3 Demand Generation Trends to Watch in 2019


This was the year Gartner released its first global magic quadrant for personalization engine software solutions , noting its featured vendors had projected a 35% increase in revenue between year over year. When a lead visits a website, content will be served up based on their persona, position in the buying journey, and projected solution areas of interest. If you know your personas could use a makeover, head over to our blog post on creating actionable personas.

4 Tactical Takeaways from Case Studies Presented at SiriusDecisions Summit 2013

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He currently runs B2B Fusion , a vendor neutral business helping business-to-business sales and marketing leaders accelerate revenue growth by connecting marketing investment to new revenue opportunities.

14 Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy Guides


Today’s b2b buyers are typically 70% of the way through their purchase process before they contact a vendor’s sales team. He advises vendors to take the “opportunity to dig into your positioning and try to tell your story and the ‘why’ of what you do.

The 6-Step ABM Blueprint: How to Execute an Account-Based Marketing Program

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Providers such as Demandbase can help you identify which accounts are actively in market and researching solutions in your space. . Account-based marketing (ABM) has been around since the early 2000s—but over the past few years, it’s become an increasingly hot topic among B2B marketers.

Tools to Execute Your ABM Strategy Part 2: Interaction & Engagement


Demandbase offers a managed service ABM advertising tool, giving you the ability to deliver display advertising to decision-makers in key accounts. ListenLoop offers a simple, low-risk and self-serve alternative to Demandbase and Terminus. There, industry or vertical-specific content can drive home the selling points you’ve identified for your personas. Congratulations!

How to Drive More Sales with Intent Data


Vendors like Demandbase and Marketo website personalization leverage this information to personalize the content displayed. The IP addresses of people browsing that site is collected by vendors like Bombora and Big Willow.

Account Based & Tech Stack Based Marketing at Snowflake


When we asked if there were particular books that taught him a lot about marketing and demand generation, he said that he learned from the great content that is available online, including e-books from vendors. Snowflake also takes a persona based approach (PBM) for their marketing messages. Lars defined the three major personas they will target as: IT personnel. They are evaluating and adopting ABM supporting technologies such as Engagio and DemandBase.

The Starting 5 for a Winning ABM Strategy


How many contacts are there at those accounts that fit my buyer personas? Who are the contacts at those accounts that fit my customer personas? This buyer’s guide provides a helpful checklist of questions to ask data vendors. Data: Can I optimize my target personas?

Marketing and Artificial Intelligence: Make Your Job Robot-Proof

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Demandbase conducted a survey that revealed 80% of marketing executives of companies with more than 250 employees believe that AI will revolutionize marketing by 2020. Author: Jacob Shama “Hey, Siri! Find the nearest sushi restaurant.”.

How To Create a Realistic ABM Content Marketing Plan


Has your team developed content that addresses the needs of each role member or persona? Within a content set segmented by buying stage and market, create content specifically for the buying roles or personas of typical decision maker types. This can be accomplished through ABM solutions that complement your website, such as Demandbase, or through most modern content management systems. Account-based marketing is all the rage within the B2B sector.

The Top 3 Use Cases Driving Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Adoption


And research shows that ABM does foster revenue growth: a study by Demandbase and Demand Metric found that 60% of companies doing ABM for a year reported at least a 10% revenue increase and nearly 20% reported a revenue increase of 30% or more.

73 Experts Reveal B2B Marketing Trends to Leverage in 2017


Segment these campaigns based on each persona of yours and speak to their unique needs. And of course you have your other great players in the market like Demandbase , YesPath , Terminus , and Engagio.

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The 6th Annual MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit in San Francisco

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Update my buyer personas and use these personas to ‘talk’ to my prospects and customers on my website, in my emails, and in social media. The vendors I chatted with at the event were talking more about thought leadership than their products. Demandbase was excited to talk about their successful webinar, All Star Email Campaigns , a must see for any B2B online marketer. This year’s MarketingSherpa B2B Marketing Summit was a great success.