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B2B Content, The Modern Buyer Journey, and Economic Headwinds: A Q&A With Marketing Leader Michael Schultz


The B2B buyer journey isn’t the only thing that has undergone a transformation over the last several years. Everything from economic conditions, the B2B technology landscape, and the amount of data companies have access to has made go-to-market teams reconsider how they conduct customer outreach and generate leads.

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What Exactly Is B2B Intent Data And Where Does It Come From?


If you’re a B2B marketer, chances are you’ve heard of “intent data” but may not understand what it’s all about or how to use it effectively. What is the Definition of B2B Buyer Intent Data? Why Has Buyer Intent Data Become Such a Hot Topic for B2B Marketers?

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Content + Intent Data: B2B Content That’s Relevant at the Right Time


We recently gathered 10 intent data experts and power users and collected their tips and insights in The Content + Data Connection: 10 Top Marketing Executives Explore the Rewards of Integrating Intent Data into Content Strategies. B2B Content That's Relevant at the Right Time.

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Intent Data: A Content Strategy Game Changer


Marketers are looking for ways to optimize their strategies and content so their company can always stay top-of-mind as buyers move through the funnel and make purchasing decisions. One tactic receiving attention in this quest is intent data. What Is Intent Data? Why Intent Data Is Important.

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5 Intent Data Mistakes Holding B2B Marketers Back

Inbox Insight

In order to do this successfully, data needs to be at the heart of every demand generation campaign. But so many B2B marketers are only scratching the surface with predictive-driven sales and marketing. Our latest research highlights that 56% of B2B marketers struggle to ensure that their Sales teams utilize insights from intent data.

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7 Best Go-to-Market Strategies for EdTech Companies


The top 3 most effective marketing channels as reported by respondents were social media, organic search and content marketing. The top 3 barriers to effective implementation of marketing strategies were considered to be lack of brand awareness, lack of leads generated and lack of automation of processes.

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Are you using the right messaging for your buyer journey?

Modern B2B

Are you using the right messaging for your buyer journey? On top of this, there is the added complication that a B2B buyer rarely travels this path alone. In today’s hyper-competitive environment, buyers are carrying out research up to 18 months before talking to sales. Intent Data.