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Content + Intent Data: Creating Value-Based Buyer Journeys


We recently gathered 10 intent data experts and power users and collected their tips and insights in The Content + Data Connection: 10 Top Marketing Executives Explore the Rewards of Integrating Intent Data into Content Strategies. Creating Value-Based Buyer Journeys. What have they done?

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What is Buyer Intent Data? A Guide for 2020


The average B2B buyer is mostly through the buyer journey before they ever engage with a salesperson. So how do you intercept buyers in the early part of their journey? You use intent data. Intent data predicts purchase intent by analyzing a prospect's behavior across the web.


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How To Use Intent Data To Find In-Market Leads, Podcast featuring Green Leads CEO Mike Farrell

Smashmouth Marketing

Green Leads CEO Mike Farrell joins Tessa Burg on the Leader Generation podcast to talk about intent data—buying signals that show which prospects are actively looking for potential solutions. Hear how you can use intent data to reach higher-quality leads earlier in the buyer journey.

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5 Ways to Use Buyer Intent Data Tools to Drive Sales


Buyer intent data tools make it easier to identify the when and how of a potential prospect’s consideration for purchasing a specific product or service. By monitoring key search terms using cookies, you can pinpoint specific online behaviors that signal an intent to make these purchases. Buyer Intent Data Sources.

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5 Intent Data Mistakes Holding B2B Marketers Back

Inbox Insight

Our latest research highlights that 56% of B2B marketers struggle to ensure that their Sales teams utilize insights from intent data. Misunderstanding the value of third-party intent data. Research shows that 45% of companies use just one source of intent data – either first-party or third-party.

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What Is Intent Data and How It Can Help Your Company?

Only B2B

On the other hand, only a few marketers and salespeople understand how to use data effectively and to fully use the huge array of customer insights it provides. Thus, in today’s world, Intent Data is one of the most crucial pieces of data for driving sales and marketing insights. What Is Intent Data?

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What Exactly Is B2B Intent Data And Where Does It Come From?


If you’re a B2B marketer, chances are you’ve heard of “intent data” but may not understand what it’s all about or how to use it effectively. What is the Definition of B2B Buyer Intent Data? Why Has Buyer Intent Data Become Such a Hot Topic for B2B Marketers?