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Information without Innovation is Just Data: The Modern Guide to Business Intelligence


Before sales intelligence and data providers were common terms in the B2B space, there were list brokers and lead sellers— the questionable precursors to what companies like ZoomInfo have come to be today. . List brokers used dubious tactics to gather data and offered limited customization. Let’s start at the beginning.

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The Power of Marketing and Sales Intelligence


And that means more than the commoditized contact information that list brokers are always so happy to sell: name, rank, and serial number. Even with a strong inbound marketing strategy, it isn’t enough to capture basic contact information. To give your business a true competitive edge, you need something more.


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How to Run a Webinar: Promote the Webinar

Lead Liaison

Hire a list broker who can send out email (through their resources) to drive contacts to the same registration page. Consider getting help from your partners to announce the webinar to their database and send prospects to the same registration page. Don’t forget to invite your customers! What about your partners.

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B2B data decay and list rental – buyer beware!


Historically when list brokers and compilers were asked about this decay rate, they most often responded that it was about 25-30%. Ask for other users of the list for reference checking on quality. At times list brokers or managers do not like to divulge client names, but press anyway. They are: 29.6%

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Prospecting data accuracy


Use a trusted list broker who has a thorough knowledge of the particular vendor’s file. . Other suggestions for marketers to consider: Take a sample of records for testing and do your own televerification before placing a large order. . Examine the incoming records for problems. .

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How to Create A Successful Direct Mail Campaign

TrustRadius Marketing

Do you already have a list in-house of existing customers and prospects? If so, it’s time to brush off that list and make sure it’s up-to-date and accurate. You can also purchase a list from a reputable mail house or list broker to try and get new business. The Call to Action/Offer.

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B2B Email List Guide: Buy, Rent or Build Your List

Digital B2B Marketing

Expect to pay a premium for the extra data available through list rentals, with the cost per name ranging from about $0.15 Potential providers: Find lists yourself with a list database like NextMark or going directly to a publisher, or you can work through a list broker like MeritDirect or one of many smaller brokers.

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