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How to Create a Privacy Policy for Your Website


A privacy policy is a legal document that informs users of an app, digital service, or website about how their data is collected, used, and protected. For websites in the B2B space , privacy policies are essential for transparency, legal compliance, and building trust with users. But don’t sweat it.

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The ethics of AI-powered marketing technology


Marketers have long used technology and data to target their audiences effectively. AI has now enhanced this capability, but it also raises ethical concerns. How can marketers balance innovation and privacy? The explosion of AI tools enables us to launch more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns quickly.


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Ethical data management is a win for marketers


Marketers have to work closely with their company’s legal advisors in order to maintain trust with customers when so many people are concerned with the way their data is being used by brands. The game ultimately is about fostering the relationship between your brand and your customers that is built on trust,” Debar said.

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How to Train Your Sales Teams on Ethical AI Use [Expert Insights]


But how do you do that ethically? Disregard ethics, and you may find unwanted consequences as severe as a lawsuit or damaged brand reputation. The good news: There’s a way to leverage AI with ethics intact, and we’re showing you exactly how to do so. In this article, find the ethical concerns and best practices for using AI.

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The Top 9 Social Networks For Businesses

Marketing Insider Group

It can also enhance various aspects of business operations and marketing, when used efficiently. Customer Insights: It provides valuable data about customer preferences and behaviors, enabling more targeted and effective marketing strategies.

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3 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2023

Navigate the Channel

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, staying ahead of the curve is essential. As we step into 2023, it’s time to explore the three digital marketing trends that are set to make a significant impact. #1 AI is poised to become the backbone of digital marketing strategies for businesses of all sizes.

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Why a Data Ethics Program is Critical for CCPA and Beyond


The stakes are high, especially when you consider that the global data market is expected to almost double —from more than $15 billion in 2018 to $26 billion in 2019. They must ensure ethical data use. An accountability-based data ethics program can build trust with customers, minimize risk, and future-proof the business.

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