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Meet ZoomInfo’s Chief Compliance Officer: Q&A with Simon McDougall


In this role, Simon will advance one of our core missions: providing transparency about how we collect and use professional contact data, while upholding individuals’ rights to privacy. s independent authority that upholds information rights and promotes data privacy for individuals and transparency by public entities.

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How to Sell Your E-Commerce Business for 3-10x the Profit

SmartBug Media

For example, getting the most out of your existing customer base by implementing top SMS marketing strategies will immediately increase the valuation of your e-commerce business. Provide Accurate, Transparent Valuation. Get a Broker. Working with a broker can help speed up and facilitate the sale of your business.


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New Privacy Standards Coming to Apple & Google App Stores


The update — which was pushed out last week — populates the app stores with all-new privacy labels that make that information transparent and easy to digest for users. Mapping out how your app links and interacts with third parties will be key.

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The power of customer data across the journey: Acquisition


As third-party cookies face deprecation and stricter consumer data privacy regulations emerge, prioritize improving customer data quality instead of depending solely on third-party data brokers. Prioritize transparency and data security by employing clear opt-in and opt-out options for users.

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How B2B Ecommerce Vendors Can Get Listed in AdWords Seller Ratings

KoMarketing Associates

Getting listed on Google AdWords Seller Ratings can have a host of benefits for the B2B ecommerce vendor; however this isn’t the easiest or most transparent of processes. You cannot opt in to Seller Ratings and it is not a readily available social extension through the AdWords interface. PriceGrabber. Trustpilot. Final Words.

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Permissible Purpose


.” Perhaps this loaded legal phrase should serve as a linchpin for first and third party data collectors and data brokers going forward. Some would say that targeting any user without opt-in permission should be prohibited. Some would say the problem is that collection of data is allowed at all.

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Second-Party Market Data: Why You Need It, and Where to Find It

Content Standard

In a meeting about how to improve marketing data, both in terms of quality and quantity, you’re likely to hear suggestions like, “Why don’t we send out a survey at point of purchase?” Failure to provide this transparency could be a massive PR problem for any company, no matter how established or reputable.