Buyer Persona Basics

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“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella , who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas based on what you learn in those meetings.

Buyer Persona Basics

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“A buyer persona is an example of the real person who buys, or might buy, products like the ones you market,” according to Adele Revella , who also advises that you hold direct interviews with real buyers and build your personas based on what you learn in those meetings.

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How to Apply Hemingway’s “Iceberg Theory” to Content Marketing

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At KoMarketing, we develop buyer personas to better understand our target audience, unlocking specific SEO-related insights that can lead to more informed keyword research, competitive review, and link building/social media exploration. I’m not a huge fan of Hemingway.

14 Brilliant B2B Marketing Strategy Guides


Today’s b2b buyers are typically 70% of the way through their purchase process before they contact a vendor’s sales team. He advises vendors to take the “opportunity to dig into your positioning and try to tell your story and the ‘why’ of what you do.

The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead-Generating B2B Content

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The two things you must nail for successful lead generation content are 1) deep insights into your buyer persona and 2) an understanding of the buyer’s journey. Buyer Persona. A focus on the buyer persona is the basis for all successful content marketing.

B2B Events – What Does Demand Generation Have to Do with It?


Great until you come back to the office and have 200 emails and voice mails from people (vendors) you have not met. What are the various personas who are involved in the buying process at your ideal customer? We love events …attending them at least.

The Most Important Force for Increasing Leads and Sales


Clearly it’s not that enterprise software vendors should start running print ads in Vogue magazine, or that machine tool manufacturers should invest in splashy TV commercials on The Golf Channel. Business buyers won’t buy from vendors who lack visibility in search and social media.

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SalesPredict Offers Highly Automated, Highly Flexible Predictive Modeling

Customer Experience Matrix

SalesPredict is a perfect example: a small vendor with a powerful system that just launched earlier this year. This is somewhat different from predictive modeling vendors who have focused primarily on helping marketers with lead scoring.

Accelerating the Pace of Inbound Leads: An Interview with Paul Albright of Captora

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HS] I notice that you integrate with some of the leading marketing automation vendors, including Marketo and Act-On. Paul Albright boasts a 30-year track record of success in Silicon Valley, including executive roles at companies such as Marketo, SuccessFactors, NetApp, and Informatica.

Act-On 242

Customer Facing Content as a Conversation


For example, your approach as well as resource and vendor selection might depend greatly on whether you want to create a blog or whitepaper, PowerPoint or video. The Four Cs of Content Marketing I’ve written about content as more, and different than, format.

3 Enterprise Takeaways from SiriusDecisions Summit

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Sirius analysts presented eight new frameworks and enterprise clients shared success stories, each group illustrating paths toward transformational growth for 2014 and beyond. . Here are three new 2014 themes that emerged from the enterprise discussions: 1.

Marketing to your own IT department


Find out who the key players in the department are and maybe even build personas for them. Marketing is hard work. It’s even harder when on top of fighting to create new content and reach more customers, you have to fight your own IT team.

22 Noteworthy Content Marketing Guides and Tips


While some of these posts date back the beginning of 2014, all remain relevant and useful. ” 5 Content Marketing Trends & Predictions for 2014 by Web Content Blog. ” 10 Reasons Visual Content will Dominate 2014 by Advanced Lead Generation Marketing Blog.

Why Emotion Matters in B2B Marketing

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And surprisingly, results showed that B2B customers are, on average, significantly more emotionally connected to their vendors and service providers than consumers. '" Understanding personas — of buyers, customers and end-users — can provide the insights necessary to trigger emotional connections, says Ardath Albee, B2B marketing strategist and CEO of Marketing Interactions, a B2B e-marketing strategy firm.

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There is More to Knowing Customers Than Big Data


If you are and ask leading questions, change now and ask more open ended questions such as: What were the challenges you were looking to address when you began your search for a product/vendor. Are CMOs wasting their budgets on failed marketing initiatives?

Marketers May Just Be Their Own Roadblock to Reinvention


A March 2014 Study by Adobe titled Digital Roadblock: Marketers Struggle to Reinvent Themselves shows that 64% of marketers expect their role to change in the next year and 81% expect their role to change in the next three years.

5 Mistakes Companies Make When Automating Their Marketing


*This article first ran in VentureBeat on April 2, 2014. They need to be educated, build trust with a vendor and believe the vendor understands their issues before they move on. According to Raab Associates, Inc.

It’s a Content Driven World


1g5Nq8j. - Via @jolajola9 – Buyer personas: If you don’t Buyer personas: If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you won’t know what to say. In a nutshell and as you can see from the Tweets, the buyers are buying differently today – no secret there – CEB again reiterated this point by pointing out that B2B buyers are 57% of the way through their buying process before vendor engagement.

How Data Can Be a Competitive Weapon in Your Content Marketing

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We can write about best practices, how to’s and market overviews, but all that hard work results in a “finished product” that’s not much different from other vendors in our space. We knew that providing useful, persona-based research would be relevant.

The new ABCs of Selling: Always Be Challenging!

The ROI Guy

53 Engage me or lose me Forever Did you know that 94 % of customers have discontinued communication with a vendor because they received irrelevant promotions & messages?

Critical Rules for SEO Success in 2015

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You should be building personas that let you address a specific reader, who in turn represents a segment of your customer base that’s large enough to be worth marketing to. You can see that content is much longer on each and every position among the top 30 (on average) in 2014.

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Social Selling: Step Up Your Game

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Make personas a priority. Also consider your own persona as a salesperson, or user of social media. Imagine, for a moment, you’re at a party where you don’t know many people.

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A New Framework for Sales Enablement

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Now, in April 2014, we have a hot-off-the-presses Demand Metric Research Corporation report:” Sales Enablement: Best Practices, Case Studies & Insights.” Sales Enablement is a fast growing segment of the market and new vendors are appearing every week.

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An Act-On Conversation: Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee Talk Demand Generation, Part 2

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In a recent Act-On Conversation, Jay Hidalgo and Atri Chatterjee defined demand generation and talked about how personas, sales and marketing alignment, and content marketing are a trifecta for successful demand generation.

Are You Ready For the Future of Email?

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We have a great story to tell each of our three personas, but each of those stories is vastly different. I can now say “send this message out to this persona at this specific time.” Heather R Morgan is an economist, writer and entrepreneur.

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4 Steps for Better Lead Generation

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Also key: understanding buyer personas , the buyer’s journey, and the nurturing process; engaging with buyers via multiple touch points; and defining criteria for the hand-off to sales. What’s your single biggest marketing headache?

Is it Time to Change the Universal Definition of a Lead?


As marketers realize the importance of distinguishing between buyer personas, there is more than one sales funnel you need to fill, filter your leads through and manage in order to drive conversions. Change is good, change is healthy, change is refreshing; change is often, inevitable.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Celebrating the Holidays on Social


As a laptop vendor, I could come up with a months’ worth of graduation and back to school social media posts, but I probably couldn’t find a relevant way to celebrate National Pickle Day.

Your Leads Are Annoyed With You: Here's Why [Data]


Research shows that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first. 41% of marketers do not use buyer personas. Source: 2014 Hubspot & Linkedin Survey ).

4 Strategies for Reestablishing Your Website’s Lead-Gen Magnetism

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Yes, I’m talking about personas. But it bears re-re-repeating because personas are still not being developed by an astonishing number of branded websites … even those that you’d think would know better. So create personas.

Inbound Marketing’s Next Industry Disruption: The IT Reseller World


Indeed, a statistic from Corporate Executive Board, and cited here by Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Seth Patton , suggests 57% of buyer research is completed before a vendor is ever contacted; you can bet this includes referrals as well.

7 Unglamorous, Unpopular Truths About Content Marketing


Here are some examples: Buyer personas. when they really just need to figure out which popcorn machine vendor to choose for the grand opening of their movie theater.

How to Expand Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Beyond Just Email [SlideShare]


Forrester suggested that a B2B buyer’s journey could be anywhere from 65-90% complete by the time he or she contacts the vendor to move forward with a sale. To do this you’ll need to: Gain a deep understanding of your target buyer persona.

Digital Marketing Glossary, Part 1

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” Buyer persona: A buyer persona is a model of a buyer that focuses on who the person is, what they want, why they want it – and when, where, and how they go about getting what they want. Personas are used to dial in messaging, plan campaigns, and more. Guilty as charged.


Interview: Guided Selling with Storytelling, Insights and Financial Justification

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Yes, Forrester recently published at their annual Sales Enablement Summit that 74% of deals go to the sales rep who can help decision makers set the buying agenda, while only 26% of the deals went to the vendor who wins the competitive bake-off.

The Role of Emotions in B2B Marketing: Telling a Story, Making a Sale

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The 2014 Customer Experience ROI study includes this chart, which speaks (loudly) for itself: The bare facts (such as specs and features and capabilities) just aren’t enough anymore (if they ever were) to convince prospects to purchase your products or services.

My Journey from What If to What’s Next


In 2013, Forrester released a Forrester Wave report (aka Forrester’s evaluation of vendors in a software, hardware or services market) in the Identity and Access Management space for the cloud. In 2014, Okta secured a leader spot in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Identity and Access Management as a Service. This year, identity in the cloud was merged with access management, which includes all large IT vendors: Oracle, IBM, Microsoft and CA Technologies.).