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Top 50 B2B Marketing Influencers On Twitter

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Who are the top B2B Marketing influencers on twitter? Earlier this month, I released the 20 B2B Marketing Blogs you need to read. The list is not in any particular order and I’ve created a B2B Marketing Influencers Twitter list as well.

The Blog Tree: New Growth. Fruit for Your RSS Feed [Infographic]

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Eloqua focuses tirelessly on visual communications. Just as we reimagined our Social Media Playbook into the Social Media ProBook , we’ve similarly revisited The Blog Tree. The Blog Tree: New Growth. View more documents from Eloqua. The Inforgraphics Blog. Q1 Blog.

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6 Sure-fire, Can’t Miss Ways to Increase Blog Views

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by Joe Chernov | Tweet this We recently deconstructed why some of Eloqua’s 280 blog posts generated considerably more views than others. Your blog needs to be the hub of your content wheel. It means if you engage in content marketing (creating e-books, infographics, videos – that sort of thing), the assets should first appear on your blog , and you should standardize linking to your blog from all of your social outposts. If you can’t create, curate.

Calling All Marketers! Take Your Questions to the ‘Engagement’ Twitter Chat!

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Instead of providing content that solves their business problem or answers critical questions, we develop the content we want to share – sometimes missing the opportunity to curate valuable content that engages the customer in a deeper conversation. Putting on the publisher hat and creating curated content will be the game changer for every marketer in 2014 and beyond. Join the Twitter chat! Take Your Questions to the ‘Engagement’ Twitter Chat!

20 B2B Marketing Blogs You Need To Read

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When I created my own B2B Marketing Blog almost 3 years ago, I looked out across the blogosphere and asked “what do I have to say that is unique, valuable and helpful?” The Best B2B Marketing Blogs. You have to follow Maureen Blandford’s B2B In A B2C World Blog.

40 Awesome Marketing Tweets From 2011

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“These are a few of my favorite things…” Now that you have that song in your head, let me tell you a little bit about how I come up with some of my blog content. Do you want to write brilliant blog posts? Great Blogs Always Get This Right [link] via @ pushingsocial.

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Mariana Uses Artificial Intelligence to Build Personas and Find Target Audiences

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People like me, who blog and Tweet incessantly, are easy enough to understand (or, at least, it’s easy to describe our carefully curated public personas). The system then returns contact counts for Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Why Reddit Is Relevant To Marketers [CHART]

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Beyond Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, marketers can tap into Reddit for a thriving source of community. Why Reddit Is Relevant To Marketers [CHART] is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

What PR Pros Can Learn from The Huffington Post

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The blog’s hiding-in-plain-sight genius involved a nose for water cooler conversation and an eye for resultant keyword searches. Lastly we created and curated timely content around the news. He was quoted in the All Things D blog. Twitter. Content Marketing cookies Dennis Dayman Eloqua EU privacy law HotWire PR law Media Newsweek PR Privacy Directive privacy law public relations SHIFT Communications

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4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram

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Curate Your Fans Work. This provides a tremendous opportunity for b2b marketers to curate, promote, and engage their most avid customers. And why just curate when you can introduce gaming elements as well? It’s like a visual Twitter. 4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Take Advantage of Instagram is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing. by Jesse Noyes | Tweet this $1 billion.

4 Best Practices to Uniting Content Marketing Teams and Workflows

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The team might include a blog manager, content specialist and writers. For example, how much traffic does the company’s blog drive to the corporate site? You might repurpose a series of blog posts as a free eBook download or turn it into a webinar.

Do You Know The New 4 Ps of Marketing?

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According to Eloqua, we need a new training program and we need to re-visit the 4 Ps to keep up with the digital age… In another stroke a content marketing curation genius , Eloqua has created a training program for the new age of marketing that includes links to 56 amazing resources.

The New 4 P’s of Marketing

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That’s why we created the “ Real World Marketing Syllabus ,” a new hybrid of original content from the likes of Brian Clark , Geeta Sachdev and Todd Defren , along with curated content featuring lectures, readings and lessons from the best marketers out there. Eloqua/marketing-syllabus.

How To Blend B2B SEO Into On-Site Content Development

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As illustrated in this screen grab of a tweet from Shaun Moynihan in late 2012, @Moynihan received an astounding 2,300 retweets and 630 favorites for it, but The Atlantic actually covered “Twitter’s Best Joke”, among other humorous variations, nearly a year earlier.

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips: Content2Conversion Conference Recap

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While there were many ‘tweetable moments’, here are 10 actionable content marketing tips , and the speaker Twitter handles that if you weren’t following, you will be now! One option is to ‘summarize’ content that requires registration in the form of a blog post or other ungated content.

4 Ways to Make Your Selling More Social

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It’s still all about networking, but a thick rolodex seems quaint compared to a big LinkedIn network and a voracious Twitter following. Maybe you see someone ask a question on LinkedIn so you point to a related eBook or blog post. Or maybe you curate resources for the entire market.

3 Ways Data’s Popularity Is Changing Business

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At Eloqua we call this movement Revenue Performance Management.). If a blog post drops in a forest of blogs, does it make a sound? A Content Engineer is someone whose content curation training goes beyond the ABCs of good writing to incorporate more data-driven techniques. Businesses like Klout and PeerIndex measure how influential you are among a cadre of Twitter users, while Mention Map provides a visualization of your sphere of influence.

Top Content Marketing Challenges, Benchmarks, and KPIs

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Third party curated content (27%). Follow the discussion on Twitter #RightContent. Top Content Marketing Challenges, Benchmarks, and KPIs is from Eloqua’s It’s All About Revenue, a Blog Covering Business To Business Marketing.

10 B2B Companies That Create Exceptional Content


One of the biggest concerns we hear from B2B companies when we explain the importance of content creation in inbound marketing is that their focus is somehow not interesting enough to sustain a blog or other creative content. Blogs and Written Content. Intercom's Balanced Blog.

4 Reasons to Use StumbleUpon for Your B2B Content

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Founded in 2001, StumbleUpon has been around longer than all of the “big three” social media networks – Facebook, Twitter and Linked in. Long-tail content curation. Not long ago, AdAge made significant changes to their Power 150 blog ranking algorithm – most notably in weighing Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and StumbleUpon in the new scores. by Andrew Moravick | Tweet this Think of your favorite restaurant and how you found it for the first time.

Measuring Twitter for Business: What Actually Matters


What's the ROI of Twitter? Yes, Twitter is still relatively new for business, and yes, many people would like to know these answers, but no, these are the wrong questions to ask. Twitter can be a powerful business channel, but only if businesses know what events actually matter and how to measure and optimize them. There's more to Twitter for business than retweets and mentions?". By focusing on engagement for your Twitter strategy, you are working to share content ?that

How Sage Does Social Demand Generation

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Today, the brand has 24 social leads, employees who dedicate all or part of their time to social media across the entire Sage brand and about 10% percent of its employees are active on Twitter alone.

Annual Content Marketing Retreat 2012

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Do you want to learn what it takes to succeed with content marketing, with a drill down into the latest approaches, tools and services that make measurement, content creation, curation, publication and distribution more effective. Blog FusionSpark Twitter Fusionspark NewMedia2012.

Top 56 B2B Marketing Posts October 2010

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50 (of the) Best Twitter Guides, Stats, Tips and Tools of 2010 (So Far) , October 5, 2010 While a dwindling number of business executives still dismiss Twitter as a waste of time, recent research suggests it is one of the most valuable social networks for business. Awareness of Twitter has exploded; 87% of Americans said they were “familiar with” Twitter in a poll taken earlier this year, versus just 5% in 2008 and 26% in 2009. How do you PROVE the value of Twitter?