Mon.Apr 23, 2012

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Content Marketing for Engineers

Industrial Marketing Today

I’ll go out on a limb and state that content marketing for engineers is different. Yes, I do get it that the lines between work and personal lives have blurred thanks to today’s hyper-connected world where everybody is always “On.” And I agree that at the end of the day, marketing to engineers is still all about communicating with people. Call it P2P (Person-to-Person) marketing if you will.

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PeerIndex Founder reveals social marketing developments

grow - Practical Marketing Solutions

Click here is you can;t see this video interview with Azeem Azhar, founder of PeerIndex. I had a chance to catch up with PeerIndex founder Azeem Azhar at his homebase in London.

What’s So Funny About Social Media and Online Marketing? April 2012


Let’s face it; lots of people consider spending one’s days with online games, tinkering in PhotoShop, “working” in Facebook, and using words like “viral” and “targeting” in decidedly non-lethal ways a funny way to make a living. Why not laugh with `em?

3 Reasons Why Sales and Marketing Don’t Agree on “Lead Generation”

Modern Marketing

by Melissa Madian | Tweet this You know how it is. Marketing says “tomato”, and sales says, “Give me more leads.” ” When it comes to lead generation , these two organizations often view the same topic from entirely different perspectives.

5 Key Aspects of Accurate Marketing Automation System Software Pricing

Simplify your software evaluation process with this free Marketing Automation Systems software pricing guide! Don't let price confusion keep you from selecting the best Marketing Automation software for your organization's needs. Download your free guide today!

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Why Spending More on Your Trade Show Increases ROI

B2B Marketing Traction

But, spending more decreases ROI, doesn’t it? You’ve heard the adage, “To make more money, you’ve got to spend more money.” ” I believe this is true when it comes to tradeshows. You see, what most businesses do is just show up. Then they go home.

Marketing Statements that Show Your Company is Out of Touch

Great B2B Marketing

As B2B marketing outsource providers , we get to hear some interesting statements about marketing. Some of these statements indicate a philosophy that can be detrimental to achieving your marketing and sales objectives. If you hear any of your internal personnel saying any of the following, consider it a red flag and address the issue right away. Why should we spend any more time working on the website? That’s what our sales team is for.

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7 Lead Gen Opportunities PR Pros Should Seize


Most people don't think of PR professionals and brand marketers as lead generators. After all, it's hard to measure the effect a placement or a graphic has on leads. But brand marketers actually have a lot of opportunity to help their marketing team generate and reconvert leads.

Who’s Going to Be Your Champion?


The annual cost of bad data runs over 600 billion dollars for American companies alone, but because the ROI on improving data quality is hard to calculate, a data quality improvement program can be a notoriously hard sell. However, the ability to collect high quality data is critical in supporting your


Effective B2B Marketing Content That Will Lead to Sales Growth

Effective marketing content leads to increased sales productivity, more revenue, greater marketing effectiveness and stronger alignment between marketing and sales.

Sales Leadership: “Looking Forward”

Your Sales Management Guru

Sales Leadership: “Looking Forward”. Many individuals have commented on my Outlook signature block, before I have my personal signature and where many people say “sincerely”, I have the words “Looking Forward”. Why do I use those words? They mean several different issues to me. First, I am a positive person. Looking forward is always better than that living in the past, while it is good to learn from the past, it is important to remain focused on your future opportunities.

How to Frame Your B2B Messaging

MLT Creative

Frames are an integral part of your B2B messaging. In order to be most effective, you should frame your message to fit within the existing frames of your target audience. Framing. Humans make sense of the world according to frames.

Join our Live Panel on May 3rd: Facebook Marketing - How to Grow, Engage & Convert Fans


Calling all Boston area social media marketing enthusiasts! Join a panel of experts and a room full of peers from 6-9pm on Thursday, May 3rd for a night of learning, networking and libations at Umbria Prime restaurant. Space is limited due to room capacity so register now. This is a free event. Your hosts, SnapApp & 451 Marketing have invited 4 Facebook Marketeers to share their tactics and strategies around how to grow, engage and convert Facebook Fans.