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Social media success through cultural nuance

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In a country of roughly 2 million they already have locally-grown website building tools for small businesses, super-smart interactive agencies, online coupon apps, and a successful crowdfunding platform. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. By Rick Wion, {grow} Community Member.

Why Your Thought Leadership Strategy Might Be Killing Your Business Growth

Hinge Marketing

Online resources like company websites, LinkedIn, and industry blogs give buyers an unprecedented depth of information and breadth of choice about providers. This isn’t guerilla promotion. When your firm starts assembling its marketing toolbox, it makes sense to ask, “Which tools work?”

Three steps for B2B marketers to build a personal social media presence

Chris Koch

When I despair at ever mastering all the social media tools that exist out there, I remind myself (as I hope you will) that at its core social media is all about communication and that marketers are all expert communicators. We’ve already mastered the hardest part; the tools are something that anyone can learn. But his personal presence in social media is based on sharing best practices in B2B and social media generally—there’s nary a mention of his company or his day job.

Customer Anthropology: The Art of Observation

Buzz Marketing for Technology

Once youre in, you need to bring all the observational tools you can. Cameras, video and audio recorders, observation checklists -- not all that different from birdwatchers tools! What you are looking for is anything that clearly does not work properly or effectively , such as: Workarounds: Things people do that the process, tools and facilities obviously were not designed to accommodate, e.g. extra manual worksheets that are maintained because the computer reports dont do the job.

How to Save the World - PKM An Update

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So for example while many interviewees said they couldnt find what they were looking for, we tried to discover why this was: Was the tool too complex? The old model, which we pursued from 1994-2004, is focused on content and collection. -- the acquisition, organization & aggregation, storage and dissemination of content under organization-wide taxonomies using customized tools and containers, just-in-case it might be reusable. Ill talk about some of these tools in a future post.


PKM and the Organization - Pollard

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Most organizations, too, refused to abandon the top-down centralized information model that was already in place, merely institutionalizing it with firewalls, access restrictions, monster centrally-managed one-size-fits-all databases and websites and over-engineered, over-managed collaboration and community-of-practice tools. cultural anthropology tools). Deploy Google Desktop or some other fast, simple, powerful desktop search tool. LinkedIn. Guerilla News Network.