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The Amazing Power Of Multi-touch Lead Engagement


They’re an example of multi-touch lead engagement. Nonetheless, multi-touch lead engagement is the next best thing. We live in a multi-channel marketing world. Why is Multi-Touch Lead Engagement Important Today?

The Amazing Power Of Multi-touch Lead Engagement


They’re an example of multi-touch lead engagement. Nonetheless, multi-touch lead engagement is the next best thing. We live in a multi-channel marketing world. Why is Multi-Touch Lead Engagement Important Today?

Three Ways Location-Based Marketing Supercharges Your Outreach


This evolution means that accurate location data is more critical than ever for B2B marketing – particularly in these circumstances: Direct mail for marketing campaigns. Direct mail is a key part of a multi-touch marketing campaign.

THE HACKIES: Pairing multi-channel attribution with lead scoring to improve marketing ROI


DNN Corp invested in the martech space in 2016 to build our marketing technology stack around predictive analytics and multi-touch attribution to efficiently and effectively execute marketing activities. Our Strategy — Blending Multi-Channel Attribution and Lead Scoring.

Attribution Matters: Demystifying Social ROI in B2B Marketing

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Author: Aleece Germano As a digital marketer, you might be asking yourself this question: “Where’s my (social) ROI?” Now, let’s explore how to measure the ROI of B2B social campaigns with multi-touch attribution: 1. Measure Your ROI.

Measure the ROI of Digital Advertising Beyond Revenue Impact

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Author: Mike Tomita Return on investment (ROI) is an important part of digital marketing (and really, almost every part of marketing)—it tells you whether you’re getting your money’s worth from your marketing campaigns. Measuring the ROI of Mobile Video Advertising.

Three Crucial Classes of Marketing Analytics Tools


Competitive benchmarking: How do your results compare, across channels, to those of key competitors? Performance: Which content or channel is having the biggest impact? How are your campaigns performing relative to similar past efforts or to expectations?

Class 215

Marketing Automation – The Future of Digital Marketing

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The main reason for getting onboard with marketing automation is the fact that organizations of all sizes are constantly inundated with information from a growing number of consumer devices and a variety of digital marketing channels. An enhanced understanding of ROI and proving marketing ROI.

You’ve Set Up Marketo And Salesforce -- Now What? Why You Still Need Attribution


In this article in DemandGen Report, Christine Nurnberger, CMO of Bottomline Technologies said that her “‘Holy Grail’ is to get a complete understanding of how far her marketing dollar stretches, as well as have a holistic view of customers at every touch point.”.

AgilOne’s Customer Data Platform Enhances Oracle Marketing Cloud: Three Integration Highlights

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With AgilOne’s customer data platform powering engagement through Oracle Marketing Cloud, marketers can create more consistent, orchestrated, and authentic relationships across channels. This integration gives marketers: Smarter cross-channel targeting.

How to Scale Your Marketing Strategy Without Sacrificing Engagement

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As people continue to diffuse their communication preferences across a growing number of channels, the role of the marketer can feel more and more like mission impossible. You should measure your campaign performance based on two factors: Did your efforts produce the desired outcomes?

LeanData Marketing Attribution Customer Success Gains Momentum


Today, more than 70 high-growth brands have implemented LeanData ’s Marketing Attribution to accelerate time to revenue and optimize and deliver ROI. Since launching our Marketing Attribution product , LeanData , along with our strategic partners, have enabled revenue teams to transform their funnel to accelerate revenue and deliver ROI to their business. Today, over 70 high-growth companies use LeanData Marketing Attribution to accelerate time to revenue and grow ROI.

Back to Basics: Tips and Tricks for Demand Generation Success

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Maybe you’ve been working in demand generation for several years or you collaborate with the team on cross-channels campaigns. We often promote these sorts of assets to a wide range of audience personas and in channels where we can attract the attention of new names (i.e.

Introducing Engagio’s All New ABM Market Map


INTERACTIONS: Specific channels to create 1:1 account-based interactions. This category is all about the different channels you can use to create engagement with target accounts. ORCHESTRATION: Manage multi-channel account-based plays across multiple personas and departments.

Engagement-Based Attribution: The Most Accurate Way to Assign Value to ABM


We want to be able to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our marketing investments to business results – and get precise measures of ROI. This isn’t to say that marketing should be trying to compete for resources with sales or even using ROI analysis to “prove” marketing works.

Why Social Media Marketing Attribution Models Are Non-Negotiable

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Brand reach is dipping, but what does that mean for social media ROI? Marketers recognize that organic social media promotion isn’t enough to drive strong ROI, and their budget allocation proves it. Accurate ROI Measurement Is More Important Than Ever. Single-Touch Models.

Marketing Trend Watch: 2014 Planning Survey

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Running Multi-Channel Marketing Programs. We define programs as the individual activities – your email sends and paid programs, your physical and virtual events, your Pay-Per-Click ads, your social campaigns – that marketers plan to achieve their goals.

Survey 133

Understanding Marketing Attribution Models: A Simple Guide for Marketing Directors


As a marketer, you need to know one thing: Are your campaigns actually driving revenue? . If you can’t answer that, you'll struggle to make the right campaign optimizations and push leads further down the funnel. . First-Touch Attribution. Last-Touch Attribution.

What Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Is It Right for You?

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And there is no doubt that optimizing your campaigns with individualized messages for each account will result in better campaign performance than a generalized approach. Benefit 1: Clear ROI. Step 4: Determine Optimal Channels.

Bid Optimization Opportunities You May Be Missing


You’re probably focusing your campaign on ROI and are adjusting your bids accordingly. You probably have decided between manual and automated bidding, and know whether you’re going to channel your efforts on clicks, impressions or conversions. You might even have a well thought out and structured AdWords campaign. Thus, learning to accurately navigate and analyze granular data is critical to the success of any campaign.

From ABM to ABB: How to Get Marketing and Sales Right with an Account-Based Approach


For marketing, proving ROI of marketing campaigns is a persistent problem. It predicts, identifies, and engages leads across channels—throughout the customer journey. increasing technology stack is an issue, Mintigo enables multi-channel ABM execution.

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A sound strategy starts with knowing all the channels you can possibly allocate resources to – smaller organizations struggle with this because they can’t afford the $150K/year CMO with the requisite experience. Today, your customers require a multi-pronged approach.