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Obey Facebook’s Rules of Engagement (Or Else)

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Do you know what it’s like to have a major Facebook campaign for a major client go completely dark a mere three hours after a giant PR push? Nothing like getting a call from a frantic client and then seeing the Facebook email of doom in your inbox: Your app has been disabled.

Do you have a handle on your online reputation?


I have spent years blogging forth everything I know about online brand promotion in the form of social media marketing and digital PR; now, I will be focusing primarily on online brand protection in the form of online reputation management and online privacy protection.

6 Critical steps to help fight for your online privacy

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Just when people seem comfortable oversharing online, something will happen that gets people talking about online privacy again. Disconnect Klout from your Facebook profile if you don’t want the world to see your non-public updates,” he cautioned. Protect yourself from imposters.

Back to School – Let’s Keep Our Kids Safe Online


What is posted on Facebook will be assessed when you apply to college, and perhaps when you apply for a job. From the first share, the good (and bad) guys are building a profile that will be used for marketing (best case scenario) or crime (worst case scenario).