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Getting To Know Annie Gudorf: EVP, PR and Managing Director, Seattle

Walker Sands

PR and strategic communications continue to underpin many of our client programs at Walker Sands, supporting clients to drive awareness, de-position competitors, create new categories and drive growth. I’m excited to share that Annie Gudorf is now leading our PR function as Executive Vice President, PR. Take us down memory lane.

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Social Media Stories Should Be the Focus of Every Digital Storytelling Strategy. Here’s Why.

Content Standard

And to utilize such an opportunity calls for yet another change to a brand’s digital storytelling strategy. The Stories format for sharing content was first introduced into the social media landscape by Snapchat in 2013. For instance, PR teams can be powerful partners in this space. Evolution of the Story Format.


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The Importance of Storytelling


Storytelling: It’s All About Keeping Your Brand Out Front. The concept of storytelling in marketing is all about building a narrative of what your brand offers and how it solves a problem for your targeted consumer. Storytelling in marketing has always existed and is a natural fit for marketing. Stories Build Relationships.

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How Public Relations Can Help With Blog Content Creation

SmartBug Media

A major reason why public relations professionals are well suited to help with blog content creation is that, by nature, PR pros are storytellers. Here are a few ways that PR can help with blog content generation: 1. Boosting credibility and enhancing visibility is one of the main goals for PR professionals.

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Best Marketing Books You Need To Read


Storytelling is the focus of so many marketing books and assets in recent years that it is impossible to ignore; it's like a tidal wave washing over drab beaches cluttered with pale, self-promoting, feature-based marketing. The book is a good introduction to the role of social media marketing and PR.

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Forward 2016, Day 1: Why Content Marketing ? Brand Storytelling

Content Standard

At Forward 2016 , Skyword’s annual storytelling conference, brands from across the country came together yesterday to celebrate the fusion of marketing and storytelling. ” On the other hand, storytelling conveys meaning through a sequence of events that reveals a character’s true self.

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10+ Examples of Awesome Integrated Marketing Campaigns


Key Takeaways Focus on the experience, product features can follow later Minimize straightforward messaging, create as much enigma as possible Prioritize visual storytelling 6. Furthermore, Apple portrayed itself as the good guy, always encouraging PC to relax a bit.