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How to Sell When You’re on Vacation: Tips for Putting Your Out-of-Office Reply to Work


I see too many people with the generic, “I’m out of the office with limited access to internet and will be back on [date]. Instead of a generic out of office reply, try something like this: I’m currently traveling with limited access to Internet and will be back on [date].

How to court Google with chivalry and courtly love


So, in spite of itself, it needs to be quite permissive. The Internet doesn’t care so much when something happened so much as if it mentions you, is interesting, relevant, and searchable — is it textual, searchable, and online?

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn: the largest martech acquisition in history?


This is the largest acqusition in Microsoft’s history — over three times the size of its acqusition of Skype for $8.5 Internet Services — the “destinations” on the web where millions of end-users converge, often as explicitly identified and authenticated subscribers.

Confessions of a Google Spammer


I never wanted to spam the Internet. 11:00am: BS on Skype with some SEO spammer buddies for a bit. 9:00pm: Check in on Skype, BS online, read books. During the boring times, my other spammer buddies and I would BS on Skype about our lives.

The potential of blockchain technology: what every marketer should know


If someone came to you in 1992 and said, “Hey, there’s this thing called the Internet. Full disclosure: I got the outline of the blockchain tech stack graphic at the top of this post from Tom Serres (and am using it with his permission).

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The Ultimate Glossary: 101 Social Media Marketing Terms Explained


Avatar - An Avatar is an image or username that represents a person online within forums and social networks. It has emgered as one of the most popular web browsers on the Internet and allows users to customize their browser through the use of third-party extensions. Internet websites.

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Mobile Marketing In 2011 – Are You Ready?

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Personalization and privacy will drive effectiveness. The association is predicting that we will see the widespread adoption of permission-based activity as well as the introduction of both policy and apps to bloc unwanted messages.

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4 Tips for B2B Marketing on Facebook

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And even if your website needs to stay “all business,&# Facebook is where you can give a face and personality to the company. All of these ideas will help your fans make a stronger and more personal connection with your company. link] It's The Beat » Blog Archive » Giving Your Company a Personality, With Facebook [.] View More » Tech HOW TO: Build the Ultimate Home Theater Skype Slowly Recovering, Still Down F.

The Social Media Email Signature


Skype ID and Facebook page: these are used in a quarter of the signatures I looked at. She also includes her Skype ID. includes all of the usual information plus his Second Life name, Skype ID, blog and LinkedIn profile button.