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How to Build Customer Loyalty with Content Marketing


The straightforward ramifications of content marketing include attracting & engaging the prospects along with the sales cycles & ultimately driving sales conversions. Ever wondered how to build customer loyalty with content marketing?

Building a Local Marketing Strategy for Franchises [Guide Sneak Peek]


But creating a masterpiece of art requires finer brushes. Google has stated that localization of search results is the greatest form of personalization they currently engage in. One famous example of localized marketing is McDonald’s offering SPAM in Hawaii and green chile cheeseburgers in New Mexico. What you need is marketing plan capable of scaling from national priorities to hyperlocal customers. Psychographics: How do your customers think?


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How Brand Advertising is Beneficial for B2B Marketers


Smart brand advertising is a result of sere creativity, storytelling & long-term brand building. The growth of sales is directly proportional to building successful customer relationships & customer loyalty, of which, building long-term brand awareness is an integral component.


How B2B Marketers can stay close to their Customers


B2B marketers need to learn to prioritize Customer Experience Management (CEM) to stay close to their customers and to develop an all-inclusive marketing strategy that strikes a perfect balance between creative demands, budget limits & channel decisions of the marketers.

A Strategic Approach to Digital Marketing for Startups


The success of a startup firm depends critically on its digital marketing capabilities and associated actions. In an era of omnichannel marketing and big data, digital marketing helps not only in acquiring customers but also in customer retention. The balance of freemium and premium.

How to Scale Up Personalization to Streamline B2B Sales Cycle


The modern – age B2B marketing is majorly about prioritizing the preferences of the customers. The better understanding you will have of your customers & of your target-niche, the easier it becomes for you to target & convert the prospects into customers.

Why should you opt-in for B2B Contextual Marketing?


One of the primary goals for B2B marketers is sending the right message to the right people at the right time using the right channel. HubSpot defines content marketing as, “The practice of personalizing your business to your audience based on who they are & what they want, need or do, rather than one-size-fits-it-all.”. 71% of marketers find it difficult to achieve reach while delivering the right contextual marketing services to the right audiences.

How To Use Content Marketing for Business Success


Businesses need to create content with high-quality that resonates with the area of interest of the users. According to a study by Content Marketing Institute , 92% of the marketers reported that their company views content as a business asset.

7 Benefits of Using B2B Martech Software During Lockdown


As the world is in the grip of a pandemic, there have never been better reasons to use reliable B2B Martech software than the current lockdown period to drive innovation and support B2B business strategy. This helps in building positive brand equity and retaining customer loyalty.

Your A-Z Guide on E-Commerce Marketing [Strategies+Case Studies]


E-commerce marketing is a strategy that has recently become all the rage with the onset of social media advertising. Chances are, you’ve probably already implemented a few aspects of it into your marketing plans. . The intent of that is to establish their brand and sell their products.

10 tips to Architect Prevalent B2B Marketing Strategies for Optimized Sales Conversions in 2019


As soon as, the marketing teams find themselves mastering one particular technic, they might feel overwhelmed to know that the expectations of the buyer personas have evolved. Moreover, if you are a start-up, it’s understandable that you have numerous questions about the best marketing practices; particularly at a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning have revolutionized the realm of B2B marketing. Builds grander customer loyalty.


Why Content Distribution is the Perfect Marketing Strategy


The process of sharing, publishing & promoting your pieces of content is called Content Distribution. Content distribution is the starting step of your content marketing strategy. Just publishing pieces of content isn’t enough.

Important Marketing Terms that Every B2B Executive Should Know

Circle Studio

Every industry and trade has their own terminology—words and phrases that may be unfamiliar to those on the outside. Marketing is no exception, with an ever-expanding vocabulary of terms and jargon that may at times sound like a foreign language to business executives in non-marketing roles. Understanding the meaning of marketing terms is not only helpful for working alongside your firm’s internal marketing team, but also vital in conversing with your marketing agency.

Do You Know Jack? How to Delight Your Most Important Marketing Asset


This post originally appeared on the Insiders section of Inbound Hub. “I’d like to propose that we spend some time and resources to research our current customers and target market,” the Marketing Director of Company A sheepishly declared during the monthly board meeting. “Listen, we love our customers, but we need more of them.” End of story.” It’s easy to overlook, but vital to the success of a business.