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Connecticut Data Privacy Act: How We Make Sure Convert Remains Compliant


Despite privacy and data security regulations existing in the United States for decades, those regulations previously only applied to specific businesses, areas, and data types. Check out our assessments of the privacy laws in. Data Protection Assessments.

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What Does GDPR Mean for US-based B2B Firms and Their Marketing?

Circle Studio

While all European Union (EU) businesses should now be fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), B2B firms based in the United States are still wondering what GDPR means for them. While only EU citizens are currently protected under the GDPR, we anticipate similar regulations might make their way to the U.S. In your privacy policy, put a simple line about how your firm is only actively targeting U.S.-based


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Google’s Cookie Ban May Put a Brighter Spotlight on Original Content

Contently - Strategy

While the long-term impacts of the move remain to be seen, one likely change is that content will play an even more important role for brands and advertisers trying to reach customers online. “If This will move the needle [toward better data privacy protection],” Antonipillai said.

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How to Choose a Privacy Compliant A/B Testing Tool (Our Guide for German Optimizers)


Consumers are gaining more awareness and control around their personal information, as privacy laws come into force worldwide. The following guide will walk you through each of the data privacy laws in Germany, so you can make the most informed decision when selecting an A/B testing tool.

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