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Bolster your Go-to-Market plans by prioritizing the metrics that matter

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As you organize and implement your Go-to-Market plan, you must: Find a real market problem that your product or service will solve. Marketing leaders have always been expected to do a lot. Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) Not all leads are created equal.

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What is Marketing Spend?


What is marketing spend? It’s all of the money your company pays for marketing, including budgets spent on advertising, promotions, content marketing, social media, and any other marketing activities. That phrase is definitely true in the marketing world.

7 Must-Read Tips To Simplify Content Marketing Planning

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Well, if that is the case then we should stop being stupid with our content marketing planning. Too many brands have an enthusiastic, scattershot and complex approach to their digital and content go-to-market strategy. Sales, marketing and content creation have converged. If we are Modern Marketers (and sellers and publishers), then we should think how to connect better with our Modern Buyers in today’s digital, social, and customer-centric time.

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How to Manage Your Marketing Spend In-Quarter


Marketers and their teams spend months planning and strategizing for the upcoming year, but they often overlook what happens once execution begins. The trickiest time to manage marketing spend is after a quarter has begun — once programs are happening, budgets are changing, and those crystal-clear goals everyone agreed upon before the quarter began don’t quite seem so clear anymore. Don’t rely on a finance-centric view of marketing spend.

How To Focus On Your Marketing Plan

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Skip to content Home About Michael Brenner Appearances B2B Marketing Insider Michael Brenner's Blog on B2B Marketing Content Marketing Demand Generation Mobile Sales Alignment Search Marketing Social Media Strategy October 28, 2010 2 Subscribe How To Focus On Your Marketing Plan Share I started writing this article a month ago but became sidetracked when I realized that marketing plans were as unavoidable (and as important) as Death and Taxes.

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3 Timely Tips for Marketing Planning And Budgeting

Martech Advisor

Sherri Kolomayz, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Infor, shares tips for keeping new year planning evergreen and relevant for changing customer habits. As the calendar months roll into fall, visions of spreadsheets, pivot tables, calendars, and PowerPoint presentations loom in every marketer’s mind. With so many moving parts, from budget to messaging, it’s safe to say that most marketers feel angst and dread when it comes time to plan for the next year.

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2020 Marketing Planning – powered by Marketing Analytics

B2B Marketing Analytics

Marketing teams across the board are heads-down reviewing 2019 performance and coming up with strategy and budget for 2020. With our marketing analytics services , we have been enabling our customers to access 2019 (and before) marketing performance data on the fly along with the ability to drill down into the data to discover actionable insights and do what-if analysis for 2020 planning. focus on 1 key area – the campaign planning and execution framework.

Money Is the Root of All Marketing Plan Evil

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Which means your 2011 marketing plan has just a few more chances to be analyzed, reviewed and refined in order to help you meet your objectives for the year. Are you on track to meet your plan? One of the biggest reasons I see B2B marketing plans veer off course starts right at the beginning. The problem lies in how we distribute budgets. Or to put it more plainly: money is the root of all marketing plan evil.

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3 Marketing Spend Trends Shaping 2021 Strategy


COVID-19 and the ensuing market-turbulence put marketing teams under a microscope to explain exactly where they are spending and pivoting marketing dollars – and how it is driving business results. Webinars CMO marketing budget owner Marketing Budgeting

B2B Marketing Plan Best Practices: 5 Simple Rules to Follow


“We’ve tried a lot of marketing tactics but nothing seems to work.” Most of these companies have a reactive marketing program, which means they don’t have a comprehensive marketing plan to guide their marketing spend. Marketing plans certainly can be complex and when our team develops them on behalf of clients, they often are very detailed. While not all aspects of marketing can be quantified, many can.

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5 Hacks for Creating a Successful Law Firm Social Media Marketing Plan

Go Beyond SEO

Simply posting to social platforms without a goal is so 2008 – in order to be successful now and in the future, outlining your social media marketing plan is key. This is particularly true for businesses that rely heavily on social media marketing. Where do I Start when Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan? Foundation of a Social Media Marketing Plan. The first task when creating a social media marketing plan is finding out your goal/KPIs.

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How to Manage Your Marketing Spend In-Quarter


Marketers and their teams spend months planning and strategizing for the upcoming year, but they often overlook what happens once execution begins. The trickiest time to manage marketing spend is after a quarter has begun — once programs are happening, budgets are changing, and those crystal-clear goals everyone agreed upon before the quarter began don’t quite seem so clear anymore.

Keys to Developing a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

KEO Marketing

Digital marketing plans for 2018 will consume a large portion of most B2B companies’ entire marketing budgets. The ease of tracking and adjusting mid-campaign, the extensive reach, and the preference by consumers for digital communications, make digital marketing a high priority for 2018. Invest wisely in digital marketing. Traditional marketing tactics are no longer enough to stay competitive. Marketing spend on online video is up 114% since 2014.

How to Design a B2B SaaS Marketing plan


When one thinks about how to market to a software company, it seems like a colossal task. One may be confused about where, to begin with, to design a B2B SaaS marketing plan. What is a B2B SaaS Marketing Plan? Steps to Design a B2b SaaS marketing plan.

True Story: Without a marketing plan, he planned to fail!


For this company ‘someplace else’ had been growth, but at low margins, with chaos in the sales ranks, and a poorly installed CRM system…all because of a marketing plan that wasn’t a plan. Shelly, the president, looked at me and said, “Yes we have a marketing plan, right Don? It had coffee stains on it, was ragged and marked up, but sure enough it said ‘Marketing Plan’ right at the top. Hire a new sales manager. Do you have a sales plan?”

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Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan

KEO Marketing

Business-to-business (B2B) companies use a variety of digital marketing tactics to achieve their goals. Although activities such as content marketing, SEO, and social media can produce meaningful results, you will get the most from your marketing if you develop an integrated inbound marketing plan first. The planning process clarifies your target audience. But what strategies and tactics should you include in your plan? About KEO Marketing.

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Digital Marketing: Spending Up But Confusion Common

KEO Marketing

Businesses know that digital marketing is increasingly important, and many plan to increase their spending in that area. That makes sense, but the problem is that quite a few of those marketers don’t really know where exactly they should be investing their money or how best to use digital strategies to achieve their goals. Marketers also seem to have trouble thinking about long-term strategies when it comes to digital marketing.

A SaaS Marketing Plan for High Growth Companies


The same might be said for for the transition from product-market fit to the growth stage of a SaaS company. This is a daunting challenge, but in today's post we're going to look at the four core tenets of a marketing plan (goal setting, tactics, resources and evaluation) that can help you achieve these goals. The Four Core Tenets of a SaaS Marketing Plan. Marketing and sales alignment. Photo Credit: State of Inbound Marketing. Marketing budget.

How Freshworks is Turning Digital Channels into Predictable Revenue Streams


The Problem: Missing Measurements and Budget Management. In 2019 Freshworks’ marketing operations team began streamlining various marketing and operational activities. The Solution: Taking Control of Budgeting, Plans, and Measurements.

5 Fantastic Strategies to Win Corporate Buy-in for Your Marketing Plan


Senior marketing executives tend to be more “imaginative,” “unconventional” and “willing to test limits” than CFOs, CEOs, CROs and CIOs. Plan and budget strategically and predict revenue performance. When your CMO sits at the boardroom table, they need to answer tough questions about marketing investments and returns, ROI and impact on revenue. Deliver insight to the CFO into investment plans and forecasts.

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Four Questions Bound to Make or Break Your 2018 Marketing Plan


‘Tis the season for marketing self reflection. The annual budgeting season is a right of passage for marketing leaders, a time to assess what worked this year and what did not. One of my old managers used to say, “a budget is the most tangible representation of a strategy.” Will your budget and goals stay the same from 2017 to 2018? It’s time to take a deeper dive on your marketing strategy. Budgets cannot be set around simply growing inquiries.

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How NI Drives Impact and Alignment with Allocadia


When Helena Lewis, Senior Group Manager for Global Marketing Operations and Technology at NI, saw the disconnect between upstream plans and downstream output, she knew things needed to change. Pulling together budgeting and planning on this scale is no small feat.

How Autodesk Drives Marketing Success – Even in a Pandemic – With Better Performance Management


Marketers executing in siloes. Poor tracking of marketing spend. Poor spend tracking feeds an inability to relate spend to performance. Autodesk was suffering from a classic pain point trifecta that marketers struggle with.

Email Marketing: Spending and Automation on the Rise

KEO Marketing

Email marketing has long been a favorite tactic for business-to-business marketers, and it looks like that isn’t going to change anytime soon. In fact, the latest data suggests that email is more popular than ever among marketers. Not surprisingly, social media and mobile marketing are also high on the list. As businesses invest more money into their email marketing efforts, they also want more efficient systems that offer maximum results for the investment.

Customer Conversations: The Value of Adding Data & Analytical Skills

Vision Edge Marketing

Jamie, the VP of Marketing at one of our manufacturing companies, in a recent conversation expressed excitement about securing someone from the finance group to support marketing data and analytics. “It What is the data capture and management plan? boiling the ocean to see what treasures await) or are there specific insights about customers or the market that you want to gain? . marketing ops, performance management and reporting? .

How Juniper Networks Gets Within 1% of Budget with Allocadia


Serving B2B markets worldwide, the company designs, develops and sells products and services that provide network infrastructure for networking requirements of service providers, enterprises, governments, and research and public sector organizations worldwide. Less than five weeks after signing the contract, we had deployed Allocadia to manage almost 200 budgets across 230 users distributed around the globe. How can we achieve better return on our marketing investments? “It

How to Develop a Digital Marketing Roadmap for a B2B Company

Lake One

Marketing is a lot to juggle, from paid advertising and SEO to social media and content development. Without clear planning and communication, it’s easy to fall behind. Keep reading to learn how to build a digital marketing roadmap and how it will help your company. Budget.

B2B Findings From "The CMO Survey" - Part 1

B2B Marketing Directions

The CMO Survey is led by Dr. Christine Moorman and sponsored by Duke University's Fuqua School of Business, the American Marketing Association and Deloitte LLP. The CMO Survey does not state that it uses a representative sample of senior marketing leaders at U.S.

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How VMware Improved Alignment and Visibility to Drive Strategic Impact


“Now we have real data and facts to support big decisions.” – Chethan Chandra, Senior Manager of Business Operations, VMware. The Challenge Like many global marketing organizations, VMware’s team needed more visibility into how its marketing budget was being spent.

B2B Marketers to Spend More on Content Marketing in 2013

B2B Marketing Traction

A recent study by MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute shows that over half (54%) of B2B marketers plan to spend more on content marketing in 2013 than in previous years. The study is the 2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America. CMI is a group of consultants who make money on content marketing consulting. Should you join in this content marketing trend? Content marketing is working.

What Product Lifecycle (PLC) Means for B2B Inbound Marketing

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One marketing tool to use in determining which marketing strategies and inbound marketing tactics will be most effective in B2B marketing planning is your product or service lifecycle stage. Here are some examples of marketing strategies and inbound marketing tactics that are best suited to each stage. Introduction Stage of Marketing Product Lifecycle. This is especially true for technology marketing. Tweet.

An Updated Look At the State of Marketing Budgets

B2B Marketing Directions

Last month, Gartner released the findings of its CMO Spend Survey, 2021. The survey produced 400 responses from marketing decision makers and influencers located in North America, Europe and the UK. Ad Market Tracker , the U.S. B2B Marketing Marketing Plans Marketing Strategy

4 Specialist Perspectives on the B2B Multi Channel Strategy

Inbox Insight

It also involves close monitoring and flexibility to readily adapt when things aren’t quite going to plan. What first hand perspectives can our experts provide B2B marketers around multi channel strategy success? Reporting – You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

What Marketing Org Charts Tell You About The Business

The Effective Marketer

Look at how people are structured and what the reporting structure looks like and it will tell how the company is run, what is important to them, and how they think about their product and services and the market in general. Although it seems that for certain departments the org chart doesn’t vary much (take finance, sales, even engineering), for Marketing departments the org chart can be all over the place. Sending a Message Through the Marketing Org Chart.

Digital Transformation Comes of Age: B2B Findings from "The CMO Survey"

B2B Marketing Directions

The "Part 1" post discussed the economic outlook of B2B marketers and the state of marketing spending in B2B companies. In this post, I'll discuss what The CMO Survey reveals about the state of digital marketing in B2B companies. of their budget to digital marketing.

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2021 Looks To Be a Rebound Year for Marketing and Advertising

B2B Marketing Directions

The COVID-19 pandemic upended marketing and advertising at many companies last year. Today, the outlook for marketing and advertising is considerably brighter. The following table shows the agency forecasts for total advertising spending in the United States.

B2B Marketing ROI: measure what matters

TaylorMadeIn KEW

Demonstrating marketing value in B2B has never been easy. Yet the past few years have placed a microscope on our B2B marketing activities and we continue under increasing pressure to ‘prove’ our B2B marketing ROI (return-on-investment). And does it matter to anyone but marketing? I get it, we’d all love to quantify our marketing activity with a single number – this amount of marketing spend generated that amount of revenue.

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How Marketing Reached Trusted Advisor Status at Pitney Bowes


“Allocadia is the single system of truth for our marketing investments. It empowers us to make data-driven decisions and gain insights that determine if we are succeeding and where best to reallocate funds.” – Anna Alexander, Manager of Marketing Budget Systems, Pitney Bowes.

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Measure what matters in B2B marketing – 4 tips for creating meaningful metrics

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Demonstrating marketing value in B2B has never been easy. Yet the past few years have placed a microscope on our B2B marketing activities and we have been under increasing pressure to ‘prove’ our marketing return-on-investment (ROI). We’d all love to quantify our marketing activity with a single number – this amount of marketing spend generated that amount of revenue. Without a doubt, marketing impacts the bottom line.