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It’s time to say goodbye to your email open rate


Here’s how these changes impact email marketing, including open rates, and why measuring direct engagement is crucial for success. Security bots may inflate click rates in email reports. Let’s stick to a key metric often used to report on email marketing successes: the email open rate.

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Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection: What This Means for Email Marketers and How to Prepare Now


Three words: Mail Privacy Protection. Apple announced Mail Privacy Protection for their Mail app on iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey devices. According to Apple , “Mail Privacy Protection stops senders from using invisible pixels to collect information about the user. Is the open rate dead?


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Mail Privacy Protection and iOS 15

Blue Flame Thinking

With the expected launch of iOS 15 this September, Apple is adding another highly debated privacy feature, Mail Privacy Protection. The Challenges of Increased Privacy. In a nutshell, it will stop senders from knowing if an email has been opened or detecting the recipient’s IP address.

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What Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Means For Email Marketers


While the updates were celebrated by Apple as part of their “legacy of privacy leadership”, it still means there will be some big changes ahead for email marketers. Email marketing will continue to evolve, as it has done with other recent data privacy changes. What is Apple Mail privacy protection?

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How 2022 Apple Mail Privacy Updates Affect Email Open Rates

SmartBug Media

The Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) feature launched in September 2021 as an effort to give users more control over their data information. At a basic level, Apple’s MPP does not disclose the email open rate of a recipient to a business. What Is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Update?

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Identifying ‘Real Opens’ Is Key to Adapting to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection


Apple’s new Mail Privacy Protection features will have widespread implications for email marketers , causing marketers to implement multiple strategies to adapt. That’s because these changes, which debut this fall, will prevent email senders from seeing Apple Mail users’ open behavior, IP address, location, and device information.

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How Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection Will Change Your Email Strategy


and had to defend these allegations with facts including increased open rates, click rates, and revenue. Now, Apple’s mail privacy protection changes have some people ready to discuss trying to pull the plug on email marketing once again. . What is Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (and Why it Matters).