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Nine Social Media Marketing Stats You Can Use


According to Google Trends, social media marketing as a topic if search interest recently turned nine years old (or is about to turn 11 years old, depending on when you place its origin). We’re now long past the days of having to “sell” business executives on the value of social media for marketing. WordStream ).

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Google’s October 2023 Core Algorithm Update: What You Should Know

DAGMAR Marketing

As of 2020, Google began to classify its algorithm updates into these six categories: 1. It considers factors, such as a website’s security, mobile-friendliness, and other Core Web Vitals. The first page experience updates were released in June 2023 and it was exclusively for mobile devices. Need additional assistance?


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The Difference Between Direct and Organic Website Traffic Sources

SmartBug Media

For a long time, digital marketers summed up the properties of direct and organic traffic pretty simply. This explanation, however, is too simple and leaves most digital marketers short-handed when it comes to completely understanding and gaining insights from web traffic, especially organic and direct sources. Organic Traffic.

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BrightInfo: Content Recommendations Made Simple

Customer Experience Matrix

But I thought I’d start out 2014 with something different, just to show I’m not totally obsessed. Specifically, the system crawls the client’s Web site and blog to find and classify existing content, and then tracks visitor behavior to offer new content relevant to what the visitor has already selected.

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How 3 UK Brands Reached Their Audiences With Great Content


-centric approach to marketing coverage. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 87 percent of marketing professionals in the UK now use content marketing, and 53 percent planned to increase their spending in the next year. So is weighing JLL’s marketing agenda against audience demand.

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The 32 Top Consumer Content Marketing Brands

Marketing Insider Group

93% – that’s how many organizations said they rely on content marketing for brand building and demand generation this year according to the Content Marketing Institute. With 87% of buyers stating that digital content has a large impact on their purchasing decisions this year, it’s clear that content marketing is on the ups.

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Awaken the Dead! How to Re-Engage Your Audience with Reactivation Campaigns

Adobe Experience Cloud Blog

I thought it would be a good idea to examine these emails and also to think about “reactivation” techniques in other channels—like mobile and display/paid media. But now that we’re in 2015, and mobile marketing is king, marketers need to think about how they’re doing reactivation on mobile as well as on display/paid media channels.