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How to create a social media viral video

Sprout Social

If you’re a social media marketer, chances are you’ve been asked, “but how do we go viral?” Most marketers undoubtedly want the audience growth and attention that comes from achieving a social media viral video. But they also know that there’s no one formula to attracting viral success. at least once.

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5 reasons why marketers should consider TikTok for B2B


With an engaged and diverse user base, it’s no wonder marketers are looking for ways to leverage TikTok to reach their target audiences. 53% of marketers expect TikTok to deliver the biggest growth in 2023, according to Reuters’ State of Marketing 2023 report. ad campaigns and creator marketing activations.


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36 Digital Marketing Experts You Need To Follow On Social Media


Online marketing is evolving each day with newer trends and challenges. But thankfully, marketing isn’t a lonely ride. There are several internet marketing experts and online marketing professionals who have thrived in the recent times. Social Media Marketing + Michael A. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

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How Much Money Has Been Invested In Content Marketing Technology

Marketing Insider Group

There are 1876 marketing technology companies according to chiefmartec. Of these, over 80, including NewsCred, are listed squarely in “Content Marketing.” It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that the content marketing software industry is exploding. The Content Marketing Investment Build Up.

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13 Tips on How To Go Viral in 2020

We have all been on the internet for most of our lives, and inevitably we had to ask ourselves a question – why is this viral and this is not. Virality is like alchemy. Most of the viral videos appeared randomly, creators were not expecting them to be so successful. You can not treat it like a science. Be Genuine.

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Top 5 Retail Customer Experience (CX) Strategies for 2020!

Martech Advisor

Another 2015 study by Synchrony Financial, which surveyed over 1000 shoppers, revealed that more than half of shoppers say they would pay a higher price for the customer experiences they value most. All retail marketers need a strong and compelling CX strategy, irrespective of the channel and whether it's digital or not.

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Creator Spotlight: 31 Black creators to follow and support


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