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12 Questions – A Checklist for ABM Readiness

The Point

Not every Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy starts from the same place. For others, it’s identifying a target account list. Filling those gaps will make you better prepared to reap maximum benefit from a fully-deployed ABM strategy. Ex: reach, engagement, engagement minutes, account coverage, meetings).

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Understanding Account Based Marketing & Account Based Selling


Understanding Account Based Marketing & Account Based Selling. Account based marketing (ABM) has quickly become a best practice for marketing to high-value target accounts at scale. What Is Account Based Marketing? What Is Account Based Selling?

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3 Key Reasons Not to Give Up on Lead Scoring

The Point

Lead scoring – as a fundamental part of a company’s lead management strategy – has officially fallen out of fashion. The result, inevitably, is a lead scoring model that fails to take into account the complexity of the company’s selling process. More effective outreach means higher rates of engagement.

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42 Best Sales Prospecting Tools for Sales Teams in 2023


Prospecting is what brings you to the attention of your potential clients and keeps your sales pipeline full, leading to more business. Most sales reps consider prospecting to be the toughest part of the sales process. So, how do you get your sales prospecting process bang on?

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How to Fix 5 Common Breakdowns in Account-Based Motions


Almost everything takes the path of least resistance: water, electricity, Google Maps … and your Sales reps. No rep wants to jump through extra sales hoops to get a deal closed. It sounds so easy: Get the right accounts and contacts to the right Sales rep at the right time. It’s human nature.

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Account Based Marketing Tactics and Tools — Gear up to Bring Your A-Game!

The Mx Group

I recently returned from the B2B Marketing Exchange, where I hosted a three-hour workshop on operationalizing ABM. During the workshop and subsequent conversations, I received a lot of great input on where marketers are struggling with ABM. It’s clear that 2018 will be a big year for ABM. You can’t buy ABM.

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7 Ways to Use ABM and Intent Data Together

TrustRadius Marketing

From gaining access to rich signals of in-market buyers to incorporating such data in marketing and sales platforms, organizations can quickly identify and reach prospects and build stronger relationships. . Offering a personalized, efficient approach to outreach. Improving sales and deal intelligence.