What Is Content Decay and How It Affects Your SEO

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It’s an enormous thrill to see that blog post rank in the number one spot in the SERPs – and then it’s heartbreaking to watch it suddenly start to fall in ranking. million blog posts published every day , it’s easy to get discouraged about ever keeping a top position in the SERPs – and it can be if you’re not combatting content decay. In many cases, this can be directly tied to a decreased ranking in the SERPs, which unfortunately happens naturally over time.

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In the shifting sands of SEO, there’s one constant: It’s much better to top the SERPs than it is to rank on page two. Thus, for the purposes of our analysis, we paid particular attention to the recency, content structure, and post quality -- factors largely within the publisher’s span of control (though because the weighting of each is constantly adjusted by machine-learning, we kept our analysis broad stroke and directional). Recency matters.

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These changes reduce bounce rates and increase page rank on Google SERPs. And you can filter by country or recency for a more relevant feed. In many ways, marketing is a game of trend watching. The marketer who’s best at spotting and using trends earns their business market share, brand recognition, and ultimately, revenue. But how do you search for trends? And where do you start?

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Just to reinforce the latter point, Google is going a bit insane with understanding and featuring questions in SERPs. People Also Ask" boxes present more SERPs real estate which we may want to dominate for maximum organic search visibility. Google / Bing SERPs Search results give us lots of cues beyond People Also Ask boxes, provided you use smart tools to analyze them. Posted by AnnSmarty Have you been optimizing your content for questions?