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Lead Scoring: Tools and Tactics to Convert Customers


Now that we’ve covered the basics of lead scoring , and how to build your model , let’s tackle the last topic in our 3-part lead scoring series: lead scoring tools. Lead scoring is a process and a framework, not a tool — but technology makes it possible to implement at scale.

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Realize the Value of Your Organic Traffic With a Content Value Tracker


Content value is a superpower — and it’s not just because superpowers are few and far between. When you find the right metrics to prove the value of your content, you can showcase how important your work is to the organization. But to truly maximize content value, you need to have a way to measure your content’s impact.


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The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Accurate Lead Scoring

Marketing Insider Group

If you ask most sales and marketing teams what their ultimate goal is, you can pretty much guarantee that they will say it is generating more leads and conversions. And many of them make the mistake of keeping their primary focus on the top of the sales funnel. This is why a good lead scoring system is so important.

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B2B Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide


In the not-so-distant past, a significant portion of a typical business-to-business (B2B) sales professional’s life revolved around in-person meetings with key prospects and high-value clients. B2B lead generation, often shortened to lead gen, is the lifeblood of a healthy business. Why Invest in B2B Lead Generation?

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Top-of-the-Funnel Marketing: How to Win in Crowded Markets


Today’s B2B buyers have more information and options than ever before. A standout top-of-the-funnel marketing strategy is a must for brands that want to catch the attention of their target prospects and win them over their competitors. But in crowded markets, how can you be sure your marketing content and outreach is visible?

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Maximizing Efficiency with B2B Marketing Automation: Key Strategies


These tasks take time away from the value we could potentially be adding in our business. Image credit: Mikael Blomkvist on Pexels This also applies, of course, to B2B marketing. Ideally, marketers focus their time on performing high-impact tasks that need our knowledge, expertise, and experience.

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Maximizing the Marketing Funnel

Blue Flame Thinking

A strategic marketing plan is like a funnel. Marketing is designed to increase awareness of what you offer and lead your audiences to a conversion—whether that is a purchase, meeting, or other connection. Use a marketing funnel strategy. Three key phases of the marketing funnel drive this action.