to find the right leads and build important relationships. By building your own social selling strategy your sales team can be a step ahead of the competition. Content engagement rate. Click-through rate. Message response rate.

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38 Handy Stats to Prove the Value of Personas


You know deep down that personas lead to more EMPATHY in your organization, and are a vehicle for customer-centricity as your team members internalize the challenges and problems faced by your customers. But empathy is hard to put a dollar value to. 82% of companies using Personas have managed to create an improved value proposition.